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Enhance Your Dining Room & Interior Decorating Ideas

Dining rooms are where we sit down to meals with family, friends, coworkers and visitors whether it's a regular daily thing or special events like holidays.

We all want to have a warm, inviting and beautiful dining room design but sometimes it's a problem of cost or space. Faux wood beams can alleviate both of those issues by being affordable, easy enough to install on your own, and taking up space on your ceiling where they can beautify without getting in the way.

Use them to complement interior decorating ideas by tying designs together, matching or enhancing the look of existing wood or even to brighten up a space. They can just as easily make a room more dynamic by adding a touch of contrast that will draw the eyes and make the whole room pop. With so many styles to choose from, various finishes and custom sizes to suit your needs, there is almost certainly one that is right for your dining room design. Faux beams can also be ordered unfinished so that you can paint or stain them yourself to the exact look and color you envisioned.

Looking through our various dining room photos, you'll notice that you really can't go wrong with artificial wood beams. A single beam can be used to help define where areas of an open room start and end, or multiple beams can line the ceiling helping the design to flow, or you can create unique visual detail with a more interesting layout. Faux beams can benefit everyone from a First time DIYer to a professional contractor thanks to their light weight, ease of cutting and simple installation process.

Enhancing your dining room with faux wood is far simpler and more affordable than using the real thing while adding the same great look. Unlike real wood, artificial wood beams are resistant to warping, rotting, fading, splitting and pests so they'll stay looking great for years with no worries about maintenance and upkeep.

Benefits for Dining Room Design:

  • DIY Friendly
  • Looks real but lightweight
  • Class A Fire rated beams available
  • Numerous Styles & Finishes
  • Custom Sizes to Suit Your Dining Room
Our Customers say:

Here are some pictures of the Timber beams that we proudly installed in our new home. Their realism is unquestioned and they add a great deal of character to the house. Thanks to your designers for making a quality affordable product that is a snap to install and finish.

Ken H.
Los Gatos, CA

I wanted some character and warmth in our otherwise typical tract style home. We used the rustic wood beams on our dinning room ceiling. The beams were easy to cut and created a custom "old world" charm that makes our house feel like a home.

Stephen R.
Monmouth Beach, NJ

These products are incredibly authentic. Very natural and realistic. You can't tell the difference between these and the real things even from inches away. Me and my buddy did the entire job in less than three hours. The best part is how your beams bring a room to life. What a product!


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