Photo Gallery: Faux Beam Ideas

Faux beams are one of our most popular products and it’s easy to see why! Look through these photos of customer installations for design ideas and tips.

Installation is so quick and easy with fantastic results that many customers who use them for one project order more for another, whether it’s for their home or place of business.

Beams in such styles as Timber, Tuscany, and Driftwood and more give interiors an instant lift and can enhance a room with subtle rustic beauty or a dramatic transformation. The modern loft becomes a Tudor dream home; new town homes are infused with warmth and old-world sophistication; your hotel is infused with 5-star charm; and any great room becomes that much greater to relax in. Whatever your project, these ceiling beams will provide a beautiful upgrade.

All of our beams can be ordered in any texture or style, to suit the design you wish to build.


Faux Beams

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FB-1. Tuscany
Ricciardi's Italian Table
FB-2. Tuscany
Ricciardi's Italian Table
FB-3. Tuscany
Ricciardi's Italian Table
FB-4. Tuscany
Ricciardi's Italian Table
FB-5. Tuscany
Ricciardi's Italian Table
Timber beams easily add beautiful visual appeal to an otherwise empty ceiling. FB-6. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Timber beams add polish and eye-pleasing detail to a bedroom, while mirroring the real hardwood floors. FB-7. Timber
Woodland artificial beams add geometric panache to the ceiling above the bar at the Brio Tuscan Grille. FB-8. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-9. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-10. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-11. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-12. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-13. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-14. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-15. Custom Timber
FB-16. Resawn
FB-17. Resawn
FB-18. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-19. Tuscany
FB-20. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
FB-21. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
FB-22. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
FB-23. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
FB-24. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
FB-25. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
FB-26. Woodland
Fairhaven Church
FB-27. Timber
FB-28. Timber
FB-29. Timber
Before and After
Brothers added decorative ceilings to their store using woodland beams and planks. FB-30. Woodland
FB-31. Woodland
FB-32. Woodland
FB-33. Woodland
FB-34. Woodland
FB-35. Tuscany
FB-36. Tuscany
FB-37. Tuscany
Curved wood beams help form stunning king trusses above a home's open plan kitchen and living room. FB-38. Tuscany
FB-39. Tuscany
FB-40. Timber
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Faux wood weighs a fraction of real wood, meaning you won’t need added structural supports. FB-41. Timber
African Methodist Episcopal Church
FB-42. Tuscany
Arched beam trusses are a simple thing with the faux alternative instead of real wood. FB-43. Tuscany
FB-44. Tuscany
FB-45. Tuscany
FB-46. Tuscany
FB-47. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-48. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-49. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
Artificial ceiling beams add rugged sophistication to this restaurant and bar with their incredibly realistic look of real wood. FB-50. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-51. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-52. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-53. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-54. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-55. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-56. Resawn
Before and After
Foam beams with corbels added to a ornate dome ceiling for captivating visual appeal. FB-57. Woodland
Kitchen ceiling beams made from highly realistic, high-density polyurethane that install quickly and easily. FB-58. Woodland
The faux beam ceiling installed in this newly remodeled kitchen perfectly complements the center island. FB-59. Woodland
Chamfered wood beams are an easy way to bring extra visual appeal to designs. FB-60. Woodland
FB-61. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-62. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-63. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-64. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-65. Woodland
Before and After
St Stephens Church
FB-66. Woodland
Before and After
St Stephens Church
FB-67. Woodland
Before and After
St Stephens Church
FB-68. Woodland
St Stephens Church
FB-69. Woodland
St Stephens Church
FB-70. Woodland
St Stephens Church
FB-71. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
FB-72. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
FB-73. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
FB-74. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
FB-75. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
Faux wood beams™ set the tone at the Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar in Babylon, NY FB-76. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
FB-77. Timber
Before and After
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-78. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-79. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-80. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-81. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-82. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-83. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-84. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders FB-85. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
FB-86. Driftwood
FB-87. Tuscany
Before and After
Synthetic wood mantels offer a realistic look and install easily practically anywhere. FB-88. Tuscany
Wood trusses created with faux timber beams create a bold statement in this remodeled living room. FB-89. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-90. Resawn
FB-91. Resawn
Faux resawn lumber beams stained white set off the fashion to a Uniqlo clothing store. FB-92. Resawn
FB-93. Resawn
FB-94. Resawn
FB-95. Resawn
FB-96. Resawn
Timber beams are even great for coffered ceiling designs. FB-97. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-98. Tuscany
FB-99. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-100. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
Faux wood ceiling beams look amazing and blend perfectly with the surrounding decor in this upscale bar and café. FB-101. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-102. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-103. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-104. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-105. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-106. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-107. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
FB-108. Driftwood
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
Imitation wood beams with chamfered edges add elegant detail to a recessed ceiling over an arched entranceway. FB-109. Woodland
FB-110. Timber
FB-111. Timber
FB-112. Timber
FB-113. Timber
FB-114. Timber
FB-115. Timber
FB-116. Timber
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Olive Garden
FB-117. Timber
FB-118. Custom Heritage
FB-119. Custom Heritage
FB-120. Custom Heritage
FB-121. Woodland
Silver Jeans Co.
