Photo Gallery: Chamfered Ceiling Beams

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The angled edges of chamfered ceiling beams are a subtle visual element that can have a striking effect. Incorporating these beams in your ceiling décor creates a softer, more elegant and more sophisticated ambience. It's amazing how such a small touch can bring such a huge difference to a room’s overall look and feel.

This portfolio features a handful of customer photos showcasing how chamfered beams can update and enhance interiors. See how the quiet beauty of these beams could be perfect for your own ceiling design.


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Chamfered wood beams are an easy way to bring extra visual appeal to designs. CH-1. Chamfered
The faux beam ceiling installed in this newly remodeled kitchen perfectly complements the center island. CH-2. Chamfered
Kitchen ceiling beams made from highly realistic, high-density polyurethane that install quickly and easily. CH-3. Chamfered
Foam beams with corbels added to a ornate dome ceiling for captivating visual appeal. CH-4. Chamfered
The softer edges of chamfered beams can be an expensive touch when using real wood. CH-5. Chamfered
Imitation wood beams with chamfered edges add elegant detail to a recessed ceiling over an arched entranceway. CH-6. Chamfered
Beautiful wood ceiling designs can be installed in no time with faux wood beams™. CH-7. Chamfered