Mar 222019

This project demonstrates how ‘going faux’ can sometimes be better than used real solid wood — in this case, how easy installing a ceiling fan through a beam can be.

Ceiling fan installed through a Custom Heritage Beam.
AFTER: Custom Heritage Beam in Walnut color with ceiling fan installed.

Our faux products are manufactured using molds taken from natural wood – which are then used to create incredibly realistic copies in high density polyurethane foam. The foam captures every detail of the original material, but is durable and lightweight, can be easily cut, trimmed and drilled, and is hollow in the center.

Following an industry-leading coloring process, our beams look so realistic that it’s often impossible to tell them from the real thing by looks alone; and at that point choosing whether real or ‘faux’ is best for your design project becomes about affordability, practicality and versatility.


In the case of this project, the homeowners wanted to run a central beam across their room to give some visual framework to the high, apex ceiling. This is what our beams do best – and the homeowners very wisely researched how an actual exposed timber beam might look on a ceiling like this, and realized a single, central beam was the most realistic placement.

But they also wanted a ceiling fan in that spot — and this is where the versatility of faux comes into play.

Because our beams are u-shaped and hollow inside, and easy to cut to size with regular woodworking tools, the homeowners were able to drill a hole through the central beam and attach the molding to the bottom of it, to allow the ceiling fan to pass through the beam.

Decorative straps cover the seams where one length of beam joins the next one.
AFTER: The decorative straps finish the look of the beam, and cover the seams where one length of beam joins the next one.

The important thing to note here is that the ceiling fan only looks like it’s supported by the beam which isn’t load-bearing. It’s actually attached to the structural studs in the ceiling.

Because solid wood beams aren’t hollow, it would be difficult to install a fan like this.

An additional detail was the clever use of our rubber beam straps on this project; which cover up the seams where one length of beam meets the next. They resemble the old iron straps that used to bind solid timber beams, and are another realistic addition that is more practical than the ‘real’ thing.

Although very straightforward, we’re excited to share pictures of this project with you, because they demonstrate the versatility of our product; and how you can achieve things by ‘going faux’ that you couldn’t with the authentic article.

Mar 082019

These photos show a very unusual application of our faux beams – framing a beautiful piece of modern art.

One of the most characteristic elements of our beams is how versatile they are. Every time we think we’ve seen every possible application for our realistic faux wood products, we’ll receive customer photos that surprise us yet again.

Modern wall sculpture in living room with stainless steel backing and framed with Custom Heritage beams.
AFTER: Dawn’s artwork looks beautiful with this incredible faux wood frame.

These recent photos, sent in by customer Dawn, show our Custom Heritage Beams in Gray Patina used in a way we’ve never seen before – to create a beautiful frame for a striking piece of modern art.

In the email that accompanied these photos, Dawn writes:

“I bought a piece of art for a two story living room wall. Even though the art piece was large, it looked too small on the wall.  I used your faux beams to frame a stainless steel background.”

BEFORE: You can see why Dawn felt a frame was needed – even though this is a large piece of art, it still looks small on the immense wall.

As you can see from the AFTER photos, Dawn used a sheet of stainless steel as a backing for her frame, and then surrounded it with our faux wood beams. The corners were secured together with mounting blocks and screws, and a sheet of Plexiglas covered the front of the structure to create a fully enclosed frame.

What makes this piece really remarkable is that Dawn installed recessed LED lighting in the frame to illuminate the artwork even in the dark of night; highlighting the beautiful rippling color of the stonework and adding a whole new element to the creation.

Close up view of wall sculpture framed with Heritage beams
The recessed LED lights really take this project over the edge, and give it a whole new look after dark.

There’s no question that this over-sized frame fits much better on the wall, and makes a more aesthetic use of the available space. The faux wood also looks incredibly realistic – totally indistinguishable from real timber.

The choice of Gray Patina is also a bold move – blending perfectly with the contemporary aesthetic of Dawn’s home, and contrasting beautifully with the stone elements of her artwork.

All in all, the end result is framed piece of art in which the frame is almost a piece of art in and of itself. We’re really blown away by the originality of the design; and think it looks fantastic on Dawn’s wall.

