Ceiling System Design Ideas

Ceiling Systems Beautify with Ease

Ceiling systems are a great way to tie together and unify the design of a room, lobby, restaurant and more.

The combined look of synthetic wood beams, planks and panels creates interesting visual detail that adds to the ambiance and setting. With our variety of options, there are great ways to enhance your ceiling design ideas with ease.

One way a ceiling system creates the right look to your space is by complementing the design as a whole. Pairing together matching faux wood products like our Timber Beams with the standard grain Tongue & Groove planks creates a dynamic but unified look due to how the styles play off of each other. This can also be achieved using our faux Pecky Cypress products including beams, corbels and tongue & groove planks which will create a wonderful design that is also environmentally conscious.

Contrasting ceiling design ideas are another way to create beautiful detail through ceiling systems. Pairing the sleek look of Regal beams with a classic wood grain plank or panel adds noticeable detail without detracting from the entirety of the room. Similarly mixing and matching planks and beams can lead to impressively creative designs like those in our photo gallery.

Ceiling systems also have the added benefit of protecting your home and insulating. Thanks to the durable polyurethane foam our products are made from, your beams and planks will resist warping, cracking, fading, pests and more whether used indoors or out. There's no end to the possibilities and places you can add faux wood products.

Benefits for Ceiling Systems:

  • Maintenance Free
  • Durable and Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Beautifully Realistic
  • Variety of Styles & Designs

Bring your ceiling design ideas to life with ease thanks to the affordable, durable, lightweight and easy to install ceiling systems available at FauxWoodBeams.com™. Have all of the beauty of wood without the hassles of the real thing.

Our Customers say:

I installed tongue and groove pine, with a coat of "natural stain" followed by a coat of "English oak." I then installed one of the larger resawn beams over the seam where the vault meets the flat part if the ceiling, a seam that was always cracking. I used a faux bracket tp cover up a splice on a 21 ft run. Gaps between the tongue and groove sections were then covered with smaller beams. The material is easy to work with. Final fit was made after cutting using a file to get each joint just right. I hung all of the beams by myself, too. Even the larger sized 16 foot length. Great product! I am getting lots of compliments.


You have a great product line and I hope to use your faux panels on my next project.

Doug K.

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