Mounting Hanging Lights

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

To complete your project you will at least need these basic tools:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Screw gun
  3. Stud finder
  4. Chalk line
  5. High Quality or Battery-powered Caulk Gun (recommended)
  6. PL Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive (GL-PL3X)
  7. Screws
  8. Mollies (if necessary)
  9. Ladder (if necessary)
  10. Saw
  11. Blocks of wood
  12. Caulk / Wood Filler


This page will show you how to install hanging light fixtures through the inside of a faux wood ceiling beam.

1.) Measure the overall height of the beam to be installed.

2.) Determine how much of a gap there will be between the bottom of the electrical box and the ceiling.

You will need to fill this gap with blocks of wood and/or shims.

3.) Securely mount the blocks of wood or shims to the ceiling.

Note: Make sure the blocks of wood or shims will fit inside the hollow portion of the faux wood beam.

4.) Securely mount the electrical boxes to the blocks of wood.

5.) Connect your electrical wires into the electrical box.

6.) Measure and mark the location of the electrical boxes at the point where it will be coming through the faux wood beam.

Click here for a detailed image

7.) Cut the holes in the faux wood beam to accommodate the electrical boxes.

8.) Dry fit the beam to ensure proper placement of the holes.

9.) Run your Electric to the electrical boxes as per the Lighting Manufacturers recommendations, making sure to comply with all of your local Building/Electrical code specifications.

10.) Follow the basic installation instructions to install the beam.

11.) Connect the base of each light fixture to the electrical boxes, following the directions that came with it.

Click here for a detailed image

12.) Use wood filler over the screw heads and touchup kit if needed.

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