Photo Gallery: Timber Beam Designs

Timber beams bring a classic, rugged real wood appearance to any design. Made in molds of real hand-hewn beams, the look and texture closely mimic the grain, ruts and tooling found on natural wood.

Look through this photo gallery and see for yourself just how realistic these beams look and how impressive they can make any room or exterior -- used in numerous home DIY projects as well as in restaurants, offices and on home improvement shows like Extreme Makeover.



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TB-1. Custom Timber
TB-2. Custom Timber
TB-3. Custom Timber
TB-4. Custom Timber
TB-5. Custom Timber
TB-6. Custom Timber
TB-7. Custom Timber
TB-8. Custom Timber
TB-9. Custom Timber
TB-10. Custom Timber
TB-11. Custom Timber
TB-12. Custom Timber
TB-13. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-14. Custom Timber
TB-15. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-16. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-17. Custom Timber
TB-18. Custom Timber
TB-19. Custom Timber
TB-20. Custom Timber
TB-21. Custom Timber
TB-22. Custom Timber
TB-23. Custom Timber
TB-24. Custom Timber
Before and After
Faux wood beams™ set the tone at the Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar in Babylon, NY TB-25. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
TB-26. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
TB-27. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
TB-28. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
TB-29. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
TB-30. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
TB-31. Custom Timber
TB-32. Custom Timber
Bass Pro
TB-33. Custom Timber
TB-34. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-35. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-36. Custom Timber
TB-37. Custom Timber
TB-38. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-39. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-40. Custom Timber
TB-41. Custom Timber
TB-42. Custom Timber
TB-43. Custom Timber
TB-44. Custom Timber
TB-45. Custom Timber
TB-46. Custom Timber
TB-47. Custom Timber
TB-48. Custom Timber
TB-49. Custom Timber
TB-50. Custom Timber
TB-51. Custom Timber
TB-52. Custom Timber
TB-53. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-54. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-55. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-56. Custom Timber
TB-57. Custom Timber
TB-58. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-59. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-60. Custom Timber
TB-61. Custom Timber
TB-62. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-63. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-64. Custom Timber
TB-65. Custom Timber
TB-66. Custom Timber
TB-67. Custom Timber
TB-68. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-69. Custom Timber
TB-70. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-71. Custom Timber
TB-72. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-73. Custom Timber
TB-74. Custom Timber
TB-75. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-76. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-77. Custom Timber
TB-78. Custom Timber
TB-79. Custom Timber
TB-80. Timber
TB-81. Timber
TB-82. Timber
TB-83. Timber
TB-84. Timber
TB-85. Timber
TB-86. Timber
TB-87. Timber
TB-88. Timber
TB-89. Timber
TB-90. Timber
TB-91. Timber
TB-92. Timber
TB-93. Timber
TB-94. Timber
TB-95. Timber
TB-96. Timber
Before and After
TB-97. Timber
Before and After
Amazing designs are easy to build using faux wood thanks to their light weight. TB-98. Timber
TB-99. Timber
TB-100. Timber
TB-101. Timber
TB-102. Timber
TB-103. Timber
TB-104. Timber
TB-105. Timber
TB-106. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-107. Custom Timber
TB-108. Custom Timber
TB-109. Custom Timber
TB-110. Custom Timber
TB-111. Custom Timber
TB-112. Custom Timber
TB-113. Timber
TB-114. Timber
Faux beams update a casino's buffet style restaurant with a warm, polished look. TB-115. Timber
Ameristar Casino
TB-116. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-117. Custom Timber
TB-118. Timber
Before and After
TB-119. Timber
TB-120. Timber
TB-121. Timber
Before and After
TB-122. Timber
Before and After
