Installing Trusses

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Below are instructions on how to install trusses using faux wood beams.

1.) Install threaded eye screw (or threaded rod mount if using a threaded rod) into peak of roof.

2.) Install Ridge Beam. See Installing beams on a cathedral ceiling for further directions.

3.) Cut about a 4" diameter hole in the ridge beam. Plumb with the eye hook for the cable to go through.

4.) Install Collar Tie Beam. See installing Beams Between Walls for further directions.

5.) Cut a block of wood to fit the inside dimension of the tie beam. This will for the center support.

6.) Hang the plumb bob from the eye screw and lower it down to the tie beam.

7.) Put the cut block of wood loosely in the tie beam and mark where the plumb bob is.

8.) Mark the location of the block of wood.

9.) Remove the block of wood from the beam. Drill a hole at the marked point on the block of wood for the threaded eye bolt.

10.) attach the treaded eye bolt with the washers and nuts to the block of wood. This is the center support beam.

11.) Mount the center support block in the same spot as before. using the marks to find the same location.

12.) Use both robertson trimhead screws and glue to attach the center support block into the tie beam.

13.) Pull steel cable through the hole in the ridge beam.

14.) Ceate a loop using a cable clamp.

15.) Pull the other end of the cable through the center support eye bolt.

16.) Pull up on the end of the cable to take any slack out of the cable. the proper tension on the cable is when the tie beam is perfectly straight and level.

17.) Use another cable clamp to hold the loop at its desired length.

18.) An optional turn buckle used on the length of the cable would aid fine tuning of its length.

19.) Measure the distance from the bottom of the ridge beam to the top of the tie beam.

20.) Cut the vertical 4-sided beam (both the three sided portion and the finishing cap.). Be aware of any metal screws that may be hidden in the beam. Click here to learn how to find screws that may be in beams.

21.)Use touch up paint on the edges of the 4 sided beam.

22.) Install the 4 sided Beam to conceal the steel cable & hole in the ridge beam.

23.) Glue the cap of the four sided beam into place.

24.)Place the cap onto the 4-sided beam. Then use screws to hold the cap in place while the glue dries.

25.)Glue and screw the 4 sided beam (Vertical King Post) into the Collar Tie Beam at the bottom and into the Ridge Beam at the top to prevent movement.

26.)Rafter beams can be installed using standard beam installation.

27.)Cut and add any additional braces as needed. These can be simply glued and toe screwed into place.Corbels too, can be added as desired.

PLEASE NOTE that when installing any Beam Project, whether Real Wood or Faux, failure to completely and thoroughly follow the instructions outlined for that product / project, along with utilizing the proper strength Threaded Rods/Cables, mechanical fasteners, and / or adhesives when applicable, combined with adhering to construction and local Codes, along with the capabilities of your existing home / structure, can cause failure, and possible injury. Barron Designs LLC assumes NO responsibility or liability for any such possible events.