Customer Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Julio from Cape Coral, FL sent in this video to show how quick and easy a faux beam installation can be.


Cape Coral, FL

Mark Beyers of Beyers Cabinetry sent in this video to show how to stylize a wine cellar


Mark Beyers
Riverview, FL


Written Testimonials

These beams are very well engineered and assembled. I took my time performing all the measurements and cuts. Although I ran into a few screws while making the cuts to the arched beam, I was amazed at how well hidden the screw heads were. I had opted for the unstained version so I could customize the color. The staining process was easy and they turned out great. I previously purchased some discontinued beams on clearance with a more rustic grain. I matched the base coat of the arched beams to cover the stain on the clearance beams so the stain color would match. It worked like a champ. I followed the installation instructions provided by FauxWoodBeams, and everything came out great!

Patrick G.

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for all that you and your company contributed to the beach family's new home. It impresses us beyond words that in this economy you came on board to make a difference. We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you. Together, We made the impossible possible!

Thank you for being a part of something great and joining us in changing lives!

Veronica V.
Alexandra L.
Extreme Makeover

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my beam project. Everything turned out great. Wanted to send you some pictures of the finished project.

Kelly W.

Enjoy the holidays and thanks for the trade courtesies and amazing customer service. You are on the top of the list of favorite vendors. Please forward this to your supervisor(s). The level of professionalism from Faux Wood Beams has raised the bar considerably!!!

diSalvo Interiors

Hi! Love your product and wanted to share an installation photo with you. Thanks!

Brent S.

We absolutely love our new mantel. It is the piece that we searched and searched for. We wanted a barn board beam look and no one had exactly what we wanted until my husband stumbled upon your website.

From the samples that we ordered to the awesome customer service rep that we worked with to the ordering process to the actual receipt and install of our mantel - everything was perfect. I would highly recommend your company and won’t hesitate to order from you again! I hope you post our testimonial!


Heather S.
Chrestwood, KY

We were seeking a casual, relaxed retreat. The [reclaimed] beams helped keep the home from feeling “brand new”. We furnished the home with reclaimed woods, found antiques. The beams helped tie the structure in with the décor and furnishings. We wanted to keep the material consistent and not introduce something else. In addition, wrapping the steel support beams tied the beamed ceiling detail in and brought the reclaimed beams ‘down’ since it is such a large two story space.

Very easy! The ordering process and installation instructions was easier than anticipated. We have already spec’d the beams for other upcoming projects.

Shawn Evans
of P[Four] Design

Have used these in my last 3 houses. Building another with plans of these being a focal point in living room, dining room and kitchen -- most likely master also. Super easy to install and cannot tell they are not wood. In one house I even stained them to match my cabinets.

Sherry A.

This mantel was installed on a very uneven limestone rock fireplace. Basically, after removing the old mantel and setting the faux wood mantel on the existing supports I had gaps of almost an inch.

Based on your design of a hollow center and and easy to cut material I was able to scribe and cope both the top and bottom of the mantel to get a very tight professional looking install. It took a lot of time and patience, but was a fun and challenging project. I have no idea how I would have done this with a traditional solid wood beam!

The mantel is now ready for some decorating but that now is my wife's mission!! Great product!! Thanks!


Jack R.
Austin, TX

We love our Faux wood beams, and wanted to share this pic of our project.


I just installed some light fixtures on the stairwell, and I just finished my first concrete countertop for the kitchen island. The faux panels have been a big hit, I used them for our stairwell in the entry way going down to the basement. I also used them to cover the island in the kitchen after joining an extra base cabinet.

It is strikingly different looking now. I think it turned out nice (we are very happy with it). I will also post a positive review online - thank you for your help and follow thru.

Shawnee, KS

Reclaimed Real Wood Box Beams

Cabin and cottage ceilings look dramatic with exposed wood beams, but achieving this look can be pricey. The heft of solid wood beams can also cause structural issues if they’re not supported adequately. Alternatively, consider there three-sided box beams made from reclaimed wood. They’re hollow inside, so they can be used to wrap existing steel supports or hide electrical wires.

Cabin Life

What can I say...

You have been an amazing continual support to our team. This episode marks the beginning of it all! We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you!!
Alex & Veronica
Extreme Makeover

We used Timber Planks for building a long indoor planter to match our Faux Wood Beams at the Reception area of our business. This resulted in a professional, inviting, clean appearance for our visiting customers.

David D.

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job your guys did on our beam order! They arrived on time and in perfect condition. We were able to faux finish these and have started installing them this morning. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. It is not very often that a company represents itself so professionally. I can not thank you enough for your great customer service!

Amanda B.
Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic addition to my vaulted ceiling. It was an easy weekend project. My neighbors thought that these were real wood beams & wanted to know how I put them up there by myself. I highly recommend this product. The delivery time was on schedule. The packaging was excellent.

North Carolina

I thought you might like to see the pictures of my house after the installation of the faux beams you designed for my living room, dining and kitchen areas. As you can see, the beams are FANTASTIC! The beams look as if they were put in when the house was built and they really warm up the rooms. With the tall ceilings I have, it felt a bit cavernous in my living room especially, but now it fells warm and truly gives that rustic farmhouse feel to the room that I wanted. I can’t say enough good things about how it looks now. Everyone who has come over to see them thinks they are real wood beams and ask me how much the “reclaimed lumber” cost. They are shocked when I tell them the beams are faux.

My contractor did a great job installing them—the trim carpenter that put these up said the video on the web site really helped him get it all together and that is was pretty easy to follow the video and the design you sent to put them up. Though I had to wait on the schedule because of my vacation and other jobs the contractor had going, once they started installation it went very smooth and they actually took less time than they thought. Thank you very much for all the help you gave me. My contractor is really excited about your product—he took the samples I ordered originally to select the beam style because he thinks some of his other customers doing remodels would be interested in this given the cost and ease of installation. Maybe you will get some more jobs, who knows.

Again, my thanks for your professionalism and quality design!

Kelly H.
Wichita, KS

I did not install these beams, but hired a professional finish carpenter to include them in his work on our new house. They look INCREDIBLE! My wife and I are VERY happy with how they look and how they transformed our living room!

Huntsville, AL

I can't believe the difference that the wood beams made in my living room. It's a small room but the ceiling is vaulted to 14'. I was looking for a way to make the room warmer and add some interest to the bare ceiling. What a difference. I'm glad I went with the Faux Wood beams.

Terry A.

Just wanted to say, it was a pleasure working with you and your product has been the talk of our friends. We are probably going to look into some faux stone panels in the near future, so I will be on contact again.

Thanks again!

Mike V.
Gainesville, GA

It was EASY, trust me!

On January 5, 2014 I installed a product, a mantel for my basement fireplace. The entire basement was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, and I had a lot of work to do to repairing and replacing things.

My wife found the website using GOOGLE. I was suspicious because SHE finds the job but I have to do the installation. I can use a hammer and screwdriver but I’m not a carpenter and don’t have a lot of professional tools. I was afraid of ruining my brand new sheetrock walls. I delayed the project as long as I could fearing it would be difficult or more complicated than the website made it look.

We finally ordered online and we received the product earlier than they estimated. We inspected everything and all looked as promised on the website. When it came to installing the mantel I was amazed that it was exactly as promised. I mounted a 2x4 to the wall, made sure it was level and centered, then attached the mantel. I used a line of glue and 3 sheetrock screws. I carefully predrilled for the sheetrock screws with a small drill bit, but screwed them in by hand to avoid stripping anything.

Legitimately, start to finish less than one hour. I’m proud of the results. I would recommend to anyone!

Tuscany Mantel

Tuscany Mantel

Gerry B.
Merrick, NY

Thank you so much for your generous contribution to the Williams Family's new home! Words cannot express how much we appreciate your dedication and time spent on this project. We would not be able to continue helping families without the support of vendors like you! Thank you for working with us to help change the lives of such a deserving family!
EMHE Design Team
Extreme Makeover

All installed! My painter is going to town! We highlighted all the knots. We really are impressed.


Drew S.

I just finished installation of your faux wood products and am so happy with the results. I replaced a cast stone fireplace surround with your Tuscany Mantel and Timber Corbels, both in walnut. I'm sending photos of the project before, during, and after. My husband thinks the new mantel and corbels look like they always belonged in our family room. The installation was so easy, and I did it all by myself.

D. Hansen
Spring Branch, TX

We are currently finishing up an entire 1850s home remodel. It was such an incredible experience to see how they used to build over 150 years ago! The homeowners kept as much as they could of the original home, but that wasn't too much. They were able to keep the original fireplace in what they call the piano room.

After the piano room was finished, it still was missing "something" and that's when the homeowner came across your website and found the perfect faux wood beams to add that special touch. We are so happy with the quality, the ease of installing and how real they look! And we were so thrilled with the lead time! Thank you!

