Photo Gallery: Regal Beams

If you are search of decorative ceiling ideas that are sleek and sophisticated, the smooth, classic lines of Regal beams may suit your needs.

Regal beams offer the look of an expensive ceiling treatment at an affordable price. Exquisite, finely sanded real wood beams like this would be costly and require a professional crew to install.

Made of lightweight yet durable polyurethane, these foam beams possess the same beauty as their real wood counterparts at a fraction of the cost. Plus, whether they’re bound for a home, office, restaurant or other commercial setting, the beams can be easily installed by the average adult with just a few simple tools.

Skimming through these photos, you'll see how Regal beams can seamlessly blend into designs while adding beauty and eye-catching detail. Whether you add a single beam, multiple wood crossbeams or create amazing coffered designs, you won't be disappointed by the outcome.


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RE-1. Regal
RE-2. Regal
RE-3. Regal
Creating a decorative ceiling design with sleek Regal beams is a simple process. RE-4. Regal
White false ceiling beams accentuate a living room's wood paneled gambrel ceiling. RE-5. Regal
Ceiling treatments like paneling with faux wood beam accents create an amazing look. RE-6. Regal
Before and After
RE-7. Regal
Before and After
A gambrel ceiling with white beams made from high-density polyurethane. RE-8. Regal
Before and After
RE-9. Regal
Before and After
RE-10. Regal
RE-11. Regal
Before and After
RE-12. Regal
A single beam can add a classy finishing touch to your room design. RE-13. Regal
RE-14. Regal
RE-15. Regal
Beautiful coffered ceiling designs look even more impressive with Regal faux beams. RE-16. Regal
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RE-17. Regal