Real Wood Box Beams

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Decorative Wood Box Beams

Our Real Wood Box Beams are perfect for Green Building. The box beams come from reclaimed woods and are considered a "green product." By using the reclaimed wood products, we are helping preserve the forests and the environment. Reclaimed wood is wood that has already been used for another purpose, and has been salvaged for another use. Most reclaimed wood is higher-grade wood than the newly harvested wood sold today. It has more beauty, stability, clarity, and density as it was originally harvested from old-growth forests. By using reclaimed box beams, we are leaving forests standing, protecting trees, and habitat for wildlife.

A box beam is a three-sided wooden beam with a channel inside. Hide those necessary but ugly wires, cords or lighting, while keeping the look of solid wood.

These wood box beams are constructed from pieces of vintage reclaimed timber or barn boards.

This also makes box beams much lighter than solid beams. Two people can easily install these wood ceiling beams.

Whether you want an Old-World style or a more formal look, we have a style to match your decor. We offer the following Reclaimed products: Cottage Beams, Pioneer Beams, Old Barn Beams, Red Barn Siding Beams, Antique Beams.

Our box beams allow you to still obtain the desired affect of solid wood beams without the worry of whether the structure will support them. Another advantage of using our box beams is that they can be installed over existing steel, wood, and laminate supports. Once installed, it is impossible to distinguish them from solid wood beams.

Our box beams are made by experienced craftsmen. We pride ourselves in supplying you with the best quality products money can buy.