Custom Faux Wood Beams™ Custom Sizes

Custom Faux Beams

Choose a custom wood beam to gain even greater sizing flexibility – allowing you to select the exact size needed for your faux wood beam project. Custom-cut length, width and height – you call the shots!

The customization doesn’t just end with sizing – choose from 11 custom wood beam styles, such as Tuscany, Woodland, Axed, Hand Hewn, Driftwood and Aspen. All of our custom wood beams are available unfinished or in a Walnut stain, with many styles also available in Java, Cinnamon, Light Oak or Cedar.

You can even select a 3-sided or 4-sided wood beam. Three-sided beams can be placed over existing wiring, pipes or smaller existing beams. Complete your customization by choosing beams with or without Endcaps.

Whichever style and customization you choose, all of our faux wood beams are made of a durable yet lightweight polyurethane material, so they’ll never warp, shrink, twist or rot. Because they’re cast from molds made of genuine wood, our custom wood beams evoke the natural warmth and charm of real wood, while being much easier and quicker to install. They’ll also save you money both in material cost and installation, while looking beautiful for many years to come.