Aug 222014

Faux wood decorative trusses are incredible showpieces – and installing them is deceptively straightforward.

Building trusses on an empty ceiling with faux wood beams can have an amazing and dramatic effect.

This ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photo demonstrates how building trusses with faux wood is deceptively simple.

One of the most popular uses of our faux wood beams is in building trusses. Inspired by the complex framework of traditional structural wood beams, trusses feature several different beams connected together in a pattern that traditionally would amplify load-bearing capacity and strength.

In modern homes, which no longer require structural wood beams, trusses still make a beautiful design feature; adding a framework to cavernous cathedral ceilings and making homes appear older and more traditional. But creating a non-functional wooden truss is both expensive and impractical; as a traditional timber truss can weigh far too much for your ceiling to handle.

This is where faux beams come into play. Made from lightweight and durable high-density polyurethane foam, thebeams weigh only a fraction of what real wood does; so they can be constructed into dramatic trusses that are indistinguishable from the real thing, yet be installed on an existing ceiling much more easily.

In fact this photo to the left, which we posted on our Facebook page, demonstrates just how easily. In the ‘before’ section you can see that simple mounting blocks – just squares of wood, screwed to the studs underneath the ceiling – are all that keep this immense and dramatic truss attached to the ceiling.

The outlying beams – the ones that go flat against the ceiling – are hollow and slip over the mounting blocks to lie flat against the ceiling. Then, regular screws are drilled through the beams to connect them to the blocks. The result? A secure and seamless installation that looks like it’s part of the roof itself.

Take a look at the photos below of some of the beautiful faux wood trusses our customers have installed:

Building trusses on ceilings is a great way to transform a room.

Building trusses on your ceiling transforms interior spaces.

Building trusses in a recreational adds to their appeal.

Decorative trusses make this indoor pool space look fabulous.

Building trusses never fails to have a stunning effect.

Decorative trusses easily add a dramatic effect to rooms.

Building trusses in Standard King design guarantees a stunning room.

The Standard King Truss design creates a captivating ambiance.

Building trusses in restaurants brings in customers.

Decorative trusses in the Farmhouse Restaurant create a cozier environment.

Building trusses like this one is an easy way to upgrade your interior.

Building trusses like this Arched King design is an easy way to upgrade your interior.

For more information on using faux wood beams for building trusses that look dramatic and captivating, check out this page dedicated to them on And if you end up using our beams to create a truss yourself – please send us pictures! You can email them to us at

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