Shannon and Doug B.
Long Island, NY

I just would like to send Christmas greetings and thank you for your help with the beams to Sweden.

We have, since 3 weeks back, finally moved in, and we are very pleased with the result. The Beams helped to add that little extra "wow factor". We did a little misjudgment concerning the color, but it was fairly easy to repaint them darker. Big thanks for your effort.

I wish you a happy New Year :)

Jalle J.
Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Lord, I have to imagine you guys hear this so much that it probably loses its affect but honestly, I have never been more impressed with something we bought from a picture on a website! You CAN NOT tell it is fake from a foot away! I can easily install this myself this weekend! Unbelievable, worth every single cent! Thanks!

Mike W.
Harleysville, PA.

I recently purchased the Custom Timber Mantel from you and am really pleased with how it turned out. It was easy to install and completely changed to look of our fireplace. It truly does look like real wood! I have included before and after pictures of the space to see the difference it makes. Thank you for your producing such a quality product. I'm sure we will get many years of enjoyment out of it!

Rebecca H.
Boise, ID

We just completed the installation of the beams which you sent to us and they turned out stunning. We thought you might like to see a photo of how good they look so we have attached one below.

Larry and Marilyn

Thanks for the wonderful product...what a difference it made in our family room!

Dominique S.
Alexandria, VA

Very innovative design and authentic look to our new mantle. It has really enhanced our decor and attracts visitor's eyes to the fireplace. Nice addition at a reasonable price.

Woodland Mantel

Steve S.
Cincinnati, OH

OMG, what a beautiful product! Friends, family & neighbors cannot believe our fireplace mantle is a faux beam mantle. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful service, selection, options and beautiful product, it has far exceeded our expectations, simplified the installation process and came in at about 2/3 the cost of a real wood beam without the problems associated with real wood.

What a great experience, my wife and I are extremely happy customers, and will definitely continue to recommend to any and all who see/ask about our beautiful mantle. Just look at the attached before and after photos- Unbelievable!

Steve & Leslie D.

I told you I would send in pictures of my kitchen remodel. This is the wall with the matching island. I am so happy with your product and have tons of compliments. People want to know what it is, and where I got it. It's hard shooting a picture into the light, so had to have the blinds closed. Hopefully this will give you an idea. You have great customer service and everything was well packaged with no damage.



Jackie W.

Just wanted to say thanks. We had a flood and wanted to change the living room and master bedroom walls. A two foot high stone wall looks great and adds to the rooms. Should have the house completed within a week. You have an awesome product!

Garry R.
Cottonwood, AL

I received three Timbers from your company a couple weeks ago. The Timbers are in place and they look great. I have enclosed pictures before and after as was requested in one of your advertisements. I hope you can use them.

I live in a retirement community so my house is not huge. The Timbers bring warmth to my living area and kitchen. These Timbers are not just for big houses. My neighbors and family think my house is unique with this good decorating choice.

The Timbers arrived very well packed and no damage. A friend and I put them up in a day and a half. We are both seniors. Even senior citizens can do this. As the saying goes "measure twice and cut once". We took our time and had no problems.

Carol S.
Taneytown, MD

Thank you for the beautiful ceiling beams! I was surprised on several levels. First, they arrived 5 days after ordering, which included a weekend! And secondly, how beautiful they are! Thank you to everyone who had a part in my order, I am so pleased and will tell everyone about your company and the pride in which the products are made!

Thank you again to everyone!

Pat A.
Pacific, MO

We just wanted to send these pictures along to show you the nice results we had after installing our faux wood mantels. As you can see the room is very rustic and the faux wood mantel enhances what already exists.

I had a special request for 55’ length to fit between two brick walls that surround the hearth. They gratefully did so. I was worried about it arriving safely but it was amazing how well it was packed. Was hard to get open and was not damaged in doing so.

It was very easy to install and very lifelike. We enjoy showing it off to everyone that visits. Thank you again for a great product.

Rick & Renee’ R

Attached please find some photos of a wine room we built in our basement. We were going for a very rustic theme and felt the room needed wood beams. Obviously, weight would have been a problem so we were thrilled to have the option of the faux wood beams - they look real, but weigh almost nothing. The room wouldn't be complete without them, and everyone who sees them are in awe...they think the beams are real! Thank you!!!

Tom & Juli I.

We cannot thank you enough for your generosity in helping on so many of our builds these past few years! It has truly been a pleasure working with you and your team! Thank you for your patience and understanding of our crazy time frames! We are grateful for your continued support of the show and our families. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!
Extreme Makeover

I could not be happier with the beam I ordered. I wanted to order a shorter beam to hang in between my kitchen and living room so that I could hang some vintage-style ball jar lights from them. After scouring the internet for a solution that was better than real wood beams, I stumbled on FauxWoodBeams. This solution is perfect for the everyday customer as well as commercial uses. I would highly recommend them to anyone.



Our Tuscany mantel was delivered today and we are thrilled with how great it looks! It was packaged so securely, which was really appreciated. I will try to send some photos later when I finish decorating, but we just wanted you to know how happy we are with your product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants the look of a wood beam mantel but not the weight or the price. Thanks!

Melissa G.

Have had great success with your beams. Don't buy often, but when I do, this is where I shop.

Robert K.
Woodward, OK

The faux mantel was just what we needed to spice up our pizza oven/fireplace just in time for Christmas. Thanks so much.

Pat and Angela G.
New Jersey

I accidentally found while swimming around the internet looking for design idea's for my NYC apt. After having visited the website multiple times I decided to purchase 4 beams for my apt living room. I didn't order samples as the pics on the website were so detailed and numerous I didn't think I needed to. I made a number of calls and the very lovely, patient gals answered many questions I had as I live in an apt building on the 17th floor!!! and the beams would not fit in the elevator so delivery and getting them up here was a concern. Fauxwoodbeams used a great service for delivery as they were also very helpful in regards to the 48 hours I had to schedule delivery (curbside only).

The beams arrived and my girlfriend and I carried them up 17 stories, thankfully they were light as a feather, Itreated her to a great dinner for the crazy favor. The beams were a cinch to install. A dozen blocks of 8" or so 2X4 pieces drilled into the ceiling in a cross pattern and the fauxwoodbeams slipped over and nailed to the blocks.

No one believes these beams are not real. I have unique taste in design and honestly have to say these beams are one of the most beautiful things I have ever had in ANY of my spaces. WE LOVE OUR FAUX WOOD BEAMS!!! They add soo much to the design of the room. Thank you for making such a cool, quality product.


I just wanted to forward a few pictures of our fireplace makeover project. Thanks so much. You have a wonderful product. It was very easy to install. We looked into a lot of different options for a mantel and decided to order one from your web site based on appearance, ease of installation, time frame and cost. We couldn’t be happier with it! Thanks so much.

Thanks again!


Jim B.
Pittsburgh, PA

The beams shipped quickly and arrived in good condition. Getting them up was not difficult, though it required a few additional hands. People have to touch them to believe it's not real wood. They look great and we're thoroughly satifsied.


We have been in the house renovation business for several years and frequently use your ceiling beams. In the right setting they have always come through with just the right look. We have attached some pics of the beams in our latest restoration but we also have them in our own house. Hopefully you have also gained because the beams are always the #1 hit at the open houses. Hope you'll always be there.




We love the faux stone panels! Please see attached before and after photos of our fireplace.
Thank You!

Amirra B.
Fremount, CA


Thanks for all the help. I'm sure glad i found your website. Your product is great looking and easy to work with. All the stores in my area said they don't make this product, including the big stores. I'm glad i didn't end at that point. I had the beams in 4 days after i ordered. They were delivered in good shape and they were wrapped very good. Thanks to your company and you, my room turned out to be a showplace. Thanks again, Larry


The finished product looks great! We ordered the beams and we primed and stained them ourselves. It was easy and a fun project to do together. After they were installed in our kitchen, it made the whole room feel warm and cozy. I Love it!

Santa Rosa, California

HI Faux Wood Beams,

I recently finished my beam installation. Super happy with the results! Looks great!

Cari E.

Ordered the mantle as a late addition to my outdoor fireplace. I can tell you without a doubt it was one of the best decisions made in our new outdoor space. The mantle arrived quicker than initial estimates with packaging that is simply awesome. I had some reservations around damage due to shipping from the sear size, but that was not an issue with the amount of time and care that is put into boxing the mantle up.

The fit and finish of the mantle is second to none and was ready to install right out of the box. In the original plan we were going to use real wood that would have not only cost more but also taken countless hours of back breaking work to mount and install. The faux mantle not only went up in no time at all, the overall effect looks like real wood not only in sight, but feel also.

We are pleased with the purchase and would recommend this mantle to anyone looking to enhance their fireplace.

