Photo Gallery: Heritage Beams

Bring your ceiling beam ideas to life easily with Heritage Beams – their elegantly weathered texture and look of aged wood will add a sense of warmth to any interior. They make an excellent finishing touch for exteriors, as well. Having a striking resemblance to real wood, you’ll love the way they look in your home.

Below you’ll see photos sent by customers of their stunning designs. Each of these projects were completed by one or two people, yet look as if they were completed by a professional. Fake wood beams are light in weight and make it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs on their own.

These images show how spectacular the beams can look – and hopefully will inspire your own designs.

Custom Heritage

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HE-1. Heritage
HE-2. Heritage
HE-3. Heritage
HE-4. Hand Hewn
HE-5. Hand Hewn
HE-6. Hand Hewn
HE-7. Heritage
HE-8. Heritage
HE-9. Hand Hewn
HE-10. Heritage
Before and After
HE-11. Heritage
HE-12. Heritage
HE-13. Heritage
HE-14. Heritage
Before and After
HE-15. Heritage
Before and After
HE-16. Heritage
HE-17. Heritage
Before and After
HE-18. Heritage
Before and After
HE-19. Heritage
HE-20. Heritage
Ceiling beam ideas can be brought to life in exciting ways with heritage beams.  HE-21. Heritage
Dining room ceiling beam ideas look stunning with heritage beams. HE-22. Heritage
HE-23. Heritage
HE-24. Heritage
Before and After
Actualize your ceiling beam ideas easily with heritage beams. HE-25. Heritage
HE-26. Heritage