Customer Testimonials


Everyone that walks through our door comments on our timber beams. They look at us in disbelief when we tell them they aren't really wood. They just keep looking up and staring at them! I am a designer and am VERY picky on what I choose to use for products in a home. I personally picked Faux Wood Beams because of the fair price, practicality, but most importantly their GREAT look!! One of my clients saw them, thought they were real, and when they found out they weren't-gasped in disbelief! She said that they had just spent a lot of money on real beams and the reinforcing of their ceiling/rafters to be able to support them.

I can’t wait to find more places to use these faux wood products!

Jennifer S.
Sioux Falls, SD
Product used: Timber Beams

My wife and I purchased our home 21 years ago. The bedroom had a cathedral ceiling and when the home was new, the seam looked good. However, as time has aged the house, the seam became increasingly difficult to keep intact. It has been repaired many times and due to the slight shifting of the ceiling, due to heat and cold, the crack would always come back over time.

My wife and I got tired of looking at the crack, so we talked about a beam. I said, I could build a beam in several pieces and mount it. Because of the weight involved, the amount of work involved, I kept putting it off. My wife said that maybe we could buy a beam on line and keep it simple.

Taking her advice, I looked on line and found I consulted with the company and requested a sample. Because our modest size room was longer than the maximum beam manufactured by 8 inches, I requested a sample about 9 inches. was able to send me the size piece requested with the premise, that if I liked the contour, I would buy the 16 foot beam and join the two together, thus making one long beam. Their typical length of sample was around 6 inches. was very accommodating.

As it worked out, the sample came and my wife loved the style and quality. I started the ordering process. Sure, the shipping was expensive, but worth it. It came in one long piece and undamaged.

In the garage, I mounted the beam on saw horses and supported the entire length underneath. I put 4 locating pins in one end, and made a guide so that I could push both ends together to come up square, parallel and perpendicular. After the initial fit, I glued the two pieces together and let it cure. Afterwards, I used an automotive "Bondo" material and filled in the part lines. I sanded and primed, and repeated as necessary. I had already trimmed to the proper length, less 1/8 of an inch.

Now the trick was, how to get it into the bedroom, located on the second floor. In the meantime, I installed the mounting board which was comprised of several 2" X 3" pine boards running down the cathedral ceiling. The 2 X 3 fit perfectly inside the beam. I made a support that would hold the beam in place while my wife, son and myself would position the beam close to the ceiling. We managed to bring the beam through a bathroom window. This bathroom was attached to the opposite end of the bedroom, so we were able to get the beam up on a roof and into the window. Being careful not to bend the beam, we got the beam into the room. I got the beam into position and secured it with glue that I purchased from and used a power nailer which inserted nails into the 2 X 3 boards.

Now it was up, installed and looked beautiful. All that remained to be done was to fill the nail holes, caulk the edges and have the room painted. My wife could not have been happier. One beam was all it took in my case. In addition to hiding the crack, the beam now added architectural interest to the room.

"Mission accomplished" and now there are no more cracks in the cathedral ceiling joint.

Frank M.
Lansdale, PA
Product used: Regal Beams

The mantel adds a really nice look!!

Erin K.
Product used: Rough Sawn Mantel Shelves

We received our 20' beams and installed them. They were easy to install and they gave us the real wood look we wanted. You manufacture a great product. Thank you.

Dar and Bill R.

We have attached before and after photos of our mantle. We are very proud and know you will be too! We purchased your Tuscany Faux Wood Mantle in Walnut, along with the matching Woodland Corbels in Walnut. As you can see, it makes such a statement and really compliments our Colorado Stone Fireplace and Hearth.

Your customer service was outstanding during our selection helped us find just the right mantle for our project. Also, we received our products right on time and the installation was so easy! We sincerely appreciate it.

Shelby & Brad P.
Product used: Custom Tuscany Mantels

Being a custom home builder I was intrigued at the possibility of using Faux Beams on a project but did not want to stake our reputation on it. When the opportunity came along to remodel our own home I decided to give it a try. Long story short, I could not be happier. Not only was the installation a breeze, the quality of the product is excellent and even upon close examination you would be hard pressed to tell it from a real beam. We will be using more of these in our homes.

Eddie F.
Mt. Lake, VA

I needed to put some soul into our ordinary and very modern tract home. The rustic timber corbels and beams created a renaissance charm to our home. A few screws, a saw, a ladder and some glue and we were soon sitting pretty with our new room makeover.

Orange County, California
Product used: Timber Corbels

We've lived here 18 years and I've always wanted a fireplace mantle. My husband found your website, we ordered the Woodland Mantle, and it was delivered quickly. Very lightweight, easy to stain, easy to install and looks great. Thanks!

Lea Ann
Marshalltown Iowa

I would like to thank you and the staff at Faux Wood Beams for their patience and for their willingness to listen and suggest accordingly. I was introduced to the product by the Internet. After discussing my intention to build a Cross for Trinity Baptist Church of Benton AR.

With judicious process and several conversations, Jessica pointed out different sites on their web site, that discussed installation procedures and tools required to install, and other informative sites that assist in installation. All sites were easy to move around in and descriptive. So the following is my installation process.

Upon receiving and inspecting the two beams, I measured the interior dimension of my beam. I sized 2x8 material accordingly to match the interior of the beam. With the beams laid out on a table, I took painters tape and identified parts of the beam that would represent the vertical and horizontal parts of the Cross.

Cutting 11/2" longer than I needed on the horizontal arms, I was able to sculpt the pieces to fit the beam temporarily together at a measured location and at ground level. On the wall where the Cross was to be affixed, I located, plumbed and leveled the position of the cross. I placed and anchored three pieces of lumber on the vertical location. 1 on top, 1 on bottom, 1 at the cross intersection. And then one on each horizontal side of the vertical.

