Custom Smooth Beams 1000’s of sizes available

Custom Smooth beam, 1000s of custom sizes available.
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  • $143.25 each beam
    • ModelBA30404120AU
    • Production timeApprox. 6 to 8 weeks
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PLEASE NOTE that the product dimensions you are selecting are the outside dimensions of the product. Please refer to the Specifications Tab for more information.

Description of Smooth Beams

The Custom Smooth beam is a tasteful and practical way to anchor the elements of an interior or exterior design. Its mellow texture and look of real wood combine to make it perfect for creating adding warmth and visual appeal to any décor.

Superior to one made of solid wood, this beam is made of highly durable and extremely lightweight polyurethane. As a result, it is much easier to install and more cost-effective. Compared to wood, it also possesses a greater resistance to damage than actual wood, and will never chip, crack, or rot.

Available in thousands of sizes, these beams can be made to suit the length and height you want. They are also primed and ready to paint.

Note: Custom Smooth beams may have screws embedded below the surface. We recommend using a hand saw (not power tools) when cutting. You may find these screws with a stud finder. Barron Designs is not responsible for any bodily harm or damage to your equipment. Click Here to view instruction on finding screws in beams.

Specifications of BA30404120AU

  • Model: BA30404120AU
  • Outer dimensions: Width 4″ × Height 4″ × Length 120″
  • Inner dimensions: Inner Width 2″ × Inner Height 3″
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Color: Unfinished
  • Endcaps: None
  • Ships from: East Coast
  • Material: Polyurethane