Sep 092016 customer Cinnamon Cisney recently sent in snaps of her finished basement project completed with our beams. We think they look stunning – and were excited to share them here!

“We’ve finally completed our basement,” Cinnamon writes, in the email that accompanied these pictures. “We are very happy with the product and have received so many compliments on how “real” they look!”

Elegant finished basement beams created with faux beams placed over existing support structures.

The finished basement beams look terrific.

Cinnamon went ‘faux’ because of a particular design issue in her stunning finished basement. At the center of the room was an essential support post to brace the ceiling. It was both inconveniently placed, and ugly to look at – but unless you wanted the upstairs becoming the downstairs, it was something that couldn’t be moved.

Cinnamon’s solution was elegant in its simplicity. She ordered three Custom Resawn beams in Burnt Mocha and used them to cover the support structure.

Because our beams are hollow, and designed with three sides, they slotted effortlessly over the horizontal support, and Cinnamon was able to secure them to the ceiling with simple mounting blocks and screws.

For the vertical post, she ordered a four-sided beam, which completely enclosed the support and met with the beams above.

BEFORE: You can see the supports that needed concealing

BEFORE: You can see the supports that needed concealing

After cutting them to shape – a simple enough task when using a regular wood saw – Cinnamon connected the beams into a seamless T shape; the ceiling now looking as if it’s held up by beautiful, aged wood beams.

The challenge was that despite Cinnamon’s seamless carpentry, it was possible to see the seams where the three beams joined at the t-junction. To solve that problem, she searched the accessories section of our website and purchased flexible beam straps.

3-sided faux beams cover existing support structures in a finished basement, with rubber strapping added for finishing detail.

The rubber straps are the finishing detail; and make the beams look like real structural beams.

These are molded rubber straps that glue directly onto the beams, and cover any seams or joins. The molded design of the straps make them resemble authentic iron straps; and so in addition to hiding the seams between the beams, Cinnamon’s solution added additional character to her beautiful room.

And the results speak for themselves! With the hardwood floors and matching ceiling fan, this finished basement is stylish and chic; with the look of century-old beams that didn’t cost a fortune.


Custom Resawn Beams in Burnt Mocha


Flexible Beam Straps


  6 Responses to “Basement Beams that Conceal and Add Appeal”

  1. How did they install the vertical beam over the lally column?

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Most of our 4-sided beams come in two pieces, a 3-sided beam plus a removable 4th side. This customer slid the 3-sided beam over the lally column and then added the 4th side.

  3. What is the approximate cost per foot on the example above. Mine is the same span and single post….. shipping cost to Southeastern Wisconsin. What state are you located in?

  4. Hi Roland,
    We are located in New York. I am forwarding your questions to our customer service department. Someone will be in touch soon. You can also reach them at 1-800-651-4223 or by emailing [email protected]. Thank you!

  5. I’m confused on how your supposed to secure this to the ceiling can you clarify?

  6. Hi Theresa,
    I have forwarded your query to our customer service/design team. Someone will reply to you ASAP.

    In the meantime, you can look through our installation guides here:


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