Jul 252014
DIY kitchen makeovers with faux wood beams revive the ambience of homes.

DIY kitchen makeovers are easy with faux ceiling beams.

Kitchens have always been known to be the heart of a home.  They make up the space of a house where family members get together for the preparation of meals, to relax, eat, talk about how their days went, entertain friends, or even get work done.

In many traditions, in fact, the kitchen is the space in a home that has the most direct impact on the health and harmony of the family.  Some even maintain that the well-being and prosperity of a home’s residents depend on the kitchen.

Being the heart of a home, a kitchen’s décor is vital to the central role it plays in the house.

Our customers who have taken up DIY kitchen makeover projects with false wood ceiling beams have realized this, and could not be more thrilled by the difference they have made.  Whether large or small, kitchens are transformed by the beams.

From simple designs such as a single beam to accent the header between your kitchen and living room, to more elaborate ones like truss ceiling designs or coffered beams, bringing new life to your kitchen is easy with these beams.

A DIY kitchen makeover with fake wood beams is a cost-effective way to revive your home's interior.

Faux Timber Beams add vigor and comfort to kitchens.

Our customers love them not just because they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install, but also because they add a whole new dimension of style and vigor to their kitchens, without taking up any space.

Take a look at the photos below of our customers’ kitchen projects.  You’ll see that designs that would be very difficult to create with real wood beams are achievable with false wood.

Take your kitchen design to a new level, and your health and prosperity with it.

A DIY Kitchen makeover is fun with false wood beams.

Pecky Cypress beams are a refreshing touch to this kitchen.

False wood beams make for easy DIY kitchen makeover projects.

Faux Timber Beams beautifully conjoin this kitchen with the dining room and living room.

A DIY kitchen makeover becomes a transformative project with fake wood beams.

Use a single beam on the header between your kitchen and dining room.

A kitchen makeover is a lasting success with fake wood beams.

This Custom Woodland beam adds an elegant touch to a kitchen.

False wood beams make an impressive DIY kitchen makeover.

Faux Timber Beams add a dramatic touch without taking up space.

A DIY kitchen makeover with Rustic beams adds comfort.

Rustic Beams above a kitchen island bring a relaxing ambience.

Fake wood beams complete any tasteful kitchen design.

Faux wood beams suit any kitchen design.

Faux wood beams can even be cut to fit recessed kitchen ceilings.

Faux wood beams can even be cut to fit recessed kitchen ceilings.

A DIY kitchen makeover with faux beams can also blend adjoining rooms.

Faux Timber Beam ceiling designs are a great way to blend kitchens with adjoining rooms.

A DIY kitchen makeover is cost-effective and easy with false wood beams.

Artificial wood ceiling beams make great kitchen design elements.

A DIY kitchen makeover with a false wood beam adds a dramatic difference to any kitchen.

Adding even one beam in a kitchen area adds a dramatic difference.

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