Fireplace Mantel Shelves - Design Ideas

Our fireplace mantels offer one of the easiest ways to add an appealing touch to a room. Installing either a faux or real wood mantel in your fireplace area can tie together all the design elements, creating a balanced, inviting space. Here we show you ideas and creative tips on how you can use these mantels in your own home interior decorating.

Faux and real wood mantels each offer two design options, with further ability to personalize your look based on your choice of stain or finish. Take a look at the infinite uses and possibilities, to inspire you in upgrading your own design space.

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Fireplace Mantels

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FM-1. Custom Driftwood
FM-2. Custom Driftwood
FM-3. Real Wood Barn Board
FM-4. Real Wood Barn Board
FM-5. Custom Timber
Before and After
FM-6. Rough Hewn
FM-7. Rough Hewn
FM-8. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-9. Beachwood
FM-10. Beachwood
FM-11. Rough Hewn
Before and After
FM-12. Tuscany
FM-13. Real Wood Light Hand Hewn
FM-14. Real Wood Hand Hewn
Before and After
FM-15. Real Wood Barn Board Mantel
Before and After
FM-16. Custom Timber
FM-17. Custom Timber
Before and After
FM-18. Driftwood
FM-19. Real Wood Wire Brushed
Before and After
FM-20. Aspen
Project from: American Dream Builders FM-21. Sandblasted
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FM-22. Sandblasted
American Dream Builders
A custom mantel in faux wood adds charm to fireplace areas. FM-23. Sandblasted
American Dream Builders
FM-24. Sandblasted
Before and After
FM-25. Resawn
Before and After
FM-26. Custom Sandblasted
Before and After
FM-27. Custom Timber
FM-28. Tuscany
FM-29. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-30. Custom Timber
FM-31. Custom Timber
FM-32. Custom Timber
Before and After
FM-33. Custom Timber
Before and After
FM-34. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-35. Tuscany
FM-36. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-37. Woodland
FM-38. Axed
Custom wood fireplace mantels are a great way to add beautyto your home. FM-39. Axed
Before and After
FM-40. Sandblasted
Before and After
FM-41. Rough Sawn Juiliet Cove
FM-42. Rough Sawn Juiliet Cove
FM-43. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-44. Tuscany
FM-45. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-46. Yellowstone
FM-47. Hand Hewn
FM-48. Tuscany
Before and After
A faux fireplace mantel adds a accent of authentic looking wood to a living room's stone fireplace.
FM-49. Tuscany
FM-50. Tuscany
FM-51. Tuscany
Before and After
A DIY fireplace mantel brings added comfort to your home. FM-52. Tuscany
FM-53. Tuscany
FM-54. Custom Timber
Before and After
FM-55. Tuscany
FM-56. Custom Timber
Before and After
FM-57. Rough Hewn
Before and After
FM-58. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-59. Tuscany
Before and After
A DIY rustic fireplace mantel in fake wood enhances the beauty of any room. FM-60. Rough Sawn Juiliet Cove
Before and After
A fake fireplace mantel finishes the look of a brick fireplace as seen in this before and after photo.
FM-61. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-62. Woodland
FM-63. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-64. Real Wood Barn Board Mantel
FM-65. Tuscany
Before and After
A rustic faux mantle with beam straps mimics the look of real axed wood down to the tiniest detail.
FM-66. Axed
FM-67. Axed
Before and After
FM-68. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
FM-69. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
FM-70. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
FM-71. Woodland
Before and After
FM-72. Woodland
FM-73. Yellowstone
Before and After
FM-74. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-75. Tuscany
Before and After
A custom fireplace mantel can be installed easily. FM-76. Tuscany
Before and After
A DIY fireplace mantel shelf in artificial wood looks just like real wood. FM-77. Tuscany
FM-78. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-79. Yellowstone
FM-80. Tuscany
Fake wood mantels for fireplaces make gorgeous interior design elements. FM-81. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-82. Yellowstone
FM-83. Woodland
Before and After
FM-84. Tuscany
Before and After
FM-85. Tuscany
FM-86. Woodland
FM-87. Woodland
FM-88. Rough Sawn Juiliet Cove
Before and After
FM-89. Woodland
Before and After
FM-90. Woodland
Before and After
FM-91. Woodland
FM-92. Woodland
Fake wooden mantels can easily support decorative keepsakes. FM-93. Yellowstone
FM-94. Yellowstone
FM-95. Yellowstone
Before and After
FM-96. Woodland
FM-97. Woodland
FM-98. Aspen
Before and After
A rustic fireplace mantel brings charm and elegance to rooms. FM-99. Rustic
Faux wood mantels can beautifully upgrade a fireplace design quickly and cost-effectively.
FM-100. Woodland
A fake wood mantel is an easy way to enhance your fireplace surround. FM-101. Axed
FM-102. Woodland
FM-103. Aspen
Before and After
FM-104. Aspen
Before and After
FM-105. Custom Tuscany
Before and After
Faux mantel shelf with decorative straps and corbels adds rustic appeal to a brick fireplace.

FM-106. Woodland
Faux fireplace mantels that simulate the texture, pattern and grain of real wood and install quickly and easily.
FM-107. Woodland
FM-108. Woodland
Wood mantels made from real Knotty Douglas Fir Pine, with deep grooves to bring the charm of outdoors inside.
FM-109. Yosemite
Faux timber fireplace mantel shelves add warmth and rugged character to any style home.
FM-110. Timber
FM-111. Axed
Before and After
Wooden mantels made from Douglas Fir pine wood, rugged and full of character to accent any fireplace.
FM-112. Yosemite
FM-113. Resawn
Before and After
FM-114. Woodland
Before and After
FM-115. Tuscany
Faux wood fireplace mantels can be installed quickly and affordably, adding the look of real wood to any fireplace.

FM-117. Tuscany