Photo Gallery: Rustic Wood Beams

Our Rustic wood beams are crafted in the style that allows you to easily bring the feeling of old world charm to a home, office or store. With their ultra-realistic look of wood and weatherproof polyurethane material, they’re also a great fit for outdoor designs.

While Rustic beams are lightweight and easy to install, they’re also incredibly durable and virtually maintenance-free -- ensuring your designs will last for years after installed.

Below are photos of customer projects that demonstrate what’s possible with these beams. These impressive designs were each completed by just one or two people, but appear to be installed by a professional crew. They can be used for all kinds of purposes, from enhancing ceiling designs, adding an accent, creating a truss, and more. Take a look and get inspired for your own project.



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RU-1. Rustic
Rustic wood beams formed into beautiful trusses for a cozy look you’ll love. RU-2. Rustic
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
RU-3. Rustic
Before and After
RU-4. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
Beautiful store displays without long downtimes or expensive installation. RU-5. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
Install lighting directly to your faux beam and run wiring through their hollow body RU-6. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
RU-7. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
RU-8. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
RU-9. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
RU-10. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
RU-11. Rustic
FAO Schwarz
RU-12. Rustic
RU-13. Rustic
RU-14. Rustic
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
RU-15. Rustic
RU-16. Rustic
RU-17. Rustic
RU-18. Rustic
RU-19. Rustic
Rustic wood beams help give an antique home’s ceiling an authentic update. RU-20. Rustic
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
RU-21. Rustic
RU-22. Rustic
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
RU-23. Rustic
RU-24. Rustic
RU-25. Rustic
RU-26. Rustic
RU-27. Rustic
RU-28. Rustic
RU-29. Rustic
RU-30. Rustic
RU-31. Rustic
RU-32. Rustic
Before and After
RU-33. Rustic
Rustic wood cross beams add rugged texture to an all-white room. RU-34. Rustic
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
RU-35. Rustic
RU-36. Rustic
RU-37. Rustic
RU-38. Rustic
Before and After
RU-39. Rustic
Before and After
RU-40. Rustic
RU-41. Rustic
RU-42. Rustic
RU-43. Rustic
RU-44. Rustic
RU-45. Rustic
RU-46. Rustic
RU-47. Rustic
RU-48. Rustic
RU-49. Rustic
RU-50. Rustic
RU-51. Rustic
RU-52. Rustic
RU-53. Rustic
RU-54. Rustic