Exterior Window Shutters

This product was discontinued.

In Colonial America, board and batten exterior shutters were the most popular style for their elegant design as well as their practical uses. This began to change as different styles were introduced and architectural tastes and mores shifted around the country. Board and batten shutters really never went out of style — their practical design was ideal for keeping out bad weather, blocking out exterior light and deterring intruders. While today's shutters are ornamental, this design remains as charming and popular as ever.

Wood shutters were first constructed of boards such as oak and pine. Recent advances in urethane polymers offer a gorgeous, durable and cost-effective alternative that is indistinguishable from the real thing. And our exterior shutters resist cracking, water and sun damage, insect damage and rotting.

Today's marketplace offers a wide array of board and batten shutters in a variety of widths and sizes. The board and batten style and size choices vary considerably from its raised panel cousin allowing builders, architects, and individual buyers to design a customized look. There are board and batten shutters with space between the vertical boards for the passage of air and sunlight, boards with two, three, four or five planks. The horizontal cross piece is at the top and bottom of each exterior shutter. We also have a style available with a curvature at the top to accommodate rounded windows.

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