Crown Rafter Tails

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The crown refers to the wood's arcs or natural bend. Faux wood crown rafter tails will add charm and graceful curvature to the lines of your home or building. Crown rafter tails had been among the building supplies used to frame and support roofing and design enhancements. Today they are used as a decorative rather than structural material and are the perfect way to add visual interest and style.

Crown Rafter Tails come in a Rough Sawn Texture.

Rafter Tails are designed to fit over a standard 2x4, 2x6, or 4x4 (depending on model).

Please allow a production time of up to 8 weeks.


Crown Rafter Tails

Item # W H Proj. Unfinished Finished
RT-9026 5 1/4" 6" 44 1/4" $89.64 $121.01
RT-9111 3 7/8" 7 3/4" 11" $37.24 $50.26
RT-9121 3 3/4" 7 3/4" 20 1/4" $54.14 $74.53
RT-9130 4" 7 7/8" 30" $72.40 $97.74


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