Photo Gallery: Smooth Beams

Creating an elegant wood ceiling design without the hassle of real wood is easy with Smooth beams. Their soft texture lends a relaxed mood to any room. Having the cozy appearance of real wood, they add elegance to any environment.

The gallery below shows photos sent to us by customers of the beautiful designs they created with these beams. Resembling the work of a professional, their stunning projects were built easily with just one or two people, thanks to the light weight of the beams.

Note: Keep an eye on this page - more customer design photos are on the way. If you already own these beams and would like to share photos of your designs, please send them to us!


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An elegant wood ceiling design is created with Smooth beams in this open-plan living room and kitchen. SM-1. Smooth
A gorgeous faux wood ceiling design is easy to create with Smooth beams. SM-2. Smooth