Heavily Distressed Planking

Heavily Distressed Planks

If you like the idea of making a significant improvement to the décor of any of your rooms without spending too much time or money, faux wood ceiling planking could be exactly what you’re looking for. Lending a beautiful accent to walls and ceilings, they create a very cozy décor for interiors.

These heavily distressed planks are made up of extremely durable maintenance-free polyurethane that is crafted from a mold made of actual wood. As a result, the deep grooves and pronounced ridges of the real thing are perfectly reproduced. With such a realistic look and appearance, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

The standard styles of the planks include Rough Sawn Dentil Blocks, Pecky Cypress Tongue & Groove, Timber, and Rough Sawn. All are available in a variety of attractive colors and in Unfinished to make it easy to paint or stain them to your preference.

The custom style planks include Timber, Heavy Sandblasted, Heritage, Tuscany, Rough Sawn, Hand Hewn, and Axed. Coming in an array of earthy colors, the planks can all be cut to suit your sizing specifications. With such a wide range of styles, you’ll easily be able to create the room design you envision. Whether your preference is Modern, Tuscan, Southwestern, Rustic, or Old World, heavily distressed planks will satisfy your vision.

Made up of maintenance-free polyurethane, the planks won’t ever fade, chip, crack or warp. Resistant to wood-damaging pests, they maintain a new look for years and years. Their extremely light weight makes installing them very easy, too. Before you know it, you will have created a beautiful new décor in your home.

Crafted from master molds of actual heavily-distressed wood, these planks perfectly replicate the deep grooves and pronounced lines of the real thing. Install them in your den, kitchen, porch, or bedroom. The upgrade they create will be unmistakable.