Installation Instructions and Tips

This page contains step-by-step how-to instructions, along with some video tutorials, on how to install, maintain and work with all of our faux and real wood products, including ceiling beams, ceiling planks, fireplace mantels and more. The light weight and easy cutting of the material in our faux products saves time and labor in installation and repair. Similarly, the three-sided design of our real wood box beams, rather than solid construction, are easier to install.

Beams (Videos)


Video Installing Ceiling Beams


How to install a truss


How To Make a Scarf Joint


Beams (Written)



How to make beams look like knotty pine


Scribing a Beam


Other Products

    Real Wood Box Beams

Installing Corbels


Installing Viga Tails


Installing Real Wood Box Beams

    Installing Ceiling Panels



Installing Wall Panels


Installing Ceiling Panels

Installing Ceiling Panels    

Installing Ceiling Planks


Installing Real Wood Rafter Tails


Installing Log Siding

Joint and Holes Repair. All joints and holes can be patched with any spackling compound. Our recommendation is to use Elmer's water-based wood filler. Joints can then be feathered-in using a wet brush.