Living Room Design Pictures

For spaces in the home meant for relaxing with family or gathering with company, it’s important that they be as comfortable as can be. If you’re looking for ideas for your living room’s design, and would like to make a big difference without spending too much or taking up space, faux wood beams make a fabulous enhancement.

Take a look at the pictures below to see how the real wood look of our beams creates a gorgeous and restful atmosphere that you and your guests will love.

With our range of options, upgrading your living room has never been as easy, budget-friendly and rewarding as it is with fake wood. Ranging from single beams and simple trusses, to multiple beams and mantel designs, you’ll easily find the design that suits your needs.


Living Rooms

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LR-1. Heavy Sandblasted
Before and After
LR-2. Heavy Sandblasted
LR-3. Heavy Sandblasted
LR-4. Heritage
LR-5. Beachwood
LR-6. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
LR-7. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
LR-8. Driftwood
Before and After
A-Frame Truss
LR-9. Driftwood
Before and After
A-Frame Truss
LR-10. Custom Timber
LR-11. Custom Timber
LR-12. Custom Timber
Before and After
LR-13. Custom Timber
LR-14. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
LR-15. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
LR-16. Custom Timber
LR-17. Custom Timber
LR-18. Custom Timber
LR-19. Custom Timber
LR-20. Real Wood Barn Board Mantel
LR-21. Real Wood Barn Board Mantel
LR-22. Rough Hewn
LR-23. Rough Hewn
LR-24. Hand Hewn
LR-25. Hand Hewn
LR-26. Hand Hewn
LR-27. Hand Hewn
LR-28. Custom Timber
LR-29. Custom Timber
LR-30. Custom Timber
LR-31. Custom Timber
LR-32. Real Wood Weathered Beams
LR-33. Real Wood Weathered Beams
LR-34. Custom Timber
LR-35. Custom Timber
Before and After
LR-36. Tuscany
LR-37. Woodland
Before and After
Bring great living room designs into your home with the help of fake wood beams. LR-38. Sandblasted
American Dream Builders
LR-39. Timber
Before and After
LR-40. Tuscany
LR-41. Tuscany
Before and After
LR-42. Tuscany
Before and After
LR-43. Custom Timber
Before and After
LR-44. Custom Timber
LR-45. Heritage
Before and After
LR-46. Heritage
Before and After
LR-47. Heritage
LR-48. Driftwood
Create beautiful living rooms with synthetic wood beams. LR-49. Aspen
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
LR-50. Driftwood
Before and After
LR-51. Raised Grain
LR-52. Raised Grain
LR-53. Raised Grain
LR-54. Resawn
LR-55. Driftwood
Before and After
LR-56. Driftwood
LR-57. Resawn
LR-58. Tuscany
LR-59. Sandblasted
LR-60. Real Wood Barn Board Mantel
LR-61. Sandblasted
American Dream Builders
Build comfortable living room design with manufactured wood beams. LR-62. Sandblasted
American Dream Builders
LR-63. Real Wood Barn Board
Before and After
Rustic living rooms are created with fake wood ceiling beams. LR-64. Resawn
LR-65. Real Wood Barn Board
LR-66. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
LR-67. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
LR-68. Sandblasted
Before and After
LR-69. Driftwood
LR-70. Driftwood
Before and After
LR-71. Heavy Sandblasted
LR-72. Tuscany
LR-73. Custom Timber
LR-74. Custom Timber
LR-75. Timber
Before and After
LR-76. Timber
LR-77. Rough Hewn
LR-78. Rough Hewn
Before and After
LR-79. Rough Hewn
LR-80. Sandblasted
Before and After
LR-81. Woodland
Before and After
LR-82. Woodland
LR-83. Timber
Faux driftwood lets you design a living room you'll love being in. LR-84. Driftwood
Before and After
LR-85. Regal 2
Rustic living room ideas are easy to bring to life with synthetic wood. LR-86. Axed
Give a small living room design added dimension with fake Timber beams. LR-87. Timber
Give living room interior design superior comfort with faux Timber beams. LR-88. Timber
Designing a living room that feels like a cozy sanctuary is easy with simulated wood beams. LR-89. Woodland
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
A living room remodel with artificial wood beams is always more comfortable. LR-90. Woodland
LR-91. Sandblasted
Before and After
LR-92. Timber
Before and After
Improved living room inspiration is easy to achieve with faux driftwood. LR-93. Driftwood