Hand Hewn Wood Beams - Photo Gallery

Faux Hand Hewn wood beams are molded from traditional construction and features all the grooves and marks found on real hand cut wood. They may look like the real thing but they're better! Our design gallery highlights some of the many benefits of faux beams and the things you can do that aren't possible with the real thing.

Browse through these photos sent to us by our customers. These designs can be accomplished with the efforts of only one or two people, yet look professionally done. The beams’ lightweight makeup and simple installation process make these looks easily within your reach.

We're certain these photos will help spur your creativity. Giving your home or business a beautiful touch of wood has never been so simple.

Hand Hewn

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HH-1. Hand Hewn
HH-2. Hand Hewn
HH-3. Hand Hewn
HH-4. Hand Hewn
HH-5. Hand Hewn
HH-6. Hand Hewn
HH-7. Hand Hewn
HH-8. Hand Hewn
Before and After
HH-9. Hand Hewn
HH-10. Hand Hewn
HH-11. Hand Hewn
Ameristar Casino
Merk & Tyler
HH-12. Hand Hewn
Before and After
HH-13. Hand Hewn
Before and After
HH-14. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
HH-15. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
HH-16. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
Faux ceiling beams are a great place to mount fans and hide wiring for a unique touch. HH-17. Hand Hewn
HH-18. Hand Hewn
HH-19. Hand Hewn
HH-20. Hand Hewn