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1. Heavy Sandblasted
2. Custom Woodland
3. Custom Timber
4. Custom Driftwood
5. Custom Timber
Decorative truss designs make rooms feel relaxing. 6. Custom Woodland
7. Custom Timber
8. Custom Rough Hewn
9. Custom Woodland
Wood truss design in homes goes beautifully with hanging lights. 10. Custom Timber
11. Custom Tuscany

Truss story - Read how one of our customers documented his wood truss installation

Faux Wood Truss

This project had its genesis from a two story cabin with a wall of windows facing a great view of unspoiled National Forest. It is dedicated to my wife Cyndi who decided we needed it, and my Dad, a master craftsman that unfortunately suddenly passed away right at the start of the project. I built it in hopes to make them both proud.

The family room has a 22ft peaked ceiling with a stairs on one side, a fire stove, a ceiling fan in the middle, and the walls are made of drywall which is attached attached to studs. As I did my planning, Jeff at FauxWoodBeams.com was able to discern what I wanted to do very quickly with some sketches and was able to efficiently reduce the cost of my project. I ordered the beams unfinished and planned to finish them to match the wood on the stairs.

Overall, the goal was to fill in this dead-space, as well as continue the wood and rock theme that we used throughout the cabin. I was also in desperate need to add more light sources to the room since there were no ceiling lights installed and the room was dark, even with floor lamps on.
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A customer's testimonial

I thought you might like to see the pictures of my house after the installation of the faux beams you designed for my living room, dining and kitchen areas. As you can see, the beams are FANTASTIC! The beams look as if they were put in when the house was built and they really warm up the rooms. With the tall ceilings I have, it felt a bit cavernous in my living room especially, but now it fells warm and truly gives that rustic farmhouse feel to the room that I wanted. I can’t say enough good things about how it looks now. Everyone who has come over to see them thinks they are real wood beams and ask me how much the “reclaimed lumber” cost. They are shocked when I tell them the beams are faux.

My contractor did a great job installing them—the trim carpenter that put these up said the video on the web site really helped him get it all together and that is was pretty easy to follow the video and the design you sent to put them up. Though I had to wait on the schedule because of my vacation and other jobs the contractor had going, once they started installation it went very smooth and they actually took less time than they thought. Thank you very much for all the help you gave me. My contractor is really excited about your product—he took the samples I ordered originally to select the beam style because he thinks some of his other customers doing remodels would be interested in this given the cost and ease of installation. Maybe you will get some more jobs, who knows.

Again, my thanks for your professionalism and quality design!

Kelly H. Wichita, KS

Whatever type of truss you have in mind, we have a solution for you. Combine arched beams with straight beams to create scissor, king, half scissor, hammer beam or arched trusses and more. The only limitation is your imagination.

Because the beams’ material is so lightweight, they’re easier to lift, install and mount. Adding light fixtures is a snap because the centers are hollow and easy to drill through. While it’s a slightly ambitious DIY project, our customer testimonials prove it can be done solo with a bit of care and planning. Contractors also love using our beams because it enables them to create endless possibilities and achieve their clients’ dreams without a bank-breaking budget.

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