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The living room is the space in a house where people are meant to feel secure and at ease.  It’s a room that should feel as relaxing for the family as it does for company.  Because the majority of families like to use this room as a place both to rest and gather, it should include the kind of décor that encourages repose and tranquility.

Add a bold grace to living rooms with our Woodland fake wood ceiling beams.

Custom Woodland Fake Wood Beams lend a bold sophistication to living rooms.

Next to the traditional elements of comfortable couches, flooring, wall color, lamps, and artwork, our customers have discovered the remarkable transformation that artificial wood ceiling beams have provided in their living room makeovers.  With them, some have installed one or two beams to add a subtle touch of comfort, created elegant truss designs, coffered ceilings, or cozy fireplace mantels.

Most of our customers have been so thrilled with the look the beams have given their living rooms that they sent us their photos to show us.  Now, we’d like to show you.  Below are some of the photos of our customers’ living room design projects.

“We recently installed 5 sets of beams in our living room.  The trim carpenters were amazed at how easily they were to work with. “After this, why would anyone want to use real wood?”  It looks wonderful.  And the up-lighting is awesome.”  – Jackie K., TN

Living room makeovers are made all the more stunning with simulated wood trusses.

Simple truss ceilings with artificial wood beams make stunning living rooms.

Living room makeovers with reclaimed barn beams make captivating spaces.

Living room makeovers with reclaimed barn beams make captivating spaces.

Fireplace mantels make for a perfect focal point in living room makeovers.

        Fireplace mantels in simulated wood are subtle, but powerful design elements in living room makeovers.

Resawn fake wood beams make lounge areas feel like living rooms.

Resawn artificial wood beams add to the living room feel of this lounge area.

Get a tranquil feel in your living room with our white Regal 2 beams.

Our Regal 2 beams offer a mellow elegance, bringing a tranquil feeling to living rooms.

Living room makeovers are easily achieved with a few fake timber ceiling beams.

Easily upgrade your living room with simulated timber ceiling beams.

Lend a beach house feel to living rooms with reclaimed box beams.

Reclaimed box beams add a beach house feel to living rooms.

Adding artificial ceiling beams to living room makeovers makes a fun project.

Sandblasted fake beams turn a dull living room into a charming space.

If you’d like to see more pictures, and even get ideas of your own, visit our new Living Room Design Ideas Gallery.

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