Outlookers - Design Ideas

Faux wood outlookers, usually added just under the roofline, provide distinction and unique lines for your home or building.  Faux wood outriggers are one of the decorative architectural touches that change and customize an exterior’s design style.  Whether in natural stain, white wash or a striking color, outlookers can customize your colonial, ramp up your ranch or make fabulous your farm.

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Before and After
Faux wood outlookers look especially good near a window with matching corbels under the windowsill. OL-18.
Faux wood outlookers that match the white trim color of the house go well with the gray shutters. OL-19.
Matching faux wood outlookers to the house trim color creates a unified appearance. OL-20.
Synthetic wood outlookers in a contrasting color to the roof line add curb appeal to this home. OL-21.
Artificial wood outlookers on several homes in the same neighborhood, creating a unified design. OL-22.
Manufactured wood outlookers can extend past a roofline or stay underneath. OL-23.
Fake wood outlookers are a way to make a home's exterior more dressy. OL-24.
Close-up of a faux wood outlooker allows you to see the product details. OL-25.
Artificial wood outlookers adds visual interest to a home's roof edge even though the entire design scheme is dark. OL-26.
Synthetic wood outlookers are the perfect trim pieces along the roof line for this traditional home. OL-27.
Gray artificial wood outlookers create the illusion that they're supporting the roofline. OL-28.
Manufactured wood outlookers in the same color as the roof trim boosts curb appeal for this traditional home. OL-29.
Faux wood outlookers appear to support the roof line but are a purely decorative touch. OL-30.
Fake wood outlookers add a traditional decorative touch to a home's roof line. OL-31.
Synthetic wood outlookers definitely dress up the appearance of this home, as the close-up photograph proves. OL-32.
Manufactured wood outlookers decorate the roof line of this traditional home. OL-33.
Artificial wood outlookers are an attractive addition to this home's roof line. OL-34.
Fake wood outlookers along a roof line add style and distinction to this home. OL-35.
Faux wood outlookers dress up a roof line. OL-36.