Customer Testimonials


We received our ceiling beams last week and had them installed yesterday. All of my friends can't believe their fake. We are very happy with them and will continue to recommend you.

Allen W.
Eldersburg, MD

I ordered beams to go up in six new homes thinking it would take months to complete. My guys finished rooms much earlier than expected saving me loads of overtime pay and leaving my bosses very happy. My project ran ahead of schedule — how many contractors can say that!? Thank you faux wood beams for making this part of my job run smoothly.

You make a great product and I will definitely order from the faux wood beams and faux panels product lines in the future.

Sacramento, CA

Wow! Thanks for using so many of our home's photos on your website! We are thrilled you liked how our installation turned out! Everyone loves the results and is amazed when they find out that the wood beams we used for out trophy room, pavilion, and outside porches are "faux"! They are even far more amazed when they ask about the beautiful pecky cypress wainscoting and fireplace mantles in the trophy room and pavilion and we tell them that they are also "faux"! You have amazing products and we are so happy with the results we achieved! We also really appreciate the additional help you gave us after the sale of your product when we needed extra help with the staining and finishing steps. The tips you recently placed in your website help make it clear and easy about which type of stain to use with each product. I am sure other customers will be happy with the additional guidance you placed on your website. Thanks too for offering $100 incentive for folks to send you photos.

We will purchase from your company again and continue to send compliments and hopefully more customers your way in the future! Thanks again for all your help, before, during and especially after the sale! It means so much to us that you were there for us each step of the way, even when we had questions and needed help.

Tug and Cyndi R.
Fayetteville, GA

We installed the beams in two separate rooms and they look spectacular, so good in fact we do not need to add the corbels – it looks so good without them.

Grass Valley, CA

I cannot believe how great our Time Worn beams look! They arrived right on time and were a cinch to put up ourselves. Our friends thought that the only way to buy antiqued beams that look this good was to scour auctions for months in the hope of happening upon them by chance... We actually had to sit them down in front of the computer and show them your website so they knew it was for real!

Julie and Irv
Little Washington, VA

Your products look gorgeous and your website is easy to navigate.

Del Monte, AZ

I want to thank you for your prompt delivery. They are truly a masterpiece when you add one's own stains.

Lake Worth, FL

An excellent, informative website. Every question I had was answered within this website. Your product looks wonderful, and I look forward to receiving my sample. I think this will be wonderful in our new home. I am also interested in ordering a mantle piece from you.

Deb B.
Honolulu, HI

We recently installed 5 sets of beams in our living room. The trim carpenters were amazed at how easily they were to work with. "After this, why would anyone want to use real wood?" It looks wonderful. And the up-lighting is awesome.

Jackie K.
Lenoir City, TN

Dear Faux Wood Beams friends,

My husband was dragging his feet on my project for beams in our bedroom... Finally he agreed and I ordered. They arrived in 12 days not 3-6 weeks!!!

We installed them ourselves... It was easy and painless. THEY ARE BEYOND BEAUTIFUL ON OUR MASSIVE BEDROOM CEILING... My husband now takes all the credit for a good idea!!! (This is just fine with me!)

He was a builder for years in Carmel and Tahoe where they used the real thing in beams. He was speechless when he saw the product and the quality and real look.

Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful product. I would be interested in a brochure of your rock or block panels. I would love to do our fireplace!

Thank you again for the years of enjoyment we will have each time we awake and look at the bedroom ceiling!!!

Gardnerville, NV

I wanted to send a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with my recent order (#17346) for Faux Timber Wood Beams. The customer service was great and I appreciated the flexibility offered when I needed to order a custom size beam along with all the other standard sized beams I purchased. You have a very personable and responsive customer service team.

The finished product looks fantastic. All my contractor friends were so impressed and all say these beams look better than the real wood beam installations they have done in the past. All for a fraction of what it would have cost me in material and installation for real wood beams. I have attached a few pictures of the finished product.

My contractor did a meticulous job on the installation, which by the way was very reasonable. We used large 8 x 10 beams in one direction, and used 8 x 5 beams crossing in the opposite direction. He used a template to scribe and cut a hole in the large beams in order for the smaller beams to intersect into the larger beams. You can see the precise cut on the picture showing the close up of the intersection. The intersections joined perfectly (better than what he would be able to do using real wood).

Thanks again,

Steve B.
Rosedale, California
Product used: Timber Beams

I thought I would send a picture of the installed beams with indirect lighting inside the beam. We really like the product and the beams really finish the room.

Jay Y.
Wauwatosa, WI
Product used: Custom Heavy Sandblasted Beams

Thanks for the great product and making TCR Alexan Springs II look so good.

Julie / Trammell C.
Residential, Houston, TX
Product used: Custom Heavy Sandblasted Beams

I am sending these pictures of the beams I recently purchase from you. There are a couple of “before” pictures so you can compare. I am very please with how easy they were to install and how real they look. The beams were packed and shipped very well and arrived intact with no damage. I am a residential construction lender in the Birmingham area for a bank, and I have already recommended your product to several of my customers, and will continue to do so. When I show a sample piece to someone they are amazed at how real it looks. My next project will be to add beams to my kitchen area so you will be hearing from me again soon.

Thank you.
Mark D.
Columbiana, AL
Product used: Timber Beams

Very Pleased, Our "Before" and "After" pictures are already on your website! The FauxPanels made such a positive improvement. Our apartment looks like an entirely different place!

Lynda B.

The beams look great and the tenant is looking forward to seeing the office lobby completed with them.

Eric S.
San Dimas, CA

Just a note to let you know we installed the beams last Saturday and they look absolutely fantastic! Your product exceeded our expectations and we will highly recommend the beams.


Rochelle P.
Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you! The mantle looks awesome and was easy to install.

William M.
Saddlebrooke, AZ

We bought an older house in the beginning of this year. We fixed up everything, and are very happy with it. But the biggest bang for our buck came from It made our living room look and feel like a fancy old house.

Our living room looked terrible when we bought the house. It had one 4”x10” beam sticking out under a horribly sheet rocked ceiling. No way was it going to stay that way! We didn’t want to lose any height in the room, so just lowering the ceiling was not an option. We were thinking of accentuating instead of hiding. This is how we came up with the idea of two polyurethane beams. One to hide the ugly beam and one to balance out the room. To create a more rustic look, we installed rough sawn spruce.

While looking for the beams on the Internet, I found that the was the most user friendly website. It offered many choices, in a concise way that was easy to navigate. The prices were very competitive; you were the number one choice.

The beams arrived quickly, and very well packaged. No damage. After looking at the installation videos on your website, it was very easy and short work. It was easier and quicker to put the beams up than it was the spruce ceiling. The weight of the beams was so little and the sawing so easy that it was no work at all. We went from an interesting spruce ceiling to a beautiful and impressive spruce ceiling in a matter of 2 hours witout any hard work!

So for less money than any other project in the house, we have a beautiful living room that every one complements us on.

Cindy and Hans K.

"We can't believe how realistic these beams look in our home. If I hadn't lifted them up and helped with the easy install, then there is no way I would believe they were not real wood."

Earl M.
Phoenix, AR