Chalet Faux Wood Beam Gallery

Chalet faux wood beams perfectly mimic the look of decoratively routered pine lumber. The grain pattern and texture look just like the real thing but thanks to the polyurethane material they are much more durable and weigh only a fraction of real wood.

Adding Chalet to your ceiling beams ideas is surely a way to beautify and enhance any design. Take a look at the ceiling photos to see just how amazing and realistic they look accenting home designs.


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CT-1. Chalet
CT-2. Chalet
CT-3. Chalet
Add striking detail with ease thanks to affordable and easy to install faux ceiling beams. CT-4. Chalet
Ingram Elementary
Chalet faux wood beams™ add a beautiful touch to this exterior design plan. CT-5. Chalet
Before and After
Ingram Elementary