Photo Gallery: Pecky Cypress Ceiling Beams

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Pecky cypress is a unique and rare wood which has been highly sought after for its look. The deep grooves and contours that make it so distinctive are actually caused by a fungus in the trees. Our fake ceiling beams are molded from this wood and feature perfect recreations of every detail without having to sacrifice these endangered trees.

When you want design ideas with lots of visual appeal and noticeable detail, Pecky Cypress beams are one of the best ways to do so. No matter where you add them, people will notice the beautifully distinctive grain pattern and grooves – and no one will know they’re not real.

Take a look at some of the great photos from our customers and appearances on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You'll be amazed by the possibilities.

Designs with Faux Pecky Cypress

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PC-1. Pecky Cypress
Adding the look a pecky cypress was a snap with fake ceiling beams and panels. PC-2. Pecky Cypress
Decorative ceiling beams made from faux pecky cypress paired with matching ceiling planks and recessed lighting. PC-3. Pecky Cypress
Add a rich, beautiful look to your ceiling design ideas. PC-4. Pecky Cypress
PC-5. Pecky Cypress
PC-6. Pecky Cypress
PC-7. Pecky Cypress
Matching pecky cypress corbels and beams are an exquisite pairing. PC-8. Pecky Cypress
Polyurethane wood beams and planks add character and balance to a living room designed by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition PC-9. Pecky Cypress
PC-10. Pecky Cypress
PC-11. Pecky Cypress
Pecky cypress beams really help to make this kitchen design pop. PC-12. Pecky Cypress
PC-13. Pecky Cypress
PC-14. Pecky Cypress
PC-15. Pecky Cypress
PC-16. Pecky Cypress
Quick and easy installation that leads to an amazing design.	PC-17. Pecky Cypress
PC-18. Pecky Cypress
PC-19. Pecky Cypress