I placed blue tape along the sides of the wood anchors as suggested on the installation site. After dry fitting the vertical piece and lightly outlining the piece, I applied the adhesive to the wall and fit the piece in placed and fastened it with screws I continued with the horizontal pieces in the same manner. After fitting the pieces together I caulked the seams with the suggested colored caulk. The product was easy to work with and rigid enough to with stand light abuse. The material that I selected was 8 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" deep to replicate what I thought might have been used at the Crucifixion.

I would recommend this product for a wide variety of projects and I highly recommend the Staff.

Thomas W.
Benton, AR
Product used: Timber Beams

For this exterior renovation, the goal was to return this lackluster home to it's original 1930s Mediterranean style. The Faux Wood "Raisedgrain Corbels" and "Board and Batten Three-Board Shutters" were added and made a dramatic difference. Easy to install and lightweight, these architectural details were key in transforming this home's facade.

Brian Dittmar Design
San Francisco, CA
Product used: Raised Grain

The faux wood mantel worked out perfectly. Very light, easy to work with and hang. Staining it was easy, I went with a gel stain. Everyone that looks at it thinks it looks real and are amazed when we tell them its not.

Product used: Yellowstone Mantels

I had a ceiling problem caused by snow weight that needed continual repair over the years. The beams fixed the problem, look fantastic and have amazed friends with their "look". I have saved a small piece of the leftover product to show people what it looks and feels like.

Ric F.
Lake Almanor, CA
Product used: Custom Resawn Beams

I was 60 years old when I installed approximately 200 feet of the Walnut Timber Beams (BD-20A & BD-20B) in my ceiling. The ceiling ranged from 10 feet to 22 feet high. Working off of a scaffold and following the included directions, I was able to complete the installation in two days. I used only the tools I had, including a table saw, circular saw, reciprocal saw and knives. No special tools were needed. It was easy! Anyone with a background in building anything can do this!

Most important - we have had a multitude of guests in our home and not a single one guessed that the beams were made of foam. Our subcontractor even brings prospective clients to our home! We even held a three foot piece within 3-4 feet of them and no one guessed! This stuff is awesome!

Justin N.
Ormond Beach, Florida
Product used: Timber Beams

I wanted some character and warmth in our otherwise typical tract style home. We used the rustic wood beams on our dinning room ceiling. The beams were easy to cut and created a custom "old world" charm that makes our house feel like a home.

Aliso Viejo, California
Product used: Timber Beams

I had to take a minute out of my very busy day to tell the powers that be at "Faux Wood Beams" that your customer service has always been good, but today you topped yourselves with Lauren.

She was amazing. Lauren was so knowledgeable on every product I had a question about. She was so kind and patient with me, and I am sure I sounded as confused as I felt. She took all the time I needed to understand what I wanted, what I was looking for, and how to get it.

I was a manager of a prominent newspaper in NYC and I had to deal with 100's of telemarketers. I am well aware of how MOST costumer service representatives deal with the public. There are many service providers I dread calling with a problem. "Faux Wood Beams" is not one of them thanks to employee's such as Lauren.

As I said I needed to take the time to write because MOST people write or call about their BAD experiences, and not enough people take the time to acknowledge the amazing service given by someone like Lauren.

So thank you for hiring employee's like Lauren, that understand how to treat customers. I will tell everyone I know about your company based on the wonderful treatment I received.

Theresa R.
Middle Village, NY

Two of the cove corbels were installed on the front of the house as an architectural feature. Two more willl be installed to complete the exterior line. The faux wood has the look and feel of the real thing and holds paint like wood. At only a fraction of the weight as wood, the corbels are easy to install with construction adhesive and screws. They complete the craftsman look of the house and give the appearance of holding up the second floor.

Michael A.
Ocean Park, WA
Product used: Rough Sawn Cove

My wife and I have always wanted wood beams in our house so when we did a total remodel we thought this was the perfect time. We were so shocked when the bids came in for real timber beams that we thought we would never have beams in our house, that's when I found your website. Your site was easy to use and the pictures showed us exactly what we were going to get, it couldn't be any easier!

We entertain a lot and are always getting compliments on the beams in our kitchen and it fun to see the looks on everyone's face when we tell them that they're fake. You all have an amazing product and the installation couldn't be easier. We are now going to finish the basement so stay tuned for pictures of more beams and some of your faux stone.

Thanks again.

Adam M.
Leawood, Kansas
Product used: Timber Beams

I used the 12" x 8" faux rough cut corbels under the hood for our 1930 Wedgewood stove. I found your product very easy to form for my application. Please see photo. Thank you for your fast shipping and your fine product.

Duane R. S.
United States
Product used: Woodland Corbels

We just completed construction of our new gymnasium at our school. We wanted to give it a lodge look and was told about Faux Wood Beams. After researching other products we made the decision to go with Faux beams based on the look, the price and what appeared to be the ease of installation. We were not disappointed. As a matter of fact I am the CFO of the school and I was the one who installed the beams since it was not in our contractor's scope.

I would recommend the product to anyone, commercial or residential that is looking for an authentic wood look without spending enormous sums of money. Best of all you can do it yourself.


Doug M.
Loganville, Georgia
Product used: Custom Heavy Sandblasted Beams

We wanted realistic looking beams that would not be too difficult to install and would not cost a fortune. The Timber Beams from Faux Wood Beams fit the bill perfectly. I did the installation myself with the help of a young man who also had no experience with the product, using the online installation instructions for a guide. We couldn't be happier with the results. Please see the attached photo.

David K.
Lake Lure, NC
Product used: Timber Beams