FB-122. Woodland
Silver Jeans Co.
FB-123. Woodland
Silver Jeans Co.
FB-124. Woodland
Silver Jeans Co.
FB-125. Rough Hewn
FB-126. Rough Hewn
FB-127. Custom Rough Sawn
Farmhouse Restaurant
FB-128. Woodland
St. Boniface Catholic Church
FB-129. Woodland
St. Boniface Catholic Church
FB-130. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-131. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-132. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-133. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-134. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-135. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-136. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
FB-137. Custom Rough Sawn
Even a single beam can drastically enhance the feel of a living room or den. FB-138. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-139. Woodland
FB-140. Woodland
FB-141. Woodland
FB-142. Woodland
FB-143. Woodland
Faux wood beams™ look fantastic with the tin ceiling at this newly remodeled Walgreens store. FB-144. Woodland
FB-145. Woodland
FB-146. Woodland
FB-147. Rough Hewn
FB-148. Rough Hewn
Before and After
FB-149. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-150. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-151. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
FB-152. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-153. Rough Hewn
FB-154. Rough Hewn
FB-155. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-156. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-157. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-158. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-159. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-160. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
A simple arched truss is a gorgeous addition to any ceiling. FB-161. Woodland
FB-162. Woodland
FB-163. Woodland
Complement your existing design elements for a unified interior. FB-164. Woodland
Arched beams used to create gorgeous king trusses installed over a home's fireplace seating area. FB-165. Woodland
Polyurethane wood beams and planks add character and balance to a living room designed by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition FB-166. Pecky Cypress
FB-167. Pecky Cypress
FB-168. Pecky Cypress
Pecky cypress beams really help to make this kitchen design pop. FB-169. Pecky Cypress
FB-170. Pecky Cypress
FB-171. Pecky Cypress
FB-172. Pecky Cypress
FB-173. Pecky Cypress
Quick and easy installation that leads to an amazing design. FB-174. Pecky Cypress
FB-175. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-176. Heavy Sandblasted
White false ceiling beams accentuate a living room's wood paneled gambrel ceiling. FB-177. Regal
Ceiling treatments like paneling with faux wood beam accents create an amazing look. FB-178. Regal
Before and After
FB-179. Regal
Before and After
A gambrel ceiling with white beams made from high-density polyurethane. FB-180. Regal
Before and After
FB-181. Regal
Before and After
FB-182. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-183. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-184. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-185. Custom Timber
Before and After
FB-186. Custom Timber
FB-187. Custom Timber
FB-188. Custom Timber
Fake ceiling beams with the indistinguishable look of real wood complete an elegant home sitting area. FB-189. Timber
This simple ceiling design makes the rest of the room look more impressive. FB-190. Timber
FB-191. Timber
FB-192. Custom Rough Sawn
The softer edges of chamfered beams can be an expensive touch when using real wood. FB-193. Woodland
Beautiful wood ceiling designs can be installed in no time with faux wood beams™. FB-194. Woodland
Decorative ceiling beams line a tray ceiling above a beautifully remodeled kitchen. FB-195. Timber
FB-196. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-197. Woodland
FB-198. Woodland
FB-199. Woodland
A faux wood trade show booth looks impressive but is easy to ship and assemble. FB-200. Woodland
FB-201. Woodland
FB-202. Woodland
FB-203. Woodland
FB-204. Woodland
Faux beams make their mark on a cathedral ceiling and around the windows that frame this room's river stone fireplace. FB-205. Resawn
FB-206. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-207. Heavy Sandblasted
A faux beam ceiling adds eye-catching appeal to this gorgeously remodeled kitchen. FB-208. Timber
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-209. Timber
FB-210. Woodland
FB-211. Woodland
FB-212. Woodland