Mar 012019

We recently received these awesome before and after photos from a customer who framed their open plan living room with one of our Custom Timber Beams.

There’s no question that open-plan living is one of the highlights of modern design. Back in the “old days” – as recently as the 1980s – homes had such inefficient heating and air conditioning that it paid to separate a house into as many different rooms as possible; because each one could be heated individually.

Open plan living room with dividing Custom Timber beam and matching fireplace mantel.
AFTER: A Custom Timber beam and matching mantel really bring the design together.

However, now we have highly effective and efficient heating and cooling technology – and so more and more owners of older homes are knocking down dividing walls to enjoy the benefits of a brighter, more spacious ‘open-plan’ design.

One such homeowner recently sent us pictures of their remodel, which involved them knock down a dividing wall to bring the kitchen and living room together. As you can see from the AFTER pictures, the decision makes the entire space look so much lighter and brighter, and the house seems to have doubled in size.

BEFORE: You can see how closed-in and dated this room appears.

One clever thing the homeowner did was ‘frame’ the new open space by running one of our Custom Timber Beams between the living room and kitchen areas. This is one of the counter-intuitive design inspirations that actually helps make a space appear bigger by ‘framing it in’ and giving more structure and purpose to the white space.

BEFORE: This wall is intrusive and impractical, and it’s easy to see why the homeowner wanted to remove it. Be sure to note the vent in the top right hand corner, though.

Taking the design one step further, the homeowner also ordered a Custom Timber Mantel for their newly renovated fireplace, which pairs perfectly with the Timber beam and makes it look even more realistic by having matching wooden elements in the same room.

Installation was a breeze – with the hollow beam slotting directly over mounting blocks drilled into the ceiling studs. The homeowner had to merely measure and trim the beam to fit flush with either wall; which in the case of the opposite wall, they did by trimming the corner to fit flush with the molding. Because our beams are made from lightweight and durable polyurethane foam, this was easy to accomplish with regular woodworking tools; and makes it appear as if the beam is extending out from the wall; as it would do if it was a real structural beam.

Open plan living room and kitchen, newly remodeled with a Custom Timber beam and mantel.

The really clever part, though, happens beneath the surface. As you can see from the BEFORE picture, there’s actually a vent in the wall which was removed. This was part of the whole-house heating and cooling system; and the reason converting the home to open-plan was practical.

Open plan living room remodeled with new stone fireplace and Custom Timber mantel.
New hardwood floor and furniture

The issue raised was how to keep the vent in place while removing the wall; and that’s where our beam came into play. Because our faux wood beams are hollow, it was possible to run the entire length of the ducting through the beam – from one end to the other – while concealing the piping completely.

This way the homeowners got the look they were going for and didn’t have to compromise with the efficiency or operation of their HVAC system.

Examples like this demonstrate why our faux beams are – in many ways – superior to real wood; as this is the sort of thing that simply couldn’t have been accomplished with a solid timber beam.

We love the elegance and simplicity of this project, and we’re really impressed with the extra thought that went into it.

Feb 222019

This vaulted ceiling remodel demonstrates how the subtle addition of a single decorative element can make a big difference to the entire feel of a room.

We’ve showcased some incredible beam designs over the years, including elaborate trusses and stunning exterior arches, but we’ll always have a fondness for one of the essential elements of good design – simplicity.

Living room's vaulted ceiling remodeled with a single Resawn beam.
The addition of this Custom Resawn Beam makes a huge difference to the room, without calling attention to itself.

In this project, the homeowners had a beautiful but unusually-designed room that just seemed to be missing… something.

The room was unique because it was open-plan, leading from the kitchen to a living area with a beautiful full-length window wall, but the ceiling was mismatched and there was another level leading down into the room with stairs. Together, the whole feel of the room was great, but it felt like it needed something to make the flow of the room more congruent.

BEFORE: You can see how there just seems to be something missing from the original ceiling.

The homeowners ended up finding a very simple and subtle solution by adding the look of a single exposed beam. It runs from one end of the room to the other along the slight angle of the ceiling; breaking apart the gently-curved white space and adding a ‘frame’ to the feel of the room.

