Faux Wood Beams™, Architectural Design, & You

FauxWoodBeams™ has 40 years of experience in the home improvement industry and prides itself of working with architects, builders and designers by sharing our knowledge and offer assistance where we can. Our team includes design engineers and consultants who have years of experience in the building industry and degrees in engineering. Let us aid you in bringing your home design ideas, office building plans, public spaces and more to life! Click here view a list of our clients.

Whether you need aid on blueprint takeoffs, assistance with product selection, help with job quoting or practically anything else, we’re here to provide you with what you need to get the job done right. With our aid we can help you reduce waste, save labor, recommend installation techniques and find cost effective alternatives to suite your needs. We also offer Builders' Kits which feature samples of our products and are free for builders, architects and designers.

Made from High Density Polyurethane Foam, our beams are incredibly durable and lightweight. Compared to real wood beams, our faux wood weighs a fraction and is easy enough for anyone to carry and install. Using molds etched from real wood beams ensures that every minute detail of that beam is captured and transferred when molding our products. This allows our products to achieve a sense of realism that isn’t found in most products on the market. No one will be able to tell they aren’t the real thing.

1000s of Custom Sizes:

Many of our faux wood beams are available to be sized as you need them. Our products all feature numerous stock sizes available immediately but if you need something a little different to suit your needs, give us a call and speak with a consultant who will work to provide you with the size you need.

Beams for Trusses:

Looking to add a decorative truss to the design but need something lightweight in order to meet codes or not add undue stress to support structures? Our staff can help you choose the right beams to make the best truss to fit your design plans. We even have arched beams available and four sided faux beams perfect for trusses.

Fire Rated Products Available:

Commercial buildings such as hotels and offices often require Fire Rated materials. If you need fire rated beams to meet code, we offer products made from fire-rated polyurethane.

Benefits of Faux Beams for Architectural Design:

  • Weighs a fraction of real wood
  • Fire Rated Polyurethane Available
  • Perfect for Commercial buildings
  • 1000s of custom sizes are available
  • Great for Historical Renovations
  • Realistic look and texture
  • Saves on time & labor costs
Make home design ideas shine with faux wood trusses, ceiling beams, corbels and more.