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One of the signature illusions in “The Magic of Thaddeus” show is brought to you with the help of our faux wood beams.

To make his trick even more impressive, the magician Thaddeus levitates his assistant on what appears to be a wooden beam.

The Levitation Illusion is one of Thaddeus’ signature magic tricks.

What is magic? Some people define it as performing the illusion of doing something impossible; seemingly unnatural feats achieved through entirely natural means.

And in many ways, that definition could be applied to our faux wood beams; which provide the illusion of real timber in places in which it would be impossible to use authentic timber beams.

But it wasn’t until we met Thaddeus – better known as illusionist and showman Ted Plezia – that the two concepts were finally combined in one.

Our faux beams are designed to look just like the real thing... which helps add to the set design and the illusion.

Two lightweight, but realistic pillars “support” Ted’s floating lady.

Ted and his wife Deborah run the South Shore Theatre Experience – a theater production company on the south shore of Long Island. Together combining over 60 years of stage experience, Deborah and Ted help bring the showmanship to life by helping kids and charities enjoy the thrill and majesty of theater like they’ve never seen before.

And that’s where our false beams come in. Ted Plezia is also known as “Thaddeus”  – and performs renowned shows Storytime Magic and The Magic of Thaddeus for thrilled audiences all over Long Island. One of his signature tricks is the “Levitation Illusion” and, to accomplish that, our faux wood beams come into play.

Its easy to set up and break down a show's stage when using lightweight, portable and DIY-friendly faux wood beams.

Because of their vivid realism, our faux wood products are the perfect option for other set design projects, too.

If you’ve ever watched a magic show, you probably know what to expect with the famous “levitating lady” trick – in which a beautiful assistant hovers in the air, seemingly unassisted. While we’ve all seen the trick countless times on television – and occasionally in real life, in shows like Ted’s – it’s one that never fails to impress.

And nor do Thaddeus’ faux wood beams – which he uses as set pieces, and slowly remove as his “levitation” illusion is revealed.

And much like the magic trick itself, our lengths of synthetic wood create a convincing illusion themselves; appearing to be solid lengths of timber, yet remaining light enough for Ted to lift, carry and store effortlessly. This is achieved by ordering four-sided lengths of our faux wood beams; each with seamless end-caps to appear solid.

Great set design and realistic looking faux beams come together to create Thaddeus' twist on the classic "Levitation illusion".

This great shot shows the essential components of the “Levitation Illusion” – and how vividly realistic they are.

Created from light, yet tough polyurethane, these faux timber beams are molded from real timber; and vividly mimic each knot, grain, saw mark and imperfection – making them practically indistinguishable from real wood. Add in an intricately detailed finish in real wood coloring and the illusion is complete.

So much so that Ted and Deborah’s use of our faux wood products actually extends beyond just “The Magic of Thaddeus” – and has become a regular go to for other set design needs as well. Because they’re affordable, light and transportable and can be cut and connected using nothing but regular household carpentry tools, they are perfect for creating all sorts of stage-ready props and set pieces.

Do you know anybody else who uses our faux wood products in an unorthodox way, like Deborah and Ted? If so, we’d love to hear about it – we’re always looking for new stories and pictures to feature right here!

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  1. Saw this illusion first hand. What a great Illusionist and a great product!

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