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The Faux Wood Beams Tools page features some of our more useful site applications such as the Shipping Quote tool, Beam Selector product comparison tool and our Order Status info tool. Click on any of the links to the left for more information and to use our tools.

Clicking on the Beam Selector comparison tool will allow you to more easily sift through the many different style and options we have available. Choose from one or two different beam features that you find most important, or are necessary for your design, and the comparison tool will give you a list of all the available beams meeting your criteria. Whether you need heavily distressed fire-rated timber beams or a 30" wide beam with closed ends, or anything in between, our tool will help you find the right product.

Need a shipping quote before you purchase? Click the Ship Quote button to find out how much your order will cost before going to checkout. Enter in the Model Number (which can be found on any product page), add quantity and then your ZIP code for your shipping estimate.

If you've already purchased from™ and are awaiting your products, use the Order Status info tool to see the current state of production and shipping for your products. Just enter the Order/Receipt number and the email or billing ZIP code for the purchase. If you need any further help, or have questions, go to the Contact Us page for our phone number, email address or to chat live online with our Customer Service Department.

Find your shipping quote here before heading to checkout. Use our Comparison Tool to find the right faux wood beam for your needs. Find all of your order status info right here and stay on top of when it’ll arrive.


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