Photo Gallery: Kitchen Designs

Updating your kitchen design might sound like a hassle but using faux wood products including beams, panels and other design accessories can transform the entire space, easily and affordably. From simple ideas like an accent beam to more robust concepts like a coffered or truss design, bringing your kitchen remodeling ideas to life is easier than you thought.

Browse our photo gallery of kitchen designs to see how others have used our products to create a new look. Some basic planning and an afternoon of work can turn your kitchens ceiling from boring to stunning. It would be hard not to be inspired after seeing the amazing work other homeowners and DIYers have done.

Don’t forget to check out our Kitchen Design Ideas page for more photos and testimonials. If you have any questions about using our products in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm ET.



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KI-1. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
KI-2. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
KI-3. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
KI-4. Driftwood
KI-5. Driftwood
KI-6. Aspen
KI-7. Aspen
KI-8. Heritage
KI-9. Aspen
KI-10. Aspen
KI-11. Aspen
KI-12. Aspen
KI-13. Reclaimed Barn Board Panels
KI-14. Raised Grain
KI-15. Raised Grain
KI-16. Custom Timber
Before and After
KI-17. Custom Timber
KI-18. Driftwood
Before and After
KI-19. Custom Timber
A DIY kitchen remodel with faux wood beams stands out from the rest. KI-20. Timber
KI-21. Custom Timber
Create charming country kitchen ideas with real wood weathered beams. KI-22. Real Wood Wire Brushed Driftwood
KI-23. Real Wood Wire Brushed Driftwood
KI-24. Real Wood Wire Brushed Driftwood
KI-25. Rough Hewn
KI-26. Rough Hewn
KI-27. Rough Hewn
Before and After
KI-28. Reclaimed Barn Board
KI-29. Reclaimed Barn Board
KI-30. Resawn
KI-31. Resawn
Before and After
KI-32. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
KI-33. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
KI-34. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
KI-35. Custom Timber
KI-36. Custom Timber
Before and After
KI-37. Custom Timber
Before and After
A single accent beam adds flair to kitchen design ideas. KI-38. Timber
Fake wood beams are perfect for kitchen remodeling on a budget. KI-39. Timber
KI-40. Timber
KI-41. Timber
KI-42. Timber
KI-43. Woodland
KI-44. Woodland
KI-45. Custom Timber
KI-46. Custom Timber
KI-47. Heavy Sandblasted
Kitchen makeovers can be accomplished in no time with artificial wood beams. KI-48. Heavy Sandblasted
Kitchen remodeling with fake wood beams enhances home interiors beautifully. KI-49. Pecky Cypress
KI-50. Pecky Cypress
KI-51. Timber
KI-52. Timber
Remodeling a kitchen with faux wood beams is a great way to make a cozy space. KI-53. Rustic
Wood tones add visual cues to the design which draw the eyes around the space. KI-54. Rustic
KI-55. Heritage
KI-56. Heritage
KI-57. Heritage
KI-58. Heritage
Before and After
Kitchen remodels with faux timber beams are exciting design projects. KI-59. Sandblasted
KI-60. Sandblasted
KI-61. Sandblasted
Kitchen renovation and fake wood beams go together perfecrtly. KI-62. Chamfered
Wood tones add visual cues to the design which draw the eyes around the space. KI-63. Chamfered
KI-64. Chamfered
KI-65. Aspen
KI-66. Woodland
KI-67. Woodland
KI-68. Timber
KI-69. Custom Timber
KI-70. Timber
KI-71. Timber
A simple beam design helps delineate the space and highlight the kitchen. KI-72. Woodland
Creating a rustic kitchen is extremely easy with simulated wood beams. KI-73. Woodland
KI-74. Timber
Artificial beams complement existing wood tones and unify the design plan. KI-75. Timber
KI-76. Timber
KI-77. Timber
KI-78. Timber
KI-79. Real Wood Barn Board Charred Brown
KI-80. Real Wood Barn Board Charred Brown
KI-81. Timber
Before and After
KI-82. Timber
Before and After
KI-83. Timber
KI-84. Timber
KI-85. Custom Timber
Before and After
KI-86. Custom Timber
Before and After
KI-87. Custom Timber
Before and After
Add detail to recessed ceilings that mimic older construction techniques. KI-88. Raised Grain
KI-89. Raised Grain
KI-90. Sandblasted
Before and After
Small kitchen designs can be enhanced with custom fake wood ceiling beams. KI-91. Sandblasted
KI-92. Hand Hewn
KI-93. Tuscany
Before and After
KI-94. Tuscany
Before and After
KI-95. Timber
Before and After
KI-96. Timber
KI-97. Timber
KI-98. Resawn
Before and After
KI-99. Timber
KI-100. Heritage
Before and After
KI-101. Timber
KI-102. Heritage
KI-103. Timber
KI-104. Aspen
Before and After
KI-105. Heritage
KI-106. Aspen
Before and After
KI-107. Sandblasted
Before and After
KI-108. Sandblasted
Before and After
KI-109. Sandblasted
Country kitchen designs get the ideal finishing touch with faux wood ceiling beams. KI-110. Timber