Custom Aspen Beam Picture Gallery

Aspen foam wood beams feature a realistic, traditional wood grain pattern which perfectly mimics real wood. The subtle, natural look makes them a great choice for updating practically any room design. Being made from polyurethane foam means our faux beams are more durable, lighter and more resistant to the elements and pests than a real wood beam. Once they're up, no one will be able to tell that they aren't real.

Our picture gallery is full of customer design photos of our Aspen beams installed in various settings, including casinos and appearances on episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We're certain that once you look through our photos you'll realize how faux wood can enhance your home. And they're extremely easy to install… no need for big construction teams and heavy machinery.

Whether its coffered ceilings, truss designs, false cross beams or wood accents along the walls, polyurethane foam wood beams do it better, easier and more affordably than the real thing.


Custom Aspen

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AB-1. Aspen
AB-2. Aspen
AB-3. Aspen
AB-4. Aspen
AB-5. Aspen
AB-6. Aspen
AB-7. Aspen
AB-8. Aspen
AB-9. Aspen
Faux wood beams™ look fantastic with the tin ceiling at this newly remodeled Walgreens store. AB-10. Aspen
AB-11. Aspen
AB-12. Aspen
AB-13. Aspen
AB-14. Aspen
AB-15. Aspen
AB-16. Aspen
AB-17. Aspen
AB-18. Aspen
Before and After
AB-19. Aspen
Before and After
AB-20. Aspen
AB-21. Aspen
Before and After
AB-22. Aspen
Before and After
AB-23. Aspen
Before and After
Fake ceiling beams in a coffered design add grandeur to the ballroom at the Ameristar's Casino, Resort & Spa. AB-24. Aspen
Ameristar Casino
AB-25. Aspen
Ameristar Casino
AB-26. Aspen
Ameristar Casino
This coffered ceiling design was a snap to create thanks to lightweight false beams. AB-27. Aspen
Faux beams make their mark on a cathedral ceiling and around the windows that frame this room's river stone fireplace. AB-28. Aspen
AB-29. Aspen
Before and After
AB-30. Aspen
Before and After
AB-31. Aspen
AB-32. Aspen
AB-33. Aspen
Even a single beam can drastically enhance the feel of a living room or den. AB-34. Aspen
AB-35. Aspen
AB-36. Aspen
AB-37. Aspen
Enhance and enrich your living spaces with foam wood beams. AB-38. Aspen
AB-39. Aspen
AB-40. Aspen
AB-41. Aspen
AB-42. Aspen
Foam wood beams look amazing whether your design is old & traditional or young & modern. AB-43. Aspen
AB-44. Aspen
Close up of a ceiling beam made from polyurethane and stenciled with a floral motif, used on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. AB-45. Aspen
Hoisting a 20 ft faux beam to your ceiling is easy since it weighs a fraction of real wood. AB-46. Aspen
AB-47. Aspen
AB-48. Aspen
A subtle touch of wood can help visually partition rooms will adding a great new look. AB-49. Aspen
AB-50. Aspen
AB-51. Aspen
Before and After
AB-52. Aspen
Before and After