Installing Recessed Lights

Tools and Supplies You'll Need

To complete your project you will at least need these basic tools:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Screw gun
  3. Stud finder
  4. Chalk line
  5. High Quality or Battery-powered Caulk Gun (recommended)
  6. PL Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive (GL-PL3X)
  7. Liquid Nails
  8. Screws
  9. Mollies (if necessary)
  10. Ladder (if necessary)
  11. Saw
  12. Blocks of wood
  13. Caulk / Wood Filler


This page will show you how to install lights inside faux wood ceiling beams.

NOTE: The light being used to illustrate this Installation method is not an IC rated or Low Voltage system and is being utilized for illustration/install explanation purposes only. As always, follow your Local Building and Fire Codes and the Light Manufacturer’s recommended clearances.

1.) Make sure the recessed light fixture you have will fit inside the beam you are installing.

2.) Mark the location of hole to be cut to accommodate the recessed light on the beam.

3.) Cut the hole into the faux wood beam using a hole saw, jig saw or any other woodworking tool.

4.) Install the light into the faux wood beam. (You may need to connect the electrical wires to the light fixture prior to installing the light if the beam is already installed on the ceiling.)

5.) Follow the directions for installing the recessed light fixture that came with the light.

6.) Add the trim ring to the light assembly if necessary.

7.) Connect the wires to the light fixture as needed. (In some instances, this step will need to be done sooner.)

8.) Install the recommended bulb.