Coffered Ceiling Pictures

Coffered ceiling designs are a simple yet effective way to increase the visual detail of flat, boring ceilings. The grid shape is easy to plan and install but can lead to a more dynamic space with professional appeal. But, while overall it may sound simple, creating variation in coffered ceiling ideas through altering beam placement, beam height, lighting and more can lead to unique and eye-catching spaces.

A variety of coffered ceiling pictures have been sent to us by customers ranging from first-time DIYers to professional contractors, from residential designs to casino halls, and burger joints to classy Italian restaurants. Their ceiling ideas came to fruition with less manpower, time and overall cost than using real wood. A faux wood coffered ceiling may be just what your home, office or commercial space needs to give it that finishing touch.

For some more coffered ceiling ideas – and some testimonials – after viewing our photo gallery, take a look at the Coffered Ceilings Project Ideas page. If you still have questions about how a coffered ceiling could suit your space, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We’re certain you’ll be impressed by easy it is to bring your designs to life with faux wood.

Coffered Ceiling Ideas

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CC-1. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
CC-2. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
CC-3. Pecky Cypress
CC-4. Driftwood
CC-5. Driftwood
CC-6. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
A coffered ceiling adds appeal above the bar area of this restaurant. CC-7. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
This coffered design adds visual cues that frame seating areas around the restaurant. CC-8. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
CC-9. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
Coffered ceiling design enhances restaurant interiors and gives them a welcoming ambiance. CC-10. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
Recessed ceiling spaces can be turned in gorgeous coffered ceiling ideas. CC-11. Timber
Faux coffered ceiling designs are an easy way to bring comfort to commercial interiors. CC-12. Tuscany
Ameristar Casino
CC-13. Custom Timber
Suspending the coffered beam design from the ceiling created wonderful visual appeal. CC-14. Woodland
All Star Burger
Coffered ceiling designs offer restaurants a cozy décor makes customers feel at home. CC-15. Aspen
Ameristar Casino
Building a coffered ceiling with artificial wood beams is a simple way to enhance any room. CC-16. Aspen
A fake wood coffered ceiling brings added beauty to restaurant décor. CC-17. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
A white ceiling blends with smooth white faux beams for a subtle coffered design. CC-18. Regal
CC-19. Timber
CC-20. Driftwood
Sperry Top Sider
CC-21. Driftwood
Sperry Top Sider
CC-22. Timber
Deep, rich wood tones on the ceiling complement the dark leather chairs. CC-23. Timber
Coffered ceilings provide interiors with elegance and class. CC-24. Regal 2
Before and After
A DIY coffered ceiling doesn't take long to create with faux wood beams. CC-25. Heavy Sandblasted
Quicker coffered ceilings are possible when you use fake wood beams. CC-26. Timber
CC-27. Sandblasted
Creating your own coffered ceiling can be easily done when you use simulated wood beams. CC-28. Sandblasted
CC-29. Regal
A simple coffered ceiling idea can help highlight lighting fixtures. CC-30. Regal
Great coffered ceiling ideas are brought to life with maufactured wood beams. CC-31. Pecky Cypress