FB-213. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-214. Tuscany
FB-215. Resawn
FB-216. Resawn
Fake driftwood ceiling beams add calm and repose to this room. FB-217. Driftwood
FB-218. Custom Rough Sawn
A subtle touch of wood can help visually partition rooms will adding a great new look. FB-219. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-220. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-221. Custom Rough Sawn
Hoisting a 20 ft faux beam to your ceiling is easy since it weighs a fraction of real wood. FB-222. Custom Rough Sawn
Close up of a ceiling beam made from polyurethane and stenciled with a floral motif, used on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. FB-223. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-224. Custom Rough Sawn
Foam wood beams look amazing whether your design is old & traditional or young & modern. FB-225. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-226. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-227. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-228. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-229. Custom Rough Sawn
Enhance and enrich your living spaces with foam wood beams. FB-230. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-231. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-232. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-233. Custom Rough Sawn
A DIY fireplace mantel brings added comfort to your home. FB-234. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-235. Tuscany
FB-236. Tuscany
FB-237. Tuscany
FB-238. Tuscany
FB-239. Tuscany
FB-240. Tuscany
FB-241. Tuscany
FB-242. Woodland
All Star Burger
FB-243. Woodland
All Star Burger
FB-244. Woodland
All Star Burger
FB-245. Woodland
All Star Burger
FB-246. Woodland
All Star Burger
FB-247. Woodland
All Star Burger
The subtle touch of these beams draws the eyes across the room. FB-248. Woodland
FB-249. Woodland
FB-250. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-251. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-252. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-253. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-254. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-255. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-256. Woodland
Albuquerque Convention Center
FB-257. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-258. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-259. Timber
Before and After
FB-260. Timber
Before and After
FB-261. Timber
Faux beams update a casino's buffet style restaurant with a warm, polished look. FB-262. Timber
Ameristar Casino
Amazing designs are easy to build using faux wood thanks to their light weight. FB-263. Timber
FB-264. Timber
FB-265. Timber
FB-266. Timber
FB-267. Timber
FB-268. Timber
FB-269. Timber
FB-270. Timber
FB-271. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-272. Tuscany
FB-273. Tuscany
FB-274. Tuscany
FB-275. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-276. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-277. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-278. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-279. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-280. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-281. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-282. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-283. Timber
FB-284. Timber
FB-285. Timber
FB-286. Timber
FB-287. Timber
FB-288. Timber
FB-289. Resawn
Ameristar Casino
FB-290. Resawn
Ameristar Casino
Fake ceiling beams in a coffered design add grandeur to the ballroom at the Ameristar's Casino, Resort & Spa. FB-291. Resawn
Ameristar Casino
FB-292. Hand Hewn
Ameristar Casino
Merk & Tyler
FB-293. Custom Timber
Ameristar Casino
FB-294. Woodland
Before and After
Ripleys Believe It Or Not
FB-295. Woodland
Ripleys Believe It Or Not
FB-296. Woodland
Ripleys Believe It Or Not
FB-297. Woodland
Ripleys Believe It Or Not
FB-298. Hand Hewn
Before and After
FB-299. Timber
FB-300. Timber
FB-301. Timber
FB-302. Timber
FB-303. Timber
FB-304. Timber
FB-305. Timber
FB-306. Custom Timber
Before and After
FB-307. Timber
FB-308. Timber
FB-309. Timber
Before and After
FB-310. Timber
FB-311. Timber
FB-312. Timber
Before and After
FB-313. Timber
FB-314. Timber
Trinity Baptist Church
FB-315. Timber
FB-316. Timber
FB-317. Timber
Before and After
FB-318. Timber
Before and After
FB-319. Timber
Before and After
FB-320. Timber
FB-321. Timber
FB-322. Timber
FB-323. Timber
FB-324. Timber
FB-325. Timber