TB-123. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-124. Custom Timber
TB-125. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-126. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-127. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-128. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-129. Timber
Trinity Baptist Church
TB-130. Timber
TB-131. Timber
TB-132. Timber
Before and After
TB-133. Timber
Before and After
TB-134. Timber
Before and After
TB-135. Timber
TB-136. Timber
TB-137. Timber
TB-138. Timber
TB-139. Timber
TB-140. Timber
Before and After
TB-141. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-142. Timber
TB-143. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-144. Timber
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Faux wood weighs a fraction of real wood, meaning you won’t need added structural supports. TB-145. Timber
African Methodist Episcopal Church
TB-146. Custom Timber
TB-147. Custom Timber
TB-148. Custom Timber
TB-149. Custom Timber
TB-150. Custom Timber
TB-151. Timber
TB-152. Timber
TB-153. Timber
TB-154. Timber
TB-155. Timber
A faux beam serves as a beautiful decorative shelf while blending in perfectly with the surrounding décor. TB-156. Timber
Tina's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-157. Timber
TB-158. Timber
TB-159. Timber
Before and After
TB-160. Timber
Before and After
TB-161. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-162. Custom Timber
TB-163. Timber
TB-164. Timber
TB-165. Timber
TB-166. Timber
Gray-stained foam beams from™ make a bold statement on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TB-167. Timber
Custom painting and finishing is a useful option to ensure beams match your design. TB-168. Timber
TB-169. Timber
TB-170. Timber
TB-171. Timber
TB-172. Timber
Faux ceiling beams accentuate a gorgeous, light-filled living room. TB-173. Timber
Fake wood beams perfectly offset a dining room with large picture windows and hardwood floors. TB-174. Timber
Fake beams bring a kitchen's design to the next level with the remarkable look of real wood. TB-175. Timber
Repeating cross beams can add simple but striking detail. TB-176. Timber
TB-177. Timber
TB-178. Timber
Before and After
TB-179. Custom Timber
TB-180. Timber
TB-181. Timber
TB-182. Timber
Before and After
This simple ceiling design makes the rest of the room look more impressive. TB-183. Timber
TB-184. Timber
TB-185. Timber
TB-186. Timber
Before and After
TB-187. Timber
TB-188. Timber
TB-189. Timber
TB-190. Timber
TB-191. Timber
TB-192. Timber
TB-193. Custom Timber
TB-194. Custom Timber
TB-195. Timber
Before and After
TB-196. Timber
Ceiling beams made from high-density polyurethane make a stunning library/game room pop with sophistication. TB-197. Timber
TB-198. Custom Timber
TB-199. Custom Timber
Before and After
TB-200. Timber
TB-201. Timber
TB-202. Timber
Fake ceiling beams with the indistinguishable look of real wood complete an elegant home sitting area. TB-203. Timber
TB-204. Timber
TB-205. Timber
Before and After
TB-206. Timber
TB-207. Timber
TB-208. Timber
TB-209. Timber
TB-210. Timber
Before and After
TB-211. Timber
TB-212. Timber
TB-213. Timber
TB-214. Timber
TB-215. Timber
TB-216. Timber
Creating a ceiling design like this only takes one or two people when using synthetic wood. TB-217. Timber
TB-218. Timber
Before and After
TB-219. Timber
Adding a faux wood beam with lights turns this small dining nook from drab to fab. TB-220. Timber
Before and After
TB-221. Timber
Before and After
TB-222. Timber
TB-223. Timber
Before and After
TB-224. Timber
Before and After
TB-225. Timber
TB-226. Timber
TB-227. Timber
Before and After
TB-228. Timber
Before and After
TB-229. Timber
Before and After
TB-230. Timber
Before and After
TB-231. Timber
TB-232. Timber
TB-233. Timber
TB-234. Timber
TB-235. Timber
TB-236. Timber
TB-237. Timber
TB-238. Timber
TB-239. Timber
TB-240. Timber
TB-241. Timber
Timber beams add polish and eye-pleasing detail to a bedroom, while mirroring the real hardwood floors. TB-242. Timber
Timber beams easily add beautiful visual appeal to an otherwise empty ceiling. TB-243. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-244. Timber
TB-245. Timber
TB-246. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-247. Timber