Rough Sawn Juliet Cove Mantel

Rough Sawn Juliet Cove Mantel


This Faux Wood Beam Project is New Construction. The results are phenomenal. Everyone thinks they are real beams, and want to know where I got them. The product is very light weight yet firm making it easy to work with. If these photos do not promote your product, I don't know what will. Very pleased.

Carol P.
Amarillo, TX

We ordered 4 beams of which two were damaged by the shipping company. Customer service was very helpful in shipping out the two damaged beams right away. The beams were damaged 4 more times by the shipper. Each time new beams were sent out the next day for replacement.

Fort Worth, TX

My new faux wood beams have provided my place the look I wanted. They look like real barn beams and even though they are surprisingly lightweight, the beam is strong enough to hold hooks for hanging objects.

When I finish re-painting the walls with color, my home is going to look fantastic because of the cozy farmhouse feel of the beams. The person who installed them for me said it was easy.

Ordering these was simple and the delivery was prompt. I am super happy with these.

E. Hunter

I have attached pics that show the use of fauxwoodbeams on a double tray ceiling. We love the beams. Nobody ever walks in our house without commenting on how beautiful the beams are and how much life they bring to our kitchen and great room.

Panacea, FL

I am writing this to express my appreciation and satisfaction to the entire team at Faux Wood Beams. We have been searching and waiting to find the perfect mantel shelf for our new home for some time. When I found Faux Wood Beams searching the web, I knew the search was over.

The fact that you can custom order the size of the mantel shelf to your specific wants and needs is fantastic. We decided on the Tuscany with the walnut finish, and the entire ordering process was simple. The delivery was rather quick, considering this is custom made, and when it arrived I could not wait to put it up.

The installation process could not be any easier for any DIY'er in three simple steps. First cut down your 2X4 to fit inside the mantel pocket. Next, figure out the height you want the shelf and attach the 2X4 to the face of the fireplace with some good concrete anchor screws (I recommend Tapcons). Lastly, put the mantel over the 2X4 and secure it from the top with some long wood screws. The whole process only takes about half an hour!

When I got mine up and stood back I was amazed at how awesome and realistic it looks. Next will be some matching beams for the vaulted ceiling in the same room.

Thanks again for a fantastic product.

John F
Naperville, IL

We just love the timber beams we just purchased! They are a great addition to our kitchen. We can't believe how real they actually look.

Thanks for your product!

Scott & Avery H.

These products are incredibly authentic. Very natural and realistic. You can't tell the difference between these and the real things even from inches away. Me and my buddy did the entire job in less than three hours. The best part is how your beams bring a room to life. What a product!

Stephen R.
Monmouth Beach, NJ

We came up with a method to paint the beams to make them look weathered. We had an artist / Contractor build a blend of stains, sand, glue and grout in a two step process to really make your beams look weathered. They are so cool. If you are ever in so. Cal, I would love to show you.

Southern, CA

Hey Guys. Attached is the before and after photo of my fireplace. Didnt look bad before but loved the idea of the faux stone. Turned out wonderful!! Thanks for providing a great product. I get compliments from everyone that sees it!!!

Jeremy B.
Greencast, PA

Dear Tina,

Per our conversation, please place the order for us for the enclosed quotes. Can't thank you enough for working so well with me to place the order. You are a "gem" to your company.


Candy S.
S & G Custom Builders, Inc.

Delivery time was much less than expected. The product was excellent quality and easy to work with though it took time.

Steve L.
Allentown, PA

The faux decorative corbels that we purchased add a very natural, appealing look to the faux cross beams in the turret entry way of our new office. This is a great product to use when looking to add a decorative touch to a home or office.

Ogden, UT

An easy process, step by step.

Since we lived in our present house, we always felt that something was missing, particularly in the dining room. My wife comes from a French family whose house had traditional wooden beams throughout. We decided to try to recreate a bit of that old country environment by placing beams above our dining area. Faux Wood Beams seemed to be our best option. We ordered our beams based on the on-line catalog. They arrived promptly, and we immediately set about to unpack them and begin preparations.

To our surprise, we were able to put them up in less time that we had anticipated. We promised each other that we would not reveal to people (outside the immediate family) that they were fake. They looked so real that no one, no one guessed that they were faux beams. When my son's girlfriend visited the house we asked her if she saw anything different in the dining room. She could not say. When we told her that we had beams installed, she said that she thought they had always been a part of the original construction. Faux beams were certainly the right choice. We could not be happier with our purchase.

Arlington, Virginia

Amazing after pics. We are always getting compliments on the new beam. It makes the room.


We needed a fix for the crack down the middle of our cathedral ceiling in our living room. The Faux beam was just the answer! Easy installation, quality product and GREAT service. Here are some before-and-after pictures.



Mike M.

I would rate our experience a 9+ out of 10. The website is excellent, easy to navigate. The number of products available surprised me and the ability to order samples is extremely handy. The beams actually arrived before the date I was initially given; they arrived in perfect shape thanks to careful packaging. The only problem we had was with the color formula given in the website for staining. The color as mixed at our local Benjamin Moore store was not right but the clerk was a able to add the right amount of colorant to get the color close enough for us.

The instructions in the website for installation were right on which made the installation easy. We spent three days on the project: one day for staining, one day for laying out the ceiling blocks and one day putting up the beams. We used full width beams for the center of the room and half width for the two sides. We are very happy with the product and it gave us the look we wanted in our great room.


Harrison, ME

The faux decorative corbels that we purchased add a very natural, appealing look to the faux cross beams in the turret entry way of our new office. This is a great product to use when looking to add a decorative touch to a home or office.






Camano Island, WA

I have my beams installed that i purchased from you, they look fantastic! Just looking to make them jump out a little more. Everyone that has seen the beams cant believe they are not real wood, they have to touch them. Very easy to work with, I have all the power tools you describe in your video and I only needed a hand mitre saw to do the job. Your product is very easy to work with.

P.S. Your phone customer service is excellent. Thanks!

Patrick D.

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my new faux wood beam from your company! Your craftsmanship was so precise that I literally open the box and inserted the beam over my old mantle. It's perfect and has totally updated my outdated fireplace. It has improved the look of my entire living room!!!

Thank you!

Lisa K.
Lake Almanor, CA

The beams arrived on time for our new house construction, in spite of some custom delays. They were installed in one day and the effect is stunning. None of our friends believe that they are not real wood. They add so much character to any space.

Michel B.
Sechelt, B.C.

I have my beams installed that i purchased from you, they look fantastic! Just looking to make them jump out a little more. Everyone that has seen the beams cant believe they are not real wood, they have to touch them. Very easy to work with, I have all the power tools you describe in your video and I only needed a hand mitre saw to do the job. Your product is very easy to work with.

P.S. Your phone customer service is excellent. Thanks!

Patrick D.

Included in this testimonial are some pictures of the faux beams my wife and I are extremely happy with. After considerable phone advice from the helpful and patient staff at, we ordered these beams

Bend, OR

Once again, I have the pleasure to write you about the exceptional impact that your products are making to our living room. In my latest project, I have utilized sawn corbels and a left over piece of beam to frame our interior staircase. Sheet rock was simply cut away from an underlying beam and the faux beam was slid into place. This was a very easy job requiring only minor adjustments and took about an hour. I also split off the faces of another partial woodland beam to back fill behind the ceiling beams, since they originally had a small gap that I wished to see filled. We added a granite/marble floor and now the room really feels warm. The other products used in the past include two kinds of corbels, a mantle piece for a shelf, and a flat sheet for the roof of the overhang. I have a faux rock wall on the opposite side of the room planned for next year and am looking forward to completing my old world look. Those who have seen the results can't believe them! Thanks

Jack M.
Moses Lake, Washington

I was 60 years old when I installed approximately 200 feet of the Walnut Timber Beams (BD-20A & BD-20B) in my ceiling. The ceiling ranged from 10 feet to 22 feet high. Working off of a scaffold and following the included directions I was able to complete the installation in two days. I used only the tools I had including a table saw, circular saw, reciprocal saw and knives. No special tools were needed. It was easy! Anyone with a background in building anything can do this!

Most important - we have had a multitude of guests in our home and not a single one guessed that the beams were made of foam. Our subcontractor even brings prospective clients to our home! We even held a three foot piece within 3-4 feet of them and no one guessed! This stuff is awesome!

Union Grove, AL

Everyone comments on our beams and thinks they are real. They are so light weight so are easy to install. Even the faux metal parts look real. We are very happy with our purchase.

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn

Peggy Sue
Riverside, CA

We wanted realistic looking beams that would not be too difficult to install and would not cost a fortune. The Timber Beams from Faux Wood Beams fit the bill perfectly. I did the installation myself with the help of a young man who also had no experience with the product, using the online installation instructions for a guide. We couldn't be happier with the results. Please see the attached photo.

