Patching and Caulking Gaps

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This page will show you how to fill gaps and holes in faux wood beams with caulk. It is highly recommended that any gaps or seams where there are joints should be filled with our textured caulk.  Be sure to caulk any spot where a beam butts up to a wall, or another beam.  This will help prevent any unsightly gaps that may occur from expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.  The textured caulk has great elasticity that will move with a building’s normal movements (expansion and contraction).

1.) You can use colored wood filler or caulking to fill gaps and/or nail and screw holes.

2.)Fill any gaps with a quality textured caulk. We offer a color-coordinated walnut caulk to match our walnut finished beams on our website.

3.) Smooth out the caulk using a wet finger.

4.) You are finished.