TB-248. Timber
TB-249. Timber
Before and After
TB-250. Timber
TB-251. Timber
TB-252. Timber
TB-253. Timber
TB-254. Timber
Timber beams are even great for coffered ceiling designs. TB-255. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-256. Timber
TB-257. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-258. Timber
TB-259. Timber
TB-260. Timber
TB-261. Timber
TB-262. Timber
TB-263. Timber
TB-264. Timber
Before and After
TB-265. Custom Timber
TB-266. Timber
Before and After
Decorative ceiling beams line a tray ceiling above a beautifully remodeled kitchen. TB-267. Timber
TB-268. Timber
Intricate wood beam design created with a combination of straight and criss-crossed faux beams. TB-269. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Decorative beams line the ceiling of this home's front hallway, easily adding the charm of real wood. TB-270. Timber
Even just one or two beams can have an impressive visual impact. TB-271. Timber
TB-272. Custom Timber
TB-273. Custom Timber
TB-274. Custom Timber
TB-275. Custom Timber
TB-276. Timber
TB-277. Timber
TB-278. Timber
TB-279. Timber
TB-280. Timber
TB-281. Timber
Foam wood beams accent the ceiling of an impressive home office. TB-282. Timber
A beam ceiling created with Timber faux wood beams™ makes this bedroom's design doubly impressive. TB-283. Timber
Easily mimic traditional wood cross beams for a wonderful look. TB-284. Timber
TB-285. Timber
Close-up of a DIY coffered ceiling created with faux wood timber beams in Walnut. TB-286. Timber
TB-287. Timber
TB-288. Timber
Wood trusses created with faux timber beams create a bold statement in this remodeled living room. TB-289. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-290. Timber
Before and After
TB-291. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-292. Timber
TB-293. Timber
TB-294. Timber
TB-295. Timber
TB-296. Timber
False beams update the look of a veranda as seen in this before and after photo. TB-297. Timber
Before and After
TB-298. Timber
Before and After
TB-299. Timber
Before and After
TB-300. Timber
TB-301. Timber
Before and After
TB-302. Timber
Before and After
Foam ceiling beams adding the striking look of heavy wood beams to this cozy family kitchen. TB-303. Timber
TB-304. Timber
Artificial wood beams line the ceiling of a home's cozy sitting area around a fireplace. TB-305. Timber
TB-306. Timber
TB-307. Timber
Steve's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-308. Timber
TB-309. Timber
TB-310. Timber
TB-311. Timber
TB-312. Timber
TB-313. Timber
TB-314. Timber
TB-315. Timber
TB-316. Timber
TB-317. Timber
Before and After
TB-318. Timber
TB-319. Timber
TB-320. Timber
TB-321. Timber
Faux wooden beams combined with wood planking give this kitchen dramatic flair. TB-322. Timber
TB-323. Timber
TB-324. Timber
A touch of timber beams can revitalize and energize rooms. TB-325. Timber
TB-326. Timber
TB-327. Timber
TB-328. Timber
TB-329. Timber
TB-330. Timber
TB-331. Timber
TB-332. Timber
TB-333. Timber
TB-334. Timber
TB-335. Timber
TB-336. Timber
TB-337. Timber
TB-338. Timber
TB-339. Timber
TB-340. Timber
Before and After
TB-341. Timber
TB-342. Timber
TB-343. Timber
TB-344. Timber
TB-345. Timber
TB-346. Timber
TB-347. Timber
TB-348. Timber
TB-349. Timber
TB-350. Timber
TB-351. Timber
TB-352. Timber
Before and After
TB-353. Timber
TB-354. Timber
TB-355. Timber
TB-356. Timber
TB-357. Timber
TB-358. Timber
Decorative wood beams made to withstand outdoor elements, perfect for this outdoor kitchen, veranda area. TB-359. Timber
TB-360. Timber
A faux beam ceiling adds eye-catching appeal to this gorgeously remodeled kitchen. TB-361. Timber
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
TB-362. Timber
TB-363. Timber
TB-364. Timber
TB-365. Timber
TB-366. Timber
TB-367. Timber
TB-368. Timber
TB-369. Timber
TB-370. Timber
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Olive Garden
TB-371. Timber
TB-372. Timber
TB-373. Timber
TB-374. Timber
TB-375. Timber
TB-376. Timber
TB-377. Timber
TB-378. Timber
TB-379. Timber
TB-380. Timber
False timber beams can work great outdoors as well as indoors. TB-381. Timber
TB-382. Custom Timber
TB-383. Timber
TB-384. Timber
TB-385. Timber
TB-386. Timber
TB-387. Timber
TB-388. Timber
TB-389. Timber
TB-390. Timber
Before and After
TB-391. Timber