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PLEASE NOTE that the product dimensions you are selecting are the outside dimensions of the product. Please refer to the Specifications Tab for more information.

Description of Arched Smooth Beams

If your design calls for a curved ceiling beam with clean, modern lines, Smooth Arched Beams may be the answer. Devoid of the rugged textures and cut marks that characterize our distressed-style beams, Smooth still adds the rich look of wood, but with a subtle feel.

Arched beams are most popular for creating decorative trusses, but they work nicely as a stand-alone feature in any application that calls for a curve. Home and business owners alike will find the beams’ good looks outdone only by their budget-friendly price and ease of installation.

You may find your design to be a rarity among your friends’ or neighbors’ homes as curved wood is hard to come by and prohibitively expensive. In this way, you’ll achieve a unique look without spending a fortune.

Each beam is made from highly-durable polyurethane foam which is poured into a mold of a real wood beam. The surface is then hand-finished to ensure a most authentic look. This material is also repellant to moisture, pests and other agents that are normally harmful to wood, making it low- to no-maintenance.

This beam is available in many different size variations for thousands of custom size possibilities. The Unfinished veneer can be installed as-is for a “raw wood” look, or you can paint or stain it to the color or finish of your liking.

For more information on available options, pricing and ordering details, please call our Customer Service Department at 1 (800) 651-4223. Our Representatives are available to answer your questions and help you find the best beam for your project.

Note: Smooth Arched Beams may have screws embedded below the surface. We recommend using a hand saw (not power tools) when cutting these beams. You may find these screws with a stud finder. Barron Designs is not responsible for any bodily harm or damage to your equipment. Click Here to view instruction on finding screws in beams.

Specifications of Arched Smooth Beams

Custom Arched Beams are most commonly used as a design element in trusses. For more information on trusses, please see our Truss Ideas page. This product will be made according to your custom specifications. Please call 1 (800) 651-4223 to speak to a Customer Service Representative about options and pricing.