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Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Worried about your trade show booth design? Faux wood can help alleviate those worries.

Using real wood has numerous design and weight issues to consider, make set up harder and can lead to increased shipping costs. But adding the classic look of wood to tradeshow displays is simple when using a faux wood beam.

Portable trade show booths with the look of wood have never been simpler. Thanks to their lightweight design and easy installation, you can create a booth design which is easy to ship, easy to put together, looks great and takes apart easily at the end of the convention. Trying to do the same with real wood is practically impossible.

Create an impressive design without going over budget. Since a one or two person team can easily carry and install faux beams, you can cut labor costs associated with time spent building your trade show booth. Their durability and maintenance free design means that there are no worries about costly upkeep like there would be with real wood products. And best of all is that our synthetic wood products stay looking great for years.

Made using molds of real wood beams, every one of our faux beam styles perfectly recreates the look of real wood. Everything from grain pattern and texture to wormholes and tooling will look just the same. Unlike the real thing though, there are no worries about warping, cracking, fading or pests. They're also weatherproof which will work out great if that outdoor expo turns from sunny to rainy without warning.

Benefits for Trade Show Booth Design:

  • Save on time and costs
  • Realistic wood look
  • Maintenance free
  • Lightweight & Easy to Set Up
  • 1000s of sizes available
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Our Customers say:

We use our own faux beams for our tradeshow booth when we go to expos and conventions because we know there's nothing better. Since they're so lightweight and easy to handle, we save time on setting up and taking down our booth compared to many of the other booth designs out there. What better way is there to show people how much we believe in and stand behind our product!

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