Great Room Ideas Gallery

Great Rooms function as a central space in homes where families relax and guests are entertained… which is why having a beautiful Great Room can be a vast improvement on your home decorating ideas. The often tall and wide ceilings of a great room can lead to a large amount of unused space but faux wood beams and trusses are the perfect fit.

Artificial wood beams, planks and trusses are the perfect addition to the vast space available in great rooms. Create beautiful designs, enhance visual appeal and upgrade the overall feel of the room without wasting any living space. Your great room ideas are certain to look spectacular with a touch of faux wood.

Our great room home interior pictures highlight a variety of faux beam designs from the simple to the stunning. The light weight and ease of installation makes our corbels, ceiling beams and planks a viable option for DIYers and Pros alike in homes where real wood would be too heavy. Their realistic look and texture makes faux wood practically indistinguishable from the real thing… so your friends, family and guests will all think you had expensive remodeling done.

With so many different choices of wood grains, colors and sizes; there’s bound to be something perfect for your particular needs. Browse through our great room photos to see how past customers and designers have used our products to give their great rooms a great new look.

Great Rooms

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GR-1. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
GR-2. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
GR-3. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
Great room designs are given a rustic elegance with reclaimed wood beams. GR-4. Real Wood Weathered Beams
GR-5. Real Wood Weathered Beams
Great room décor gets an added boost with faux timber beams. GR-6. Timber
GR-7. Timber
Any great room is even more beautiful when you use faux wood beams to upgrade the look. GR-8. Sandblasted
Before and After
This great room features faux beams painted with stencils for an extra touch of color. GR-9. Aspen
GR-10. Aspen
Great room design is easy to give a remarkable look to when you use fake wood beams. GR-11. Aspen
Reclaimed box beams span this rustic great room design. GR-12. Real Wood Cottage Beams
GR-13. Real Wood Cottage Beams
GR-14. Real Wood Cottage Beams
Create beautiful great rooms with lightweight faux wood ceiling beams. GR-15. Aspen
GR-16. Timber
Great rooms with vaulted ceilings are easy to create truss designs in with fake wood beams. GR-17. Raised Grain
Great room interior design take on a brand new exciting dimension when you use faux wood truss beams. GR-18. Raised Grain
Faux beams provide a visual cue in this great room to highlight the living area. GR-19. Timber
Great room decor ideas are given new life with artificial wood beams. GR-20. Timber
A simple great room ceiling design using a series of fake beams to lengthen the space. GR-21. Raised Grain
This great room design idea used faux beams to mimic older construction techniques. GR-22. Resawn
GR-23. Timber
Before and After
Faux beams give great rooms a comfortable new feel that's easy to create. GR-24. Timber
GR-25. Timber
Great room design ideas can be easy to turn into reality with faux wood beams. GR-26. Timber
GR-27. Sandblasted
Upgrade your great rooms décor with fake wood beams. GR-28. Sandblasted
GR-29. Woodland
Before and After
GR-30. Woodland
GR-31. Heavy Sandblasted
Turning great rooms design into a fun project is easy to do when fake wood beams are part of it. GR-32. Pecky Cypress
GR-33. Pecky Cypress
Imitation Pecky Cypress adds detail to windows & the kitchen area of this great room. GR-34. Pecky Cypress
GR-35. Pecky Cypress
GR-36. Raised Grain
GR-37. Raised Grain
GR-38. Raised Grain
GR-39. Raised Grain
The best great room designs can be achieved for a low cost with artificial wood ceiling beams. GR-40. Aspen
GR-41. Rustic