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Reclaimed Wood Box Beams

Real Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood box beams represent sustainable green building in its purest form. By choosing reclaimed over new wood, you’re not only adding timeless beauty to your design, you’re also helping to preserve the forests - protecting its trees and wildlife habitats.

Reclaimed wood is timber that has already been used for another purpose, and has been salvaged for new use. Most reclaimed wood is higher-grade wood than the newly harvested wood sold today. It has more beauty, stability, clarity and density, as it was originally harvested from old-growth forests.

These box beams are made from wood recovered from dismantled barns primarily across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, many of them dating as far back as the late 1800’s. The experienced craftsmen who make the beams carefully hand pick and examine each piece to ensure the highest quality product.

The beams are three-sided with a channel inside to hide necessary but ugly wires or lighting. They can also be installed over existing steel, wood and laminate supports, providing the desired effect of solid wood without worry for structural integrity. The beams’ lightweight construction also enables an easy, two-person installation.

Although each beam is wholly unique in color and texture, there are 4 natural patina options to choose from: Gray, Rustic Gray, Brown and Rustic Brown. Whether your décor style is Country, Shabby-Chic or Traditional, you’re sure to find a beam that suits your project.