David K.
Lake Lure, NC

We just completed construction of our new gymnasium at our school. We wanted to give it a lodge look and was told about Faux Wood Beams. After researching other products we made the decision to go with Faux beams based on the look, the price and what appeared to be the ease of installation. We were not disappointed. As a matter of fact I am the CFO of the school and I was the one who installed the beams since it was not in our contractor's scope.

I would recommend the product to anyone, commercial or residential that is looking for an authentic wood look without spending enormous sums of money. Best of all you can do it yourself.



Doug M.
Loganville, Georgia

I used the 12" x 8" faux rough cut corbels under the hood for our 1930 Wedgewood stove. I found your product very easy to form for my application. Please see photo. Thank you for your fast shipping and your fine product.

Duane R. S.
United States

My wife and I have always wanted wood beams in our house so when we did a total remodel we thought this was the perfect time. We were so shocked when the bids came in for real timber beams that we thought we would never have beams in our house, that's when I found your website. Your site was easy to use and the pictures showed us exactly what we were going to get, it couldn't be any easier!

We entertain a lot and are always getting compliments on the beams in our kitchen and it fun to see the looks on everyone's face when we tell them that they're fake. You all have an amazing product and the installation couldn't be easier. We are now going to finish the basement so stay tuned for pictures of more beams and some of your faux stone.

Thanks again.

Adam M.
Leawood, Kansas

Two of the cove corbels were installed on the front of the house as an architectural feature. Two more willl be installed to complete the exterior line. The faux wood has the look and feel of the real thing and holds paint like wood. At only a fraction of the weight as wood, the corbels are easy to install with construction adhesive and screws. They complete the craftsman look of the house and give the appearance of holding up the second floor.

Michael A.
Ocean Park, WA

I had to take a minute out of my very busy day to tell the powers that be at "Faux Wood Beams" that your customer service has always been good, but today you topped yourselves with Lauren.

She was amazing. Lauren was so knowledgeable on every product I had a question about. She was so kind and patient with me, and I am sure I sounded as confused as I felt. She took all the time I needed to understand what I wanted, what I was looking for, and how to get it.

I was a manager of a prominent newspaper in NYC and I had to deal with 100's of telemarketers. I am well aware of how MOST costumer service representatives deal with the public. There are many service providers I dread calling with a problem. "Faux Wood Beams" is not one of them thanks to employee's such as Lauren.

As I said I needed to take the time to write because MOST people write or call about their BAD experiences, and not enough people take the time to acknowledge the amazing service given by someone like Lauren.

So thank you for hiring employee's like Lauren, that understand how to treat customers. I will tell everyone I know about your company based on the wonderful treatment I received.

Theresa R.
Middle Village, NY

I wanted some character and warmth in our otherwise typical tract style home. We used the rustic wood beams on our dinning room ceiling. The beams were easy to cut and created a custom "old world" charm that makes our house feel like a home.

Aliso Viejo, California

I was 60 years old when I installed approximately 200 feet of the Walnut Timber Beams (BD-20A & BD-20B) in my ceiling. The ceiling ranged from 10 feet to 22 feet high. Working off of a scaffold and following the included directions, I was able to complete the installation in two days. I used only the tools I had, including a table saw, circular saw, reciprocal saw and knives. No special tools were needed. It was easy! Anyone with a background in building anything can do this!

Most important - we have had a multitude of guests in our home and not a single one guessed that the beams were made of foam. Our subcontractor even brings prospective clients to our home! We even held a three foot piece within 3-4 feet of them and no one guessed! This stuff is awesome!

Justin N.
Ormond Beach, Florida

I had a ceiling problem caused by snow weight that needed continual repair over the years. The beams fixed the problem, look fantastic and have amazed friends with their "look". I have saved a small piece of the leftover product to show people what it looks and feels like.

Ric F.
Lake Almanor, CA

The faux wood mantel worked out perfectly. Very light, easy to work with and hang. Staining it was easy, I went with a gel stain. Everyone that looks at it thinks it looks real and are amazed when we tell them its not.

Yellowstone Mantel


For this exterior renovation, the goal was to return this lackluster home to it's original 1930s Mediterranean style. The Faux Wood "Raisedgrain Corbels" and "Board and Batten Three-Board Shutters" were added and made a dramatic difference. Easy to install and lightweight, these architectural details were key in transforming this home's facade.

Raisedgrain Corbels

Brian Dittmar Design
San Francisco, CA

I would like to thank you and the staff at Faux Wood Beams for their patience and for their willingness to listen and suggest accordingly. I was introduced to the product by the Internet. After discussing my intention to build a Cross for Trinity Baptist Church of Benton AR.

With judicious process and several conversations, Jessica pointed out different sites on their web site, that discussed installation procedures and tools required to install, and other informative sites that assist in installation. All sites were easy to move around in and descriptive. So the following is my installation process.

Upon receiving and inspecting the two beams, I measured the interior dimension of my beam. I sized 2x8 material accordingly to match the interior of the beam. With the beams laid out on a table, I took painters tape and identified parts of the beam that would represent the vertical and horizontal parts of the Cross.

Cutting 11/2" longer than I needed on the horizontal arms, I was able to sculpt the pieces to fit the beam temporarily together at a measured location and at ground level. On the wall where the Cross was to be affixed, I located, plumbed and leveled the position of the cross. I placed and anchored three pieces of lumber on the vertical location. 1 on top, 1 on bottom, 1 at the cross intersection. And then one on each horizontal side of the vertical.

I placed blue tape along the sides of the wood anchors as suggested on the installation site. After dry fitting the vertical piece and lightly outlining the piece, I applied the adhesive to the wall and fit the piece in placed and fastened it with screws I continued with the horizontal pieces in the same manner. After fitting the pieces together I caulked the seams with the suggested colored caulk. The product was easy to work with and rigid enough to with stand light abuse. The material that I selected was 8 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" deep to replicate what I thought might have been used at the Crucifixion.

I would recommend this product for a wide variety of projects and I highly recommend the Staff.

Thomas W.
Benton, AR

We've lived here 18 years and I've always wanted a fireplace mantle. My husband found your website, we ordered the Woodland Mantle, and it was delivered quickly. Very lightweight, easy to stain, easy to install and looks great. Thanks!

Lea Ann
Marshalltown Iowa

I needed to put some soul into our ordinary and very modern tract home. The rustic timber corbels and beams created a renaissance charm to our home. A few screws, a saw, a ladder and some glue and we were soon sitting pretty with our new room makeover.

Orange County, California

Being a custom home builder I was intrigued at the possibility of using Faux Beams on a project but did not want to stake our reputation on it. When the opportunity came along to remodel our own home I decided to give it a try. Long story short, I could not be happier. Not only was the installation a breeze, the quality of the product is excellent and even upon close examination you would be hard pressed to tell it from a real beam. We will be using more of these in our homes.

Eddie F.
Mt. Lake, VA

We have attached before and after photos of our mantle. We are very proud and know you will be too! We purchased your Tuscany Faux Wood Mantle in Walnut, along with the matching Woodland Corbels in Walnut. As you can see, it makes such a statement and really compliments our Colorado Stone Fireplace and Hearth.

Your customer service was outstanding during our selection helped us find just the right mantle for our project. Also, we received our products right on time and the installation was so easy! We sincerely appreciate it.


Shelby & Brad P.

We received our 20' beams and installed them. They were easy to install and they gave us the real wood look we wanted. You manufacture a great product. Thank you.

Dar and Bill R.

The mantel adds a really nice look!!

Erin K.

My wife and I purchased our home 21 years ago. The bedroom had a cathedral ceiling and when the home was new, the seam looked good. However, as time has aged the house, the seam became increasingly difficult to keep intact. It has been repaired many times and due to the slight shifting of the ceiling, due to heat and cold, the crack would always come back over time.

My wife and I got tired of looking at the crack, so we talked about a beam. I said, I could build a beam in several pieces and mount it. Because of the weight involved, the amount of work involved, I kept putting it off. My wife said that maybe we could buy a beam on line and keep it simple.

Taking her advice, I looked on line and found I consulted with the company and requested a sample. Because our modest size room was longer than the maximum beam manufactured by 8 inches, I requested a sample about 9 inches. was able to send me the size piece requested with the premise, that if I liked the contour, I would buy the 16 foot beam and join the two together, thus making one long beam. Their typical length of sample was around 6 inches. was very accommodating.

As it worked out, the sample came and my wife loved the style and quality. I started the ordering process. Sure, the shipping was expensive, but worth it. It came in one long piece and undamaged.

In the garage, I mounted the beam on saw horses and supported the entire length underneath. I put 4 locating pins in one end, and made a guide so that I could push both ends together to come up square, parallel and perpendicular. After the initial fit, I glued the two pieces together and let it cure. Afterwards, I used an automotive "Bondo" material and filled in the part lines. I sanded and primed, and repeated as necessary. I had already trimmed to the proper length, less 1/8 of an inch.

