Jul 272012

One popular place to use our faux wood products is in a media room – whether that’s the family TV room, or a dedicated “home theater.” Here’s why:

Whether you're looking to add a rustic touch, some wood accents or hide your speakers, using our false wood beams are a great choice thanks to how easy they are to cut and install.

False beams in a media room are a versatile option for enhancing your multimedia experience.

Not only do our artificial wooden beams look great in a home media room – perfect for recreating the cinema atmosphere – but they also offer great acoustics and some awesome features ideal for media use.

For example, our faux wood beams are hollow – which means they’re perfect for running coaxial and speaker cables through.

It’s a great way to run cables across the ceiling or wall without having to see them.

But even better, they can be used to house recessed lighting or speakers – adding utility and purpose without adding ugly fittings.

Recessed lights for your kitchen or hidden speakers for your living room are a simple job when you're using artificial wood beams.

This sandblasted beam has speakers fitted inside it – for awesome sound with a seamless look.

We’ve got full instructions on installing recessed lighting in our beams – and speakers are actually very similar to install.

Depending on what sort of speakers you want to fit, you’ll simply need to cut the correct-sized hole with a regular wood saw and then attach them with screws or glue. Run the wires and cables through the empty space inside.

The advantage of hidden speakers is that they can be placed in strategic locations that might otherwise be inaccessible. For example, if you want a pair of rear speakers JUST behind the couch, you could install them in a false beam in the ceiling above to get the awesome sound without trailing wires, or bulky speakers.

Another advantage of faux wood beams is that they offer great acoustics. They’re molded from durable polyurethane foam, which absorbs sound really well – so much so that the Nstuff studio in Pittsburgh even used our faux panels to decorate their new studio.

That helps ensure your media room sounds as good as it looks.

Have you experimented with recessed speakers, or using false beams to run wires or cables? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Please send in your stories and pictures to us at [email protected] and we’ll feature them right here, on the Faux Wood Workshop.


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