Before and After
FB-326. Timber
FB-327. Timber
FB-328. Timber
FB-329. Timber
FB-330. Timber
Before and After
FB-331. Timber
Before and After
A faux beam serves as a beautiful decorative shelf while blending in perfectly with the surrounding décor. FB-332. Timber
Tina's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-333. Tuscany
Before and After
Beautiful coffered ceiling designs look even more impressive with Regal faux beams. FB-334. Regal
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-335. Regal
FB-336. Resawn
Before and After
FB-337. Timber
FB-338. Timber
FB-339. Timber
FB-340. Timber
Gray-stained foam beams from™ make a bold statement on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition FB-341. Timber
Custom painting and finishing is a useful option to ensure beams match your design. FB-342. Timber
Faux ceiling beams accentuate a gorgeous, light-filled living room. FB-343. Timber
Fake wood beams perfectly offset a dining room with large picture windows and hardwood floors. FB-344. Timber
Fake beams bring a kitchen's design to the next level with the remarkable look of real wood. FB-345. Timber
Repeating cross beams can add simple but striking detail. FB-346. Timber
FB-347. Timber
FB-348. Timber
Before and After
FB-349. Timber
FB-350. Timber
FB-351. Timber
Before and After
FB-352. Timber
FB-353. Timber
Before and After
FB-354. Timber
FB-355. Timber
FB-356. Timber
FB-357. Timber
FB-358. Custom Timber
FB-359. Custom Timber
Ceiling beams made from high-density polyurethane make a stunning library/game room pop with sophistication. FB-360. Timber
FB-361. Timber
FB-362. Timber
Before and After
FB-363. Timber
FB-364. Timber
FB-365. Timber
FB-366. Timber
Before and After
FB-367. Timber
FB-368. Timber
FB-369. Timber
FB-370. Timber
FB-371. Pecky Cypress
Add a rich, beautiful look to your ceiling design ideas. FB-372. Pecky Cypress
Decorative ceiling beams made from faux pecky cypress paired with matching ceiling planks and recessed lighting. FB-373. Pecky Cypress
Adding the look a pecky cypress was a snap with fake ceiling beams and panels. FB-374. Pecky Cypress
FB-375. Pecky Cypress
FB-376. Pecky Cypress
Matching pecky cypress corbels and beams are an exquisite pairing. FB-377. Pecky Cypress
FB-378. Timber
Before and After
FB-379. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-380. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-381. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-382. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-383. Timber
Creating a ceiling design like this only takes one or two people when using synthetic wood. FB-384. Timber
FB-385. Timber
Before and After
FB-386. Timber
Adding a faux wood beam with lights turns this small dining nook from drab to fab. FB-387. Timber
Before and After
FB-388. Timber
Before and After
FB-389. Timber
FB-390. Timber
Before and After
FB-391. Timber
Before and After
FB-392. Tuscany
FB-393. Timber
FB-394. Timber
FB-395. Timber
Before and After
FB-396. Timber
Before and After
FB-397. Timber
Before and After
FB-398. Timber
Before and After
FB-399. Timber
FB-400. Timber
FB-401. Timber
FB-402. Timber
FB-403. Timber
FB-404. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-405. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-406. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-407. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-408. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-409. Timber
FB-410. Timber
FB-411. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-412. Timber
FB-413. Timber
FB-414. Timber
FB-415. Timber
FB-416. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-417. Timber
FB-418. Timber
FB-419. Timber
FB-420. Timber
FB-421. Timber
FB-422. Timber
FB-423. Timber
Before and After
Faux ceiling beams add a warm accent to this living room, dining area full of holiday cheer. FB-424. Resawn
Great price, easy install and no maintenance make faux beams perfect for anyone. FB-425. Woodland
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Faux wood adds a great touch to walls and archways as well as ceiling designs. FB-426. Woodland
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
FB-427. Woodland
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
FB-428. Woodland
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
FB-429. Woodland
Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
FB-430. Timber
Before and After
FB-431. Hand Hewn