Now the trick was, how to get it into the bedroom, located on the second floor. In the meantime, I installed the mounting board which was comprised of several 2" X 3" pine boards running down the cathedral ceiling. The 2 X 3 fit perfectly inside the beam. I made a support that would hold the beam in place while my wife, son and myself would position the beam close to the ceiling. We managed to bring the beam through a bathroom window. This bathroom was attached to the opposite end of the bedroom, so we were able to get the beam up on a roof and into the window. Being careful not to bend the beam, we got the beam into the room. I got the beam into position and secured it with glue that I purchased from and used a power nailer which inserted nails into the 2 X 3 boards.

Now it was up, installed and looked beautiful. All that remained to be done was to fill the nail holes, caulk the edges and have the room painted. My wife could not have been happier. One beam was all it took in my case. In addition to hiding the crack, the beam now added architectural interest to the room.

"Mission accomplished" and now there are no more cracks in the cathedral ceiling joint.

Frank M.
Lansdale, PA

Everyone that walks through our door comments on our timber beams. They look at us in disbelief when we tell them they aren't really wood. They just keep looking up and staring at them! I am a designer and am VERY picky on what I choose to use for products in a home. I personally picked Faux Wood Beams because of the fair price, practicality, but most importantly their GREAT look!! One of my clients saw them, thought they were real, and when they found out they weren't-gasped in disbelief! She said that they had just spent a lot of money on real beams and the reinforcing of their ceiling/rafters to be able to support them.

I can’t wait to find more places to use these faux wood products!

Jennifer S.
Sioux Falls, SD

Your product in comparison to real wood is by far the best out there . Service and knowledge is A+ . Our company has used Faux Wood Beams on other jobs and all the homeowners were extremely pleased with both the look and price . Keep the new product ideas coming , it allows us as builders , the capability to offer much more cost effective design elements for almost half the cost of real lumber and no efforts of up keep down the road for the homeowner

Chris K.
San Jose, Ca

We installed a timber beam with corbels in our vaulted great room and we are very happy with the results. We used scrap lumber and attached 2 x 6 pieces accross the peak using long wood screws. I held the beam in place and my husband attached the beam to the support lumber. We used 2 beams and connected them in the middle around our ceiling fan. The colored caulk worked great and you can't tell it isn't one solid beam. The corbels installed the same way and were the perfect finishing touch. Everyone that walks in the front door immediately comments on the beam and they never believe us when we tell them I held it up while my husband attached it. An affordable, perfect solution for our large room. Great product!


Tanna S.

Wow! I absolutely love these beams. I did have a carpenter put them up as I didn’t know how to get the angles on the “freestanding” beams. He loved putting them up and what a great product this is!

I know many people just love these and they are completely right!! I want to put them all over my house now. My husband walked in when the carpenter was finished and said that it didn’t even look like our house. The pics don’t do it justice.

Thanks so much for a great product!!!


Denise H.
Boerne, Texas

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for all that you and your company contributed to the Beach family's new home. It impresses us beyond words that in this economy you came on board to make a difference.
The Oxford Rustic Barn Wood panels and the timber planks that were added to the "Tree Fort" room were the perfect finishing touch!

We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you. Together, we made the impossible, possible!


Veronica V.
Extreme Makeover Team

Your beams made a perfect finishing touch to what could have been a pretty boring roof line in this home. I have attached some photos of the finished product. We stained these unfinished beams and put them through the great room and kitchen areas of the home. Including staining and finishing it took us about 2 days and was done just 4 days before the customers took possession. Nice product and great to work with.


Rick L.
Edmonton, Canada

I am a single woman and I needed to know if I could handle the installation. After watching your installation instructions, I know I can! Thanks very much


I absolutely love my Timber beams and corbels. I found you online and your beams helped give me the "old world kitchen" that I had hoped for. Your delivery was right on time and installation was easy. I have had so many compliments on them and it is one of the things I love most about my house!

Cleveland, TN

I'm not sure if you are interested but I really like your products. I just wanted to show you what I did with them and to let you know it was pretty easy. I am attaching a copy of the house my husband and I built. You can click on it and move it around to get a closer look. However, I am pretty proud of this since I did most of it myself. I am a 58-year old woman and I never had any experience with carpentry but I have been a hobby seamstress. For this house project I made up some paper patterns and put the patterns on the wood so I would know where to cut and how to put it together. Anyway, I want you to know that all the wood you see on the front of the house if faux wood from your shop. The lace cut fascia board you see, I cut out myself with a jigsaw and router, after my husband showed me how to hold the tools. Never touched them before in my life.

I also designed and cut the Tudor trim you see on the left side of the house. I also cut and put together the shutters you see flanking the windows. All a very fun project and not that difficult. My husband helped me put up the fascia board and the Tudor trim but I managed the shutters myself. My husband was so busy with other projects (mostly installing the electrical) that I had to do something to help if I wanted it to look this way. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty cute. The weathervane, chimney pots and lawn is in now and all the landscaping so it looks a lot nicer but this was an early photo. We showed everyone that stopped by along the way your product and they were all amazed at how real it looked. No one can tell it isn't wood.

D. Smith
Humble, TX

Everyone has loved loved loved these beams and cannot believe they are faux. I love showing them the sample just to hear the ohh and ahhhs. This is a great product that so realistic its uncanny.. I was skeptical myself but after painting, glazing and sealing I love them..I am a designer and will HIGHLY recommend these to my customers! Keep up the GREAT products

The Bigbies
Atlanta, GA

Here are pictures of our remodel we did last fall using your pre-stained wood beams. I didn't get any before pictures, but it was pretty boring drywall without your beams! They added such a great personal touch to the space. We had several beams left over, so our installer and my husband decided to use them on our high ledges, which now are my favorite touch. Our installer had never used faux beams before, but he quickly figured out a way and I think did a fantastic job - thanks so much for such a beautiful easy way to have the wood beam look.

Robin B.
Castle Pines North, CO

We are very pleased with the corbels we ordered.  The service and quality was excellent. 

D. Smith
Humble, TX

We thought you might be interested in these pictures since they show a mantle used as a shelf on an entrance alcove wall. We love the look and were amazed at how well the mantle took the stain. Visitors can't quite believe two women installed it, as it looks so like the real thing and appears to weigh a lot.  Thanks for a great product!

Cathy C.
Fort Pierce, FL

This was the first time we worked with your product, and loved it. The product looks like you could get splinters in your hands when handling them. Our customer loves the job and is very happy with your product.


Tammy & Monte L.

We ordered beams from you four years ago and want to add a little something to two of them. We love our beams and people marvel all the time that they're not real.

Laura D.

Heres a dramatic before and after picture of a tall ceiling family room where we installed Faux Wood Beams. Using them on another job now. Love this product!


Margo Winter Contracting LLC

We think that your product is easy to work with and the finished product is amazing.

Thank You

David  M.
Wilson, NC

After searching for old barn beams for a mantle to go along with our rustic taste, I was getting very discouraged...until I came across your site.  I ordered a mantle immediately and was completely surprised!  We just finished and I think it looks amazing.  No one knows it's not the real thing.  Thank you so much!

Mojave Mantel

Bernadette G.
Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

My master bedroom has a 10 ft vaulted ceiling where the drywall finishing work was bad. So, I decided to cover up the poorly done drywall. I installed tongue and groove pine, with a coat of "natural stain" followed by a coat of "English oak." I then installed one of the larger resawn beams over the seam where the vault meets the flat part if the ceiling, a seam that was always cracking. I used a faux bracket tp cover up a splice on a 21 ft run. Gaps between the tongue and groove sections were then covered with smaller beams. The room is not quite finished yet. Every one of my beams required compound miter joints which I did with a cordless circular saw. The material is easy to work with. Final fit was made after cutting using a file to get each joint just right. I hung all of the beams by myself, too. Even the larger sized 16 foot length. Great product! I am getting lots of compliments. :)





My wife and I wanted to send you a note to say thanks! After much debate about what should go over our fireplace, we decided on a mantel. Luckily, I found your products on your website. We wanted to tell you about our satisfaction and share our appreciation. Everything went according to plan and the FauxWood mantel we purchased really looks good. The look and results are just what we wanted.

Enclosed is a picture of the start and end results. Of course, my wife is still looking at other things, but this mantel is just what we wanted. And everybody who has seen it has been very impressed. They also can't believe it was a project I could handle without a professional.

Mojave Mantel

Mojave Mantel

Much thanks!

Mike J.
Callaway, FL

We just finished our wine cellar and used two faux beams. I used the cut ends of the two beams to accent the ceiling above an adjacent wall. It is a true wine cellar, insulated, vapor barriered and cooled to 55 degrees with a wine cellar cooler. Thanks so much for making great-looking rustic beams that were easy to put up. Great directions. I don't think our wine cellar would be the same without these beams.


