Photo Gallery: Windswept Beams

Making your beam ceiling ideas come to life is easy to achieve with Windswept beams. Create a gorgeous design without the heavy lifting that comes with real wood. These beams have the gently weathered look and texture of antique barn wood. With the striking appearance of actual wood, they’re a great way to add a comforting ambiance to any room.

The photos below are of designs created with these lightweight beams by customers. Their projects were easily built by one or two people, while resembling the work of a professional.

Note: Keep an eye on this page - more customer design photos are on the way. If you already own these beams, and would like to share your designs with us, please send us your photos of them!


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WS-1. Windswept
WS-2. Windswept
WS-3. Windswept
Beautiful beam ceiling ideas are easy to achieve with Windswept beams. WS-4. Windswept