Intricate wood beam design created with a combination of straight and criss-crossed faux beams. FB-432. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Decorative beams line the ceiling of this home's front hallway, easily adding the charm of real wood. FB-433. Timber
Even just one or two beams can have an impressive visual impact. FB-434. Timber
FB-435. Pecky Cypress
FB-436. Pecky Cypress
FB-437. Timber
FB-438. Timber
FB-439. Timber
FB-440. Timber
FB-441. Timber
FB-442. Timber
FB-443. Timber
FB-444. Timber
FB-445. Timber
Foam wood beams accent the ceiling of an impressive home office. FB-446. Timber
A beam ceiling created with Timber faux wood beams™ makes this bedroom's design doubly impressive. FB-447. Timber
Easily mimic traditional wood cross beams for a wonderful look. FB-448. Timber
FB-449. Timber
Close-up of a DIY coffered ceiling created with faux wood timber beams in Walnut. FB-450. Timber
FB-451. Timber
FB-452. Timber
FB-453. Timber
Before and After
FB-454. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-455. Timber
False beams update the look of a veranda as seen in this before and after photo. FB-456. Timber
Before and After
FB-457. Timber
Before and After
FB-458. Timber
Before and After
FB-459. Timber
FB-460. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-461. Timber
Before and After
FB-462. Timber
Before and After
FB-463. Tuscany
Foam ceiling beams adding the striking look of heavy wood beams to this cozy family kitchen. FB-464. Timber
FB-465. Timber
FB-466. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-467. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-468. Tuscany
Artificial wood beams line the ceiling of a home's cozy sitting area around a fireplace. FB-469. Timber
FB-470. Timber
FB-471. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
FB-472. Timber
FB-473. Timber
FB-474. Timber
FB-475. Timber
FB-476. Timber
FB-477. Timber
FB-478. Timber
FB-479. Timber
FB-480. Timber
FB-481. Timber
FB-482. Timber
Before and After
FB-483. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-484. Woodland
FB-485. Woodland
Before and After
FB-486. Woodland
Before and After
FB-487. Timber
FB-488. Timber
FB-489. Timber
FB-490. Timber
Faux wooden beams combined with wood planking give this kitchen dramatic flair. FB-491. Timber
FB-492. Timber
FB-493. Timber
A touch of timber beams can revitalize and energize rooms. FB-494. Timber
FB-495. Timber
FB-496. Timber
FB-497. Timber
Add striking detail with ease thanks to affordable and easy to install faux ceiling beams. FB-498. Custom Rough Sawn
Ingram Elementary
FB-499. Timber
FB-500. Timber
FB-501. Timber
FB-502. Resawn
FB-503. Timber
FB-504. Resawn
FB-505. Timber
FB-506. Resawn
FB-507. Resawn
FB-508. Tuscany
Before and After
FB-509. Timber
FB-510. Timber
FB-511. Timber
FB-512. Timber
FB-513. Timber
FB-514. Timber
FB-515. Timber
FB-516. Timber
FB-517. Timber
Before and After
FB-518. Timber
FB-519. Timber
FB-520. Timber
FB-521. Timber
FB-522. Timber
FB-523. Timber
FB-524. Driftwood
Before and After
A row of parallel sandblasted timber beams recreates the beauty of traditional designs. FB-525. Custom Timber
Before and After
A row of parallel sandblasted timber beams recreates the beauty of traditional designs. FB-526. Custom Timber
FB-527. Timber
A row of parallel sandblasted timber beams recreates the beauty of traditional designs. FB-528. Custom Timber
FB-529. Custom Heritage
Ceiling beams dress up rooms easily and can add a sophisticated flair. FB-530. Custom Heritage
FB-531. Hand Hewn
FB-532. Beachwood
FB-533. Custom Timber
FB-534. Custom Heritage
FB-535. Custom Heritage
Before and After
FB-536. Timber
FB-537. Hand Hewn
Before and After
FB-538. Timber
FB-539. Hand Hewn
Before and After
FB-540. Timber
FB-541. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
FB-542. Timber
Before and After
FB-543. Timber
FB-544. Timber
FB-545. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
FB-546. Hand Hewn
Faux Painted By Customer
FB-547. Timber
Faux ceiling beams are a great place to mount fans and hide wiring for a unique touch. FB-548. Hand Hewn
FB-549. Custom Timber
Unfinished synthetic wood beams can be stained to match existing fixtures. FB-550. Custom Timber
FB-551. Custom Timber
A row of parallel sandblasted timber beams recreates the beauty of traditional designs. FB-552. Custom Timber
FB-553. Woodland
Before and After
FB-554. Custom Timber
FB-555. Beachwood
Before and After
FB-556. Timber
FB-557. Timber
FB-558. Timber
FB-559. Timber
FB-560. Timber
FB-561. Timber
