Feb 172017
Amazing Bedroom Makeover with Planks, Panels and Beams

These before and after photos of a bedroom makeover demonstrate how amazing a combination of faux products can be. We recently received these photos from a customer who chose faux wood beams for their project, and then kicked it up a notch by also ordering our wood style planks and Norwich Stone Wall panels from Read More…

Feb 102017
New Home Design with Rough Hewn Beams

One of the reasons our beams are so popular is that they can provide character and classic charm to even the most modern of homes. These great photos, from customer Eric Porisch, reveal just what a difference those beams can make in a new home design. As you can see from the “before” pictures, Eric’s Read More…

Jan 272017
Replicating Load-Bearing Beams in a Living Room

Study real timber architecture if you want your ceiling design to look as good as the real thing. Fauxwoodbeams.com customer Jon Sinder recently sent in pictures of his living room project, where he used Custom Aspen beams with the Early American stain to replicate real load-bearing beams. We thought it was a great opportunity to demonstrate just how Read More…

Jan 202017
How to Build with Faux Beams: Glues and Screws

Check out our photo gallery or some of our past blog posts and you’ll see some amazing creations built using our faux beams. When we talk about those projects, we often refer to how the designers glued certain pieces together to achieve the final look. But many customers have expressed concern about gluing our beams together – Read More…

 Posted by on January 20, 2017
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