As far as projects go, the practicalities of it were very simple. The customer ordered lengths of our Custom Resawn Beams in Light Oak, to match the other elements of the room and also keep it light and bright, while maintaining a subtle contrast with the white ceiling.

Custom Resawn Beams with decorative straps on a living room's vaulted ceiling.
The use of beam straps helps create the illusion of a single solid beam.

The beams were measured end-to-end and trimmed with fit with regular woodworking tools. Mounting blocks were then added to the ceiling – drilled right into the ceiling studs themselves – and the hollow u-shaped beam was slotted over the mounting blocks and secured with screws.

This is one of the ways in which ‘going faux’ is superior to using real wood, because our innovative high-density polyurethane beams are molded to match perfectly – in both size and color – so the three separate lengths of beam installed look like one solid piece.

Custom Resawn Beams in Light Oak with beam straps.
Choosing our beam finished in Light Oak is another way to keep the installation subtle.

However, where one beam matches another does leave a seam; and the homeowners concealed those using our accessory Beam straps, which are rubber wraps that you can attach to the beams using construction adhesive.
Once installed, the straps perfectly mimic the look of the heavy, wrought-iron straps that are used to reinforce solid timber beam

The Custom Resawn Beam is such a seamless addition to the ceiling that it blends in perfectly with the feel of the room, and at a glance most people wouldn’t even consider the fact that it might not be part of the original construction.

We’re excited to showcase this project because of how seamless the end result is – it’s an example of interior design at its finest, and we’re thrilled that one of our products brought it to fruition.

Feb 152019

These project photos show a vaulted ceiling remodeled with exposed beams, demonstrating how contrasting light and dark colors can make a large room seem even bigger.

White vaulted ceiling accented with faux exposed beams.

The room remodeled was the home’s great room – which, as you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, was large and expansive with great natural lighting and a towering ceiling.

However, the huge scale of the room also meant that it looked a little ‘washed out’ – especially with the bright white walls and ceiling, which were important to emphasis the natural light.

Our customer, Phil, researched design inspirations to help tackle this problem; and stumbled across the concept of using contrast to emphasize size, and the idea of ‘framing’ large spaces with accessories like beams.

Great room before photo
BEFORE: You can see the huge room looked bizarrely ‘small’ because of the lack of any contrasting design elements.

This proved to be the perfect idea – and Phil soon plotted out how a network of mounted faux beams could give his room the frame that it needed to truly illustrate its size and scale.

Phil was keen to retain a contemporary style to the home. Fortunately, he quickly found the perfect product within our inventory of faux beams – choosing Custom Driftwood Beams in a sleek and modern Grey Patina.

Great room with Driftwood Beams in Gray Patina color that work beautifully with the hardwood floors and furniture.
AFTER: The beams’ Grey Patina color works beautifully with the hardwood floors and contemporary furnishings.

These beams look achingly contemporary, while still delivering the real-wood look at the contrasting framework Phil was looking for. He ran a large central beam across the apex of the room, and then spread out equally-spaced beams across the span of the ceiling to give the impression of an exposed ceiling structure.

It’s clear from the ‘after’ pictures that Phil carefully researched how real timber beams would have been used to support a structure like this, as the whole project just looks right.

At the same time, the Grey Patina blends perfectly with the grey-tinted hardwood floors and contemporary furniture; creating a very chic living space that manages to achieve the impossible and look bigger than it did when it had lighter flooring and a bare ceiling.

Great room vaulted ceiling with Custom Driftwood Beams

With the addition of other matching furniture, this entire room becomes exactly what it’s described as – a ‘great room’! We love the way this whole project came together and are thrilled that our products were such an important part of it.

In the email that accompanies these photos, Phil wrote:

“When we purchased this house we loved the large great room, but the whole house needed to be updated including the kitchen and master bath. The great room was a good size and layout, but lacked any real character. We decided to go with faux beams after considering real beams, sun lights, or even just updated trim work. The beams look great and I have to tell folks they’re faux because they automatically assume they’re real, massive beams!”

Like many of our customers, now Phil has seen how versatile and realistic our faux wood products are, he’s already looking for new ways to incorporate them in his home.

“I’m now considering a matching mantel as I take on adding a fireplace.”

We hope you send us pictures when you do, Phil!