Apr 102015

In case you haven’t seen our YouTube channel, here are a few how-to videos that will help you understand what faux wooden beams are, and how easy they are to install.

The first video answers the question, “What is a faux wood beam”?

The second video is from the “I Hate My Kitchen” show on the DIY Network, and shows how using faux Timber beams saved on time, money, and effort for this young couple.

The third video shows a customer who also used Timber beams for building a beautiful wine cellar.

To see more videos of the advantages you’ll get from our beams and faux stone panels, make sure to check out our YouTube channel.  It contains FAQ’s, our TV appearances, professional/customer installation demonstrations, installation tips and more. You’ll learn a lot!

Aug 222014
Building Trusses is Easy with Faux Wood Beams

Faux wood decorative trusses are incredible showpieces – and installing them is deceptively straightforward. One of the most popular uses of our faux wood beams is in building trusses. Inspired by the complex framework of traditional structural wood beams, trusses feature several different beams connected together in a pattern that traditionally would amplify load-bearing capacity and Read More…

May 092014
No Trouble with the Curve

Using curved beams in conjunction with straight beams to create a decorative truss can add great dimension to a ceiling design. However, making real wood curved beams is not a simple process, requiring a band saw and a good amount of carpentry skill. Luckily, those of you who want this look but don’t have the Read More…

Jul 112011
Spectacular Ceilings with a Faux Wood Truss

Modern home building techniques make it effortless to create towering cathedral ceilings – but how do you best fill all that empty space? One option is to create a wood truss with our sandblasted faux wood beams. A cathedral ceilings is so-named because it resembles the stunning ceilings of classical churches and castles. These towering Read More…

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