Thank you!

Jim B.

These Faux beams blow away real wood beams or constructing a couffered ceiling out of dry wall and moulding. We installed this ceiling in ONE day. We have 2 neighbors who constructed couffered ceilings the old fashioned way. One did it himself and it took over one month to complete. The other contracted someone to construct it and it cost FIVE times as much! These faux beams were cost effective and added unbelieveable character to our basement. Yes, those are pictures of a basement!

Regal 2

Regal 2

Regal 2
Thank you!

Nicole H.
Leesburg, VA

I installed the rough sawn 6 x 8 faux wood beams in a house a month or two ago. It was as easy as getting the solid stain from Ben. Moore and painting. Installing 2 x 4 in the pattern desired and attaching the beams to the 2 x 4 with glue and screws the whole project took half a day and looked awesome. And I can sleep at night knowing they hardly weigh anything, and won't add additional weight like real wood beams do.


Brandon Dumas Construction
Amarillo, TX

We recently bought a "fixer upper" in College Station and used the beams on the vaulted ceilings. It was unbelievable how the room was transformed. The beams were so easy to put up, even with 25 foot ceilings, my wife and I put them up in a weekend. I would recommend all the faux products!!



College Station, TX

We purchased your beams to install in a penthouse project we just completed in Florida. Well, the beams turned out looking incredible. Everyone that sees them ask..."How did you get those heavy wood beams up here?" People are amazed that they are not real. Thanks so much. We will be using your company again.

Best Regards,

Jim N

We are very happy with the beams and how easy they where to install ourselves. The two week delivery was also was very impressive. Thanks for your help!

Rough Sawn

Rough Sawn

Rough Sawn
Thank you!

Tim H.
Laguna Beach, CA

We ordered THREE Unfinished Sandblasted Beams sized W 8" x H 6" x L 16' for our family room's cathedral ceiling that measures 23 feet high in hopes of the perfect finishing touch in creating a cozy atmosphere in a grand space. Please notice the slanted/angled ceilings in our space. The beams are absolutely stunning. The dark mahogany stain that so meticulously matches the remainder of the houses wood finishes helps the modern flow of our home. They look SO real. We have received numerous compliments about the beams. EVERYONE'S mouth drops when we tell them that they are faux. They respond, "You mean they are NOT real wood?". 95% of the time our guests do not believe us until we show them a piece of the remainder cut portions. We have already recommended




Thank you!

Nydia L.
Cypress, TX

We have been meaning to send you this photo. We love the product! It adds character and individuality to every home!

Thank you!

Lakeland, FL

The faux wood mantel looks beautiful and was easy to install onto my newly constructed hearth. The wood stove area in my log cabin, is the highlight of my home! Many of my friends asked after seeing how great it looks & I was happy to recommend the FauxWoodBeams products!

Yellowstone Mantels

Yellowstone Mantels
Walworth, NY

We just finished installing the Faux Wood Beams in our master bedroom, and we can't stop looking at them: they are astoundingly gorgeous and make the room "pop"!

We have a master bedroom, 18x24, with a coffered ceiling, that was nice, but just needed something more. We began looking for options on the internet, when we found your website. We liked what we saw, and were particularly impressed with how much your faux beams looked like actual wood. Without ever seeing your work firsthand, we decided to place an order and take our chances, with the assurance of your 30 day return policy, if, after we inspected the actual product, we did not like the way it looked. We took measurements, calculated the size and quantities needed, and placed our order.

We were impressed how fast our order came, and were shocked when we open the first box. "Oh, my God! Look at these! I can't believe how beautiful they look!" They really are beautiful, and look like stained, hewn beams. They don't look like something fake at all, they actually look real, and not just real, but beautiful! The texture, the color, all the inconsistencies of actual wood, knots, grain, light and dark colors. Just absolutely gorgeous!

Because we have a coffered ceiling, we had to spend some time getting all the angles calculated in cutting the beams to fit. Measurements probably took the longest time. The installation videos you provide on your site were very helpful, and the entire job took about 12 hours, including caulking and clean up. We started with the center four beams, then installed the sides, and finally the corbels. We are very excited, and can't wait to show our bedroom off to our family and friends.

Our next project will be the formal dining room, which we will be applying the same treatment to. Thank you so very much for the great product. We are extremely satisfied, and look forward to doing business with you again. We will recommend your site every chance we get.



Sincere Regards

Dayton and Dusty R.
Somerville, TN

Here are some pictures of the Timber beams that we proudly installed in our new home. Their realism is unquestioned and they add a great deal of character to the house. Thanks to your designers for making a quality affordable product that is a snap to install and finish.




Best Wishes

Ken H
Los Gatos, CA

You have a great product line and I hope to use your faux panels on my next project.



Doug K.

Here are some (not the most professional) photo's I took of your Reclaimed Wood Aged Timber Beams that I installed in a house here in Huntsville. I added locally made steel splice plates at the joints and accented the coffers w/ faux type stamped copper ceiling panels. The finished product turned out excellent

Cottage Reclaimed
Lumber Beams

Cottage Reclaimed
Lumber Beams

Cottage Reclaimed
Lumber Beams

Cottage Reclaimed
Lumber Beams

Bill B.
Huntsville, Alabama

I get so many compliments on my Rustic beam ceilings - everyone wants to know where I found them and comment on how hard it must have been to install them - thinking they where real!! The beams cut like butter and where so simple to install - they where very easy to be creative with. We installed lights in them - that too was a piece of cake I am looking for other areas in my home to enhance with faux Products.

Thanks guys - You were the finishing touch!!

Doug D.

I Purchased four 16 foot beams to go in my Man-Room with fireplace etc. Shipping was easy. Staining was easy. Installation was fun.....definitely need two people. Not heavy, just long. No one knows they aren't real unless I tell them. Would definitely recommend this product.

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn
Phil H.
Charlotte, NC

We sure love your products and feel that it has truly enhanced our home.

Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted
Thank you,

Adele S.
Las Vesgas, NV

Your corbels worked out perfectly on our project. We had used your beams before and were amazed at their ease of installation and the beauty. The corbels were even better. They were lightweight and easy to cut and install. The corbels look terrific and they were less expensive than any of our alternatives. A winner on all counts.

Keith R.
Winston-Salem NC

I wanted to send a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with my recent order (#17346) for Faux Timber Wood Beams. The customer service was great and I appreciated the flexibility offered when I needed to order a custom size beam along with all the other standard sized beams I purchased. You have a very personable and responsive customer service team.

The finished product looks fantastic. All my contractor friends were so impressed and all say these beams look better than the real wood beam installations they have done in the past. All for a fraction of what it would have cost me in material and installation for real wood beams. I have attached a few pictures of the finished product.

My contractor did a meticulous job on the installation, which by the way was very reasonable. We used large 8 x 10 beams in one direction, and used 8 x 5 beams crossing in the opposite direction. He used a template to scribe and cut a hole in the large beams in order for the smaller beams to intersect into the larger beams. You can see the precise cut on the picture showing the close up of the intersection. The intersections joined perfectly (better than what he would be able to do using real wood).




Thanks again,

Steve B.
Rosedale, California

Our team here really likes your product! Here are some photos we just took of a home in Sylvan Lake, Michigan that has Faux Wood Beams on the ceilings throughout the home.


Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

Jamie Q
Dominick Tringali Architects

I wanted to share these photos to show the impressive change that faux wood products made in our house. We utilized an 8 foot fireplace beam supported by faux corbels as a replacement for a heavy particle board shelf below the new arches and railing, which open to a former bedroom and current breakfast room. I ran downlights and an uplight in the mantel, as well as hid the still quite audible doorbell in this wide beam. We used a tongue and groove faux panel and corbels for the interior roof, which support well the real concrete tiles and hanging lanterns. On the ceiling I used four BD-25 Timber beams having cut one in half. Down the hall, we covered a sheetrocked wooden beam with a piece of a woodland beam (below the faux grapes) to separate living from family rooms. Next winter, we have unique additional plans to finish the room with other faux products, and we will send those photos upon completion. All-in-all, the faux wood products are quite easy to use, if a lay person like myself could create with them. I have received numerous compliments upon this project, but would not have been able to pull it off without the use of a quality product. My living room is quite an eye opener now, a far cry from the plain 22 foot wall and white ceiling that greeted us before.



Thanks again,

Jack T. M.
Moses Lake, Washington

I have attached a few pictures of my finished project using "Woodland" faux beams. I hope you can use one of them on your website. Thanks for a great product. The look is fantastic, and actually quite amazing!




Thanks again

Dan B.
Merced, CA

I thought I would send a picture of the installed beams with indirect lighting inside the beam. We really like the product and the beams really finish the room.

Heavy Sandblasted

Jay Y.
Wauwatosa, WI

Hello – I would like to show you my project. My husband and I did the finish work in our master bedroom addition. When it came to time to do the beams, it was so nice to be able to do the installation with just the two of us. The beams were easy to cut and amazingly light weight. The large center beam went over an exisiting prelam roof rafter, descizing it perfectly. My contractor and electrician couldn’t believe the beams were not real wood. We are so pleased with the way they turned out. We plan to use them again in other parts of the house.

Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

Walnut Creek, CA

Here are pictures of your product installed in a home in Granite Bay, CA. They consist of exterior lintels over the windows and french doors. The interior beams are raised grain beams. They look great!

Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

JBS Custom Home Crafters
Granite Bay, CA


Heavy Sandblasted

Heavy Sandblasted

I just wanted to share pictures of my finished project. They went in easy and we love them in our office.



Steve N.
Corvallis, MT

I am sending these pictures of the beams I recently purchase from you. There are a couple of “before” pictures so you can compare. I am very please with how easy they were to install and how real they look. The beams were packed and shipped very well and arrived intact with no damage. I am a residential construction lender in the Birmingham area for a bank, and I have already recommended your product to several of my customers, and will continue to do so. When I show a sample piece to someone they are amazed at how real it looks. My next project will be to add beams to my kitchen area so you will be hearing from me again soon.

Before During Thank you.

Mark D.
Columbiana, AL

Thanks for the great product and making TCR Alexan Springs II look so good.

Heavy Sandblasted
Julie / Trammell C.
Residential, Houston, TX

The mantle that I bought from you guys worked out wonderfully. Very good alternative to an expensive real wood beam, that is if you can find a rustic one anyway. The stain applied easily and turned out amazing, you can't tell it's fake! Thanks, and I will by buying again.


Luke M.
Austin, TX

I ordered Timber beams from you a couple weeks back and installed them a few days ago. I recall seeing an advertisement to send in pictures and if you use them on your website, I could receive a $100.

Here they are! Fast shipment and easy installation. They look awesome!


Vernon B.
Fairfax Station, VA


Please consider posting these pictures on your web site.

My wife and I, both of which are in our sixties, stained and installed the beams on our 12' high ceiling. We used a drywall lift so we did not even have to carry these lightweight beams up the ladder. This also reduced the possibility of us dropping or cracking a beam. We have received many compliments about the beams. The only time I tell people they are faux beams is when they ask how we got them up on the ceiling.


Del Monte, AZ

Just a note of thanks for a great product! We are still getting raves from the neighbors on the Chamfered Outlookers we installed over our garage as a custom-looking arbor. Your product was a snap to install, and of perfect quality. And, they really do look like real wood — without the weight! That was a real plus when handling these nine feet above the ground. When our contractor painted our house after the installation, he couldn't believe they weren't really wood! From ordering, delivery, to installation, your company was great to work with!

Thanks again,

Frank G.
San Rafael, CA

Thank you for your wonderful product. We couldn't wait to show you the finished product. The beams made the room come together perfectly.

Thanks again!


Huntsville, AL


We’d like to thank you for the great speed at which you helped resolve the cross border issues in getting your product into Canada for us recently. We just recently completed our installation and it looks fantastic. Even while I installed them, “eye to beam” they looked real, and I knew they were not. We'll recommend to our friends to consider your products for their homes (especially with the favourable Canadian Dollar at the moment!) We've attached a couple pictures of the finished room.

The biggest attraction was having a single light beam to span a 16' 6" span 14 feet off the floor. The installation was simple for 2 people and it was easy to sand the edges to make the piece fit up the sides of the wall. I can't image the weight and difficulty of installing a real wood beam - plus I never had to move the pool table!

Thank you for the service!


Mike and Wendy D.
Georgetown, ON, Canada

I will watch you on HGTV and I should send you photos of my faux beams... They are wow!

I have a real post and beam home an needed to add the post and beam look to and addition reg. frame construction. The beams have been stained with 3 shodes to match my 200 year old beams... No one can tell the old from the new...

Thank you for a great product.

Celeste M.
Bedford, NH

Very Pleased, Our "Before" and "After" pictures are already on your website! The FauxPanels made such a positive improvement. Our apartment looks like an entirely different place!

Lynda B.

I just wanted to compliment the team members of yours, they were a wonderful help to me. I know in today's world finding excellent customer service is very rare, I had the pleasure of working with your customer service team to place an order for some beams and she was OUTSTANDING! The follow up was great and they were able to answer all my questions and concerns. They even found the beams I needed that were on back order as she knew I was trying to get my room done for Christmas and she was so happy and excited for me!

Tara C.

We bought an older house in the beginning of this year. We fixed up everything, and are very happy with it. But the biggest bang for our buck came from It made our living room look and feel like a fancy old house.

Our living room looked terrible when we bought the house. It had one 4”x10” beam sticking out under a horribly sheet rocked ceiling. No way was it going to stay that way! We didn’t want to lose any height in the room, so just lowering the ceiling was not an option. We were thinking of accentuating instead of hiding. This is how we came up with the idea of two polyurethane beams. One to hide the ugly beam and one to balance out the room. To create a more rustic look, we installed rough sawn spruce.

While looking for the beams on the Internet, I found that the was the most user friendly website. It offered many choices, in a concise way that was easy to navigate. The prices were very competitive; you were the number one choice.

The beams arrived quickly, and very well packaged. No damage. After looking at the installation videos on your website, it was very easy and short work. It was easier and quicker to put the beams up than it was the spruce ceiling. The weight of the beams was so little and the sawing so easy that it was no work at all. We went from an interesting spruce ceiling to a beautiful and impressive spruce ceiling in a matter of 2 hours witout any hard work!

So for less money than any other project in the house, we have a beautiful living room that every one complements us on.

Cindy and Hans K.

Wanted to install a mantle on my bare brick fireplace, but mantles are expensive! Then I thought I'd just buy two wood corbels, and make my own... but they're expensive, too! Google led me to, and I ended up with a gorgeous (in my opinion) fireplace mantle at a very low price! Extremely easy to stain and install, and no one can believe the corbels aren't real wood. Just have to fix my screw holes, did a bad job puttying.

Timber Corbels

Timber Corbels

Timber Corbels

Media, PA

Thank you so much for the wonderful service and product that you provided to me. I will recommend you to anyone who is in the market for such a product. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and once again Thank you

Alison C.
El Mirage, CA

Your site is exceptionally easy to use, extremely comprehensive and engaging in every way! Well done!

Dawn M.
Encino, CA

Oh my gosh. Can I tell you how much the Executive Producer at HGTV loves your product... She felt that it really added value to the "Curb Appeal" show, and that it provided great tips for our viewers. I've been in Florida this week shooting two more episodes. So I apologize for my delay in getting back to you.

I know that your episode is currently being edited by HGTV. The new season premiers sometime early Spring, 2008.

Thanks again for your help!

Best wishes,

David S.

We have used these beams in 3 new homes, they look like real wood beams. Installation is simple and one person can insall alone.


Scott R.
Ruidoso, NM


Just a note to let you know we installed the beams last Saturday and they look absolutely fantastic! Your product exceeded our expectations and we will highly recommend the beams.


Rochelle P.
Beverly Hills, CA

We are very happy with the product and Customer Service, we're going to use this product in our future projects.

Thanks you Barron Design Team,
Hector F.
Andean Construction Corporation
Chandler, AZ

The beams look great and the tenant is looking forward to seeing the office lobby completed with them.

Eric S.
San Dimas, CA

Fantastic product, they look like real beams. I'm not a professional installer, my wife & I did it. It gave a warm look to my living room , dining room, entrance & bar area. Next step it's going to be the kitchen. Thank you.

Daniel M.
Los Angeles CA

No one believes my last job beams are faux. Everyone has to reach up and tap on them.

Randy N.
Visalia, CA

Thank you! The mantle looks awesome and was easy to install.

William M.
Saddlebrooke, AZ

No one believes my last job beams are faux. Everyone has to reach up and tap on them.

Randy N.
Visalia, CA

The beams were great to work with. This being the first time we used them, we didn't know what to expect. To our amazement they were easy to handle and went up quickly. Everyone looks at them first when walking in the room and ignore the corner fireplace with stone facade. Many of our vendors and trade partners have commented on how real they are.

I would recommend the product to anyone, commercial or residential that is looking for an authentic wood look without spending enormous sums of money. Best of all you can do it yourself. FAUX WOOD BEAMS ARE TRULY A GREAT PRODUCT!

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn

RF Hager Construction, LLC
York, PA


Great to hear from you today. I can't stress enough how impressed I am with your involvement in our order. It sure makes me feel confident that I'm dealing with a quality company that doesn't treat you like some anonymous number in their system.

The product you offer is not only unique and full of character, it appears so close to real with it's color and quality I find myself visually tricking friends that stop by.

Thanks for standing behind your company and it's products.


Agoura Hills, CA

Here are some pictures of the beam i installed over the weekend. I included a before picture as well! I was so happy with the results!




Tommy H.

"We can't believe how realistic these beams look in our home. If I hadn't lifted them up and helped with the easy install, then there is no way I would believe they were not real wood."

Earl M.
Phoenix, AR.

After coming back to the USA after my first trip to England I realized how young our homes were. I didn't think I could capture that old world spirit in my home until I found this product. The rustic beams and corbels allowed me to bring a historical look to my interior. You don't have to be a carpenter to install this product. In an afternoon, I was done. What a difference!


Southern, California


"We installed these beams in our construction project and could not be more pleased with the service from Faux Wood Beams and the product they delivered. We strongly feel that the extra decorator detail of the beams were key in the sale."

Joe C.
Smithtown, NY.

We received our ceiling beams last week and had them installed yesterday. All of my friends can't believe their fake. We are very happy with them and will continue to recommend you.

Allen W.
Eldersburg, MD

I was shocked to see how sturdy the beam was. I had to piece 2 beams together because of the length of the room. It went up fine. I am very pleased and would highly recommend your product.

Thanks for your help.


Gary F.
Van Buren, AR


We just received the samples... Wow, how do you get them to look so real? You were right, the Rustic style beam was the way to go.

Thanks for that suggestion. Your customer service department was very helpful. Anyway, w e just placed our order on line. 

Can't wait to get them installed. Thanks again for all your help.

Phoenix, AZ


It's Derek from Southern California. We are tremendously happy with the product we ordered from you. The beams look great! I just put in another order for some extra corbels to go under our kitchen counter bar.

Aliso Viejo, CA

Wow. When my first order of beams arrived I was amazed at how easy they were to put up. I knew they'd be light and much less work than real wood but I was amazed at how fast my customer's place, an old Victorian, became the bed and breakfast he wanted. No sanding, sealing, heavy lifting or waiting. We used your stuff throughout the entire place — faux walnut beams inside, faux corbels outside and faux scrolled out lookers to replace the old ones. My customer thinks I am a rock star!

Cape May, NJ

I ordered beams to go up in six new homes thinking it would take months to complete. My guys finished rooms much earlier than expected saving me loads of overtime pay and leaving my bosses very happy. My project ran ahead of schedule — how many contractors can say that!? Thank you faux wood beams for making this part of my job run smoothly.

You make a great product and I will definitely order from the faux wood beams and faux panels product lines in the future.

Sacramento, CA

Wow! Thanks for using so many of our home's photos on your website! We are thrilled you liked how our installation turned out! Everyone loves the results and is amazed when they find out that the wood beams we used for out trophy room, pavilion, and outside porches are "faux"! They are even far more amazed when they ask about the beautiful pecky cypress wainscoting and fireplace mantles in the trophy room and pavilion and we tell them that they are also "faux"! You have amazing products and we are so happy with the results we achieved! We also really appreciate the additional help you gave us after the sale of your product when we needed extra help with the staining and finishing steps. The tips you recently placed in your website help make it clear and easy about which type of stain to use with each product. I am sure other customers will be happy with the additional guidance you placed on your website. Thanks too for offering $100 incentive for folks to send you photos.

We will purchase from your company again and continue to send compliments and hopefully more customers your way in the future! Thanks again for all your help, before, during and especially after the sale! It means so much to us that you were there for us each step of the way, even when we had questions and needed help.

Tug and Cyndi R.
Fayetteville, GA

I cannot believe how great our Time Worn beams look! They arrived right on time and were a cinch to put up ourselves. Our friends thought that the only way to buy antiqued beams that look this good was to scour auctions for months in the hope of happening upon them by chance... We actually had to sit them down in front of the computer and show them your website so they knew it was for real!

Julie and Irv
Little Washington, VA

We installed the beams in two separate rooms and they look spectacular, so good in fact we do not need to add the corbels – it looks so good without them.

Grass Valley, CA

Prior to finding your Web site, my local Home Improvement Center offered me NO help! Thank GOD for a smart brother in law who gave me your site.


I Purchased beams in 2005 and loved them... We are now building new home (and have ordered more).

Thank you,
Karen L.

Your products look gorgeous and your website is easy to navigate.

Del Monte, AZ

I want to thank you for your prompt delivery. They are truly a masterpiece when you add one's own stains.

Lake Worth, FL

I spent around $10,000 on your Timber Beams in our new home this past year, and everyone who see's them is just blown away!!! First I tell them that they were from an old french castle and that they weigh hundreds of pounds and that it took 8 men and a hoist to get them in place. And they believe it! Then I tell them what they really are and they can't believe it!!!

Tom, Lumberton, NC

An excellent, informative website. Every question I had was answered within this website. Your product looks wonderful, and I look forward to receiving my sample. I think this will be wonderful in our new home. I am also interested in ordering a mantle piece from you.

Deb B.
Honolulu, HI

We recently installed 5 sets of beams in our living room. The trim carpenters were amazed at how easily they were to work with. "After this, why would anyone want to use real wood?" It looks wonderful. And the up-lighting is awesome.

Jackie K.
Lenoir City, TN

Thank-you. The beams are absolutely beautiful. I could not be more pleased.

Best regards

Susan T.
Arizona City, AR

Received my order and timbers are up. They look great! Thanks for all your help and supplying such a realistic looking product, they fooled all my neighbors.

Barbara B.
Archbold, OH

We had purchased the faux ceiling beams and LOVE THEM... When we tell people that they are not real they have to touch them and are amazed... So we are now doing the outside of the house and I wanted to jazz up the front of the old farm house up and thought this would be the perfect way and something that wouldn't take as long as using the real thing.

Cindy B.
Springfield Center, NY

Very good web site. Great product descriptions and measurements. Customer service answered right away and had a quick an knowledgeable answer. Impressed me!

Woodrow E.
North Charleston, SC

Dear Faux Wood Beams friends,

My husband was dragging his feet on my project for beams in our bedroom... Finally he agreed and I ordered. They arrived in 12 days not 3-6 weeks!!!

We installed them ourselves... It was easy and painless. THEY ARE BEYOND BEAUTIFUL ON OUR MASSIVE BEDROOM CEILING... My husband now takes all the credit for a good idea!!! (This is just fine with me!)

He was a builder for years in Carmel and Tahoe where they used the real thing in beams. He was speechless when he saw the product and the quality and real look.

Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful product. I would be interested in a brochure of your rock or block panels. I would love to do our fireplace!

Thank you again for the years of enjoyment we will have each time we awake and look at the bedroom ceiling!!!

Gardnerville, NV

Congratulations Faux Wood Beams on your HGTV appearance!

We are so very pleased with our Faux Wood Beams! Should you need customer testimonials we'd be willing to share our story and Faux Wood Beams installation.

Our builder and all the subs who have been working on our custom home are amazed at how real the beams look and the ease of installation. I am so grateful that I discovered you on-line because the prices we had been quoted for real wood beams, installed on a 16 ft. high ceiling, prohibited us having the room we wanted. Thank you for being there and making our beam purchase and installation so easy!

Cheryl & Michael T.
Prescott, AZ

Now that our son is older we decided to turn the playroom into a media room. The Woodland ceiling beams we added look so great in the new space and were so easy to install that we are adding them upstairs in the bedrooms too. Thank you fauxwoodbeams for helping our home grow up with our family!

Elenora and Bill
Salt Lake City, UT

Why didn't we buy windswept beams sooner? We bought our dream beach house and them beams went up throughout the house without a hitch. We even added them in the front outside -- our neighbors can't believe they're not real. And it's great not to worry about damage and rot!

Jane and Hadley
Hyannis, MA

After months in our loft, a work/live space, we decided to use regal 2 beams and straps to improve our space and make it more intimate. The difference is amazing -- adding regal 2 beams instantly created a finished and cozy atmosphere in a grand gallery space. Now we rent out our place for a bundle!

Kira and Adam
Rhinebeck, NY

We were thrilled to find Belmont Beams on your website. After months of knowing we wanted to remodel our home in the French chateau style it was such a pleasure to find Belmont ceiling beams. They arrived quickly, perfectly wrapped to avoid damage during transport and ready to use. We painted them antique white and installed them on our yellow ceiling. The beams were the perfect finishing touch on our dreamhouse! Thank you faux wood beams!

Bella and Eddie
Northport, NY

After painting and remodeling several homes myself, it was a dream come true to find Chalet ceiling beams. I've not only added them in my old a-frame home in Vermont but I installed them in my sister's house in New Jersey. She couldn't believe they weren't real.

Burlington, VT

The beams are stunning! I love to see people's mouths drop when we tell them they are faux! I'll e-mail photos when the house is done.

Karen M.
Dayton, NJ