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Real Wood Box Beams

These real wood beams for sale are a wonderful way to give the design of interiors and exteriors the old world look of vintage barns. Each one is painstakingly crafted to match the color, texture and character of authentic barn wood as closely as possible. Up close and from a distance, it will be hard to believe they aren’t real reclaimed wood that’s over 100 years old.

These beams are all made from virgin wood, and made to have the ultra-realistic look of reclaimed wood. Through a proprietary wood treatment process, a mineral-based treatment is used, which gives the wood a special reactive stain. As a result, the wood takes on a beautiful, weathered color characteristic of genuine barn wood. The added benefit of virgin wood is that it is less prone to warping, cracking, twisting and checking. Even better, you won’t find any insects in this wood either.

The treatment process also gives the beams a quality that replicates the unique reactive properties of vintage barn wood. This means that they darken in color when they get wet, and lighten in color when drying. Thanks to this, they are everything barn wood is, and more.

Another benefit of these box beams is that they are all consistent in width. This makes it much easier to cover things like pipes and I-beams. Such uniformity in size is uncommon with real reclaimed beams. In addition, we offer these beams in longer lengths that are not so easily found with real reclaimed timber, due to the high demand. The longest length these beams are available in at the present time is 32 feet.

Remarkably lightweight and easy to install, these beams are available with three sides and four sides. The three-sided beams can be installed easily over pipes, existing beams, wires and more. It’s much easier to plan and build trusses with them, as well, because of the consistency of sizes that we offer. The beams are also available with end caps.