Locating Screws in Custom Faux Wood Beams™

The following are instructions on how to locate screws that may be in your beams:

1.) You will need a stud finder to locate the screws.

2.) Run the stud finder across the top of the beam and make a note of where any screws are found.

3.) Also check the side of the beam, the stud finder may find screws that did not show up on the top of the beam.

4.) Mark the location where the screw was found.

5.) Check for screws on the oposit side of the beam. There is usually another screw on the direct oposite side where the first screw was found.

6.) Remember to always check the side of the beam for a screw if one was not found on the top.

7.) Mark the location of the second screw.

8.) Mark a straight line about 1" from the screws on either side.

9.) Cut down the marked line.