FB-562. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-563. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-564. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-565. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-566. Woodland
Brio Tuscan Grille
FB-567. Woodland
FB-568. Woodland
Faux ceiling beams are a perfect choice in recreating an Old World Tudor style design. FB-569. Woodland
FB-570. Custom Timber
Fake wooden beams made from a real sandblasted wood mold add depth and appeal this light-filled dining room. FB-571. Custom Heritage
FB-572. Driftwood
FB-573. Timber
FB-574. Timber
FB-575. Woodland
FB-576. Timber
FB-577. Woodland
FB-578. Woodland
FB-579. Custom Heritage
Extreme Makeover stained and painted sandblasted timber beams to create this design. FB-580. Custom Heritage
FB-581. Custom Heritage
FB-582. Custom Heritage
FB-583. Timber
FB-584. Timber
Ceiling beams made this otherwise bare ceiling have more visual appeal. FB-585. Woodland
Before and After
FB-586. Woodland
Before and After
Hollow faux beam design can be used to run everything from wires to central air. FB-587. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-588. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-589. Heavy Sandblasted
Thanks to the hollow construction, it’s easy to hang lights and run wire through faux beams. FB-590. Driftwood
FB-591. Woodland
FB-592. Timber
FB-593. Custom Heritage
FB-594. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-595. Timber
FB-596. Woodland
FB-597. Woodland
FB-598. Woodland
FB-599. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-600. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-601. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-602. Regal
Before and After
Installing ceiling beams is a one or two person job instead of needing an entire team. FB-603. Custom Timber
FB-604. Timber
FB-605. Timber
Fake driftwood beams lend ceiling designs the elegant flair of seaside ambiance. FB-606. Driftwood
Before and After
FB-607. Woodland
FB-608. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-609. Timber
Staining beams to match your existing décor helps tie designs together. FB-610. Woodland
FB-611. Timber
FB-612. Driftwood
FB-613. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-614. Timber
FB-615. Driftwood
FB-616. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-617. Regal
FB-618. Woodland
FB-619. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-620. Timber
FB-621. Regal
FB-622. Timber
FB-623. Timber
Creating a decorative ceiling design with sleek Regal beams is a simple process. FB-624. Regal
FB-625. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-626. Hand Hewn
FB-627. Timber
FB-628. Woodland
FB-629. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-630. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-631. Timber
FB-632. Timber
FB-633. Regal
False timber beams can work great outdoors as well as indoors. FB-634. Timber
FB-635. Custom Timber
Disguise structural supports with faux wood beams™ for an elegant look. FB-636. Woodland
FB-637. Heavy Sandblasted
= A simple floating beam adds a touch of elegance and class to your home. FB-638. Tuscany
FB-639. Timber
FB-640. Woodland
FB-641. Timber
FB-642. Hand Hewn
FB-643. Hand Hewn
FB-644. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-645. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-646. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-647. Custom Rough Sawn
FB-648. Timber
FB-649. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-650. Resawn
Before and After
FB-651. Resawn
Before and After
FB-652. Timber
FB-653. Regal
FB-654. Regal
A single beam can add a classy finishing touch to your room design. FB-655. Regal
FB-656. Regal
This coffered ceiling design was a snap to create thanks to lightweight false beams. FB-657. Resawn
FB-658. Timber
FB-659. Timber
FB-660. Timber
FB-661. Timber
FB-662. Timber
FB-663. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-664. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-665. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-666. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-667. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-668. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-669. Timber
FB-670. Timber
Before and After
FB-671. Timber
FB-672. Woodland
FB-673. Heavy Sandblasted
FB-674. Timber
FB-675. Timber
FB-676. Timber
All you need are some common tools to cut and install your sandblasted timber beams. FB-677. Woodland
Before and After
FB-678. Custom Timber
Before and After
FB-679. Custom Timber
Before and After
